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what’s up guys welcome back to healthy
recipes I have another airfryer recipe today for you guys I’m actually going to
cook a rib eye steak I’m going to season it with some Cajun seasoning and do some
potato wedges and the same airfryer and also we’re going to make a really nice
tomato salad with a couple of other little ingredients going to be super
flavorful and colorful as always so let me show you guys what we’re doing all
right so let’s go over our ingredients we got about five potatoes here you can
use whatever potatoes who have we’re just going to make some wedges with them
I have some parsley for my garden some chives a sprig of rosemary olive oil
half of a bell pepper half a red onion two roma tomatoes about a quarter cup of
Greek cheese feta cheese one lime two ribeye steaks and some Tony’s Cajun
seasoning so this is going to be a really simple one not a whole lot of
ingredients gonna cook everything on the airfryer alright so first I’m going to
do is we’re going to cut up our herbs rosemary pull apart whatever you’re
going to use leave that stick in the center this is going to be for the
potato so I’m not going to use a whole lot rosemary is very strong especially
when it’s fresh so we leave about that much try to use all the chives same
thing with the parsley you want to get the big twigs out of the way I’m going
to chop all this up together and basically put it over our potatoes mix
it in through some olive oil I’m going to make some wedges kind of
grilled them on the airfryer right so we’re just going to chop this up real
fine it’s basically the consistency I want just really really fine the small
pieces so we can get all that flavor throughout our potatoes set that aside
I’m going to dice up our scallions same thing really small okay so we’re going to drop about a
tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl this is just enough to coat the potatoes and
to get our herbs and seasoning to stick to them and throw our herbs in there
some fresh ground black pepper now we’re going to go ahead take our potatoes and
cut them into wedges even the skin on so what I’m about a quarter of an inch okay
so now we’re going to mix this all up make sure we got our potatoes nice and
coated all our herbs and salt okay so now we’re just going to put some Cajun
seasoning on our ribeye both sides you want to be generous with this
because this meat it’s not going to be very flavorful if you don’t put a good
amount of Cajun Cajuns have a lot of salt and stuff so I’ll give you some
nice heat and flavor so we’re going to go ahead and put everything into our
airfryer so the first thing we’re going to put in is our steaks and then on top
rack with a little basket and put our potatoes and you want to make sure that
your potatoes are not on top of each other I’m going to have them in one
layer I’m going to go about 425 and we’re going to run it at 20 minutes
we’re going to check it in ten minutes and see what War anyway so all right so while we have our potatoes
and steak cooking we’re going to go ahead and make this really simple salad
stop chopping up our peppers I’m just going to cube everything small pieces I’m actually going to throw 1/3 tomato
in because the half an onion made a lot of onions so I want to make sure that we
kind of even it out with the tomato all right now we’re just going to crumble
off feta cheese in it now we’re going to drizzle about a tablespoon of olive oil
in it some fresh black pepper the juice from one lime here about half
since the tomatoes are going to produce a lot of liquid – and some sea salt alright so it’s been about 15 minutes
we’re going to get these a little look Wow beautiful
the potatoes are starting to get nice and golden and crunchy it looks amazing
Wow really really nice so now check the steaks feel they’re at the potatoes
probably have about another 5 minutes or so to be done check the temperature of
the steaks it looked to be already yeah these are these are actually already
done I would help if I turned it on these are
130 degrees 135 I’m going to go ahead and take them out so they’re done set
them aside to rest finish the fries and I’m going to serve okay so we’re going
to cut our steak okay perfect medium-rare and now we’re going to serve our solid
as our potatoes finish cooking as you can see I stake him out
beautiful medium-rare you guys to leave it to whatever temperature you like
these potatoes came out amazing I can’t believe how golden and nicely came out my last touch to this is just adding a
little Worcestershire sauce on top I just loved the taste of this stuff on
steak one of the only sauces I ever use and that’s basically it
you guys saw how simple I was super quick all made on the airfryer except
for the salad and the salad was pretty simple I hope you guys enjoyed the
recipe if you liked it give me a thumbs up remember to subscribe so you get
weekly updates on all of our videos and I’ll see you guys on the next one all
right so let’s give this a try I’m going to try a little bit of the steak first
your steak is really really good as cooked to perfection medium rare
juicy tender no problems using that airfryer to cook steak again I have no
complains really really like it let’s try the potatoes now Wow cooked all the
way through they’re not quite like french fries but they have a little bit
of a crunch to them super delicious the herbs give them a really nice flavor
with that crack pepper and sea salt they taste really amazing Wow no it just I’ll
try you beautiful I could eat this salad by itself as a meal
everything came out really great hope you guys give this recipe a try you saw
how simple it was you don’t want to do a salad with potatoes and steak you can do
it in the oven you don’t have to have the airfryer it basically did another
dysfunction today more than anything so hope you guys give it a try really
really great simple recipe

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