What’s up guys. Today, I’m playing another airsoft PUBG, together with Silo and sniper buddy Fabi I will fight against the GsP crew to get the chicken dinner Just like in a video game, we start with no guns and we have to find equipment while the map is getting smaller Before we’re getting into the gameplay, quick shoutout to today’s video sponsor SkinSilo It’s a service in which you can get PUBG and CSGO skins by using your phone. The skins can be earned by either filling On a survey, watching videos and playing games. SkinSilo is available both on the App Store and Google Play Store And in case you don’t have a phone you can also visit their website. There is a ton of different items you can get there. and if you use code: NOVRITSCH You’re gonna start with 250 credits right away. Links to everything is in a video description. Alright guys, Let’s get back into the gameplay In this video you will see was Fabi and me playing. For the first round we start with Fabi’s perspective And he’s teaming up together with Magnus Edge for round of cool Let’s see if Fabi is more like this time. Again, he’s teaming up with Magnus Edge to fight for the chicken dinner And there we go. Fabi and Tristan won that round. in the next one, Fabi, Silo and I are teaming up for a trio. if one of us dies we can get right back into the game by a team bud The final area we have to go to is down in the riverbed if we hold it for another two minutes, we win. The riverbed is usually not part of the field, but it’s a private game. So we can set the rules ourselves Alright guys, that’s it for today’s video Hope you enjoyed it Big thanks again to SkinSilo for sponsoring this video. If you want to earn some skins click the links in the video description And don’t forget to use code: NOVRITSCH for 250 free credits

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  1. I hope you enjoyed my PUBG in Reallife Gameplay. Let me know if you wan to see more of this. Thanks again to Skinsilo for sponsoring this video:

  2. Ich hab gestern zum meinen 11 Geburtstag eine Glock 17 bekommen wir haben ein Waffen Schein aber kein Mittrag erlaubnis wen ich groß bin und ein Waffen Schein bekomme und den Mittrags erlaubnis habe gehört die Glock 17 mir keine Airsoft

  3. the drone footage swooping down then crossing to the headcam was iconic! that was executed so well! nice editing and pre-planing my guy! salute

  4. "This thing" is a very well-made German MaschinePistole 40 and you obviously don't know how to operate it.

  5. Hello! I just got my ssg24 and it wouldn’t cock after a few shots, meaning that once I pulled the bolt back all the way, it wouldn’t catch, does anyone know what’s wrong with it?

  6. U do the arcade mode like pubg when u die u will be alive just seconds then who ever has the most kill or a with a team will win

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