AJ Haynes of Seratones | Jazzmaster 60th Anniversary | Fender

[MUSIC] I can’t live without this, this is like. [LAUGH]
This is like a warble. It’s like a natural thing
to do with my voice. [MUSIC] Black music and what has it mean and
how does blackness defined. What does it means to be a women. [INAUDIBLE] I’m like figuring it out
just like everyone else is. I like the space I am able to take up,
the style that I play in.>>[MUSIC]
I first wanted a jazzmaster when I was in my mother’s womb. I wanted that warm tone. [LAUGH]
I didn’t really honestly play around with a lot of other stuff. Like messing around with the and
I was like, that’s too much for me. I just picked this up and played around
with it and I was like, well that works. I don’t think there is a need to
really like, let’s just see what else is out there, if something is good,
just do that thing. [MUSIC] I can just fill up the room with a sound, that’s my goal as the rhythm player is,to
make you feel it before you hear it. And there’s something about
the side body that’s just works and it doesn’t get in the way of boobs,
you know, that’s a real thing. I just like that it feels
like a substantial it’s real. I was the hype babe for my friends surf thrash band called
Don’t Forget Your Dinosaur. We would just sit around and
listen to Ventures records. The guitarist for The Ventures,
Nokie Edwards played the jazz master. It’s just instant feel good. I don’t know,
there was no sense of over playing. Everything was just done really
tastefully, there’s something really special about being able to have
a sound transport you to a space. It’s like Thurston Moore, I liked that he,
I feel like there’s something about a jazzmaster that lends itself to not
sounding like a guitar, it just sounds like something that’s flying through
space and might kill you, you know? You feel like something’s about to happen. [MUSIC] The Jazzmaster was meant to
be played by jazz musicians. But when we think about what jazz
is outside of a sound that we think it should be, jazz is about to me, about pushing it and
seeing how much you can subvert a sound. It’s fun in that way that something
that was built for perceived skill or technical prowess has become,
like about not having parameters, about not having rules you know. [MUSIC]

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