boi Hi, I’m the akinator Touch your screen if you [wanna] make me come alive in real life and real sut up u stuped bumm life it’s Captain Chase and we’re playing this really creepy game. Why copying everything on the same? So we’re playing this really creepy game and has called akinator So you’re thinking of someone inside your head, and there’s gonna be lots of series of yes, or no questions and if you answer them correctly He’s gonna guess. What’s in his head? [I’m] in [our] head Let’s play yeah, and right now I’m Gonna think of me, so I have Mesa everybody just Remember, we’re thinking of your ear. Huh my ears Okay, is your character from youtube saying yes. Yes tap. It jace yes, yep businesses yep, yes Is your character none for Minecraft gaming? We’re just gonna put don’t know so but don’t know as your character a girl No, yeah a girl Is your kick too and nope no, but do you want to be? Is your character older than 18? No, I’m not older than 18. [oh] never mind. Did you character have colorful hair no? Did you character have an older brother? Yeah? No? Did you kick drive a cell phone? Yes? Yes, did you character have a dog Rosie? Yes, yes, did you character a braces no? Does you capture have a brother who is a youtuber two of them like them teeth right chase now last name, please? I’m not a boy As you character change their hair color? [oh], I haven’t changed my hair color me A new character blonde no there’s a character currently play in [eighteen]. [oh] [no], why are you ain’t [shitting] is a character a teenager? No no, okay? So it’s coming to the star and it’s guessing oh [Mia] [gets] me. It says Lexi [set] [HGTV] funnel vision in the sky Liner boy and girl Isn’t that creepy? Yeah? Whoa? What’s happening to my screen? Huh? I am the actor later Touch your screen if you want to make me [cum] my life in real life and in real life Let us try it Well nothing happened Chase whatever you do. Do not talk to him. Huh, I didn’t a [creditor] What are you this akinator in the game? Yes? Yes, yes, you are really frankie. Are you not pretty I am the a Koneko How do you know everything in [hell]? [did] you just do that? [I] do know everything come out again, okay? cover your ears camera Come closer Did you hear oh? No? I [did] know [I] just know everything [okay], so let’s try this one more time with the real akinator and so let’s go Okay, is your character real. Yes is your character female no [moon] for Minecraft gaming um just gonna don’t know right Chase don’t know user character YouTuber yes Is your character british no? I think I already know who it is does your character at black hair? Yes? I don’t is Loading is your character has a tiny box named Tim no Um has your character reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube no no not yet? She kicked American Justice nope Is your character older than 18? As you character marry yes? Does your kids have a son yes, did you care throne nope? Is your character behold I know who you’re doing yeah when [blinds] [do] [you] [care] to have a daughter? Yes? Okay and I’m just flaky how did he guess daddy Chase you know a Mind-blower um I think it’s called mine reader, but I might be wrong Well, I’m never wrong. I’m the acting eater now the eye candy cocaine plays old Apple [I] Have a person in life trying to guess. I will not tell you Hey Chase. We have to guess again to character real nice is your character from Youtube yes? Is your [kickturn] done for Minecraft gaming no not that much no is your character British? Did you kick their black hair? nope It’s your character swedish. Well he doesn’t eat a lot of candy. [so] yeah You might be swedish is your character linked [with] video game. Yeah, ya Did you character play with games of Pewdiepie? No no? Did your character have any facial hair? Yes? Did your character have a brother? Who is a youtuber not? Yes? Yes, is your character from Ventura Entail No is your character older than 18. [oh] Did you care to have an older sister? Yes? Did your character have an older brother? Yes? Is your character student? No, no Do young is your character link at school? [yes]? Okay, let’s see who it is like corn Chase Chase akinator Guest you Click like or taste. Yeah Youngest child and [Skylander] family Well, that’s it for the video Where did he go well?

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