Alaba vs. Martínez: Who knows FC Bayern best? | The big 120th anniversary quiz

Boooom! Javi has put on his war paint. David. We’ve taken FC Bayern’s 120th anniversary as an opportunity to talk to two completely different personalities about the history of this club, David Alaba and Javi Martinez. Thank you both for being here. You’re players who already have great knowledge, and lots of experience, of FC Bayern. David, you’ve a little bit more as you grew up here. Do you think that’s a slight advantage? We’ll see. Of course, he’s been at it a bit longer, which obviously helps with the history and perhaps your knowledge as well. But now we’ll look at it. This is how we’ll do it: We each have a buzzer. You press it if you know the right answer. I’ll pick you and you get a point if you give the right answer. Otherwise it’s the opponent’s turn. Let’s test your reactions. What street is the FC Bayern training ground on? Säbener Straße. That’s right. But that’s a test. Javi, you test it. Okay, that would have been the first point to David. Yes, but it was only a test. That was easy. Okay, let’s do a guessing game. You’ve each got a piece of paper in front of you and it’s best if you don’t let the other person see it. How many air bags are there in the outer shell of the Allianz Arena? I’ve never counted them. Hold on, I’ll count them. It has to be a symbolic number. I don’t know it but perhaps… David, have you got something? Give me your paper Javi. Javi Martinez says: 1,970 and David Alaba says: 1,000. The right answer is 2,784. So Javi Martinez gets his first point. Next is a reaction question. Now we can use the buzzers. In which two stadiums did FC Bayern play their Bundesliga home games before moving to the Allianz Arena? It’s two isn’t it? The Grünwalder Stadium and the Olympic Stadium. 1-1, level on points. David Alaba gets the point. Here we can see the venerable Grünwalder Stadium. The FC Bayern Reserves play there now, and then the Olympic Stadium. And from 2005 the Allianz Arena. It’s unfair, I need time to translate everything and I can only answer after that. Your German is great. You’re doing well. Okay, next question. How many league titles have FC Bayern won up to now…? League titles, 29. Cup triumphs, 19 and Champions League titles, five. There’s nothing to add to that. Next point to Javi Martinez. Thank you. You’ve been practising or you’ve learned a bit. No. I didn’t know what the subjects would be. No, it’s my team. I know everything.
David, did you know it? Yes! We’ll never be able to check that but perhaps we’ll ask you again in a quiet moment. Javi counted up all three trophies but there’s still a point up for grabs. So, let’s carry on with the next question. When did FC Bayern win the European Cup for the first time? 1970. That’s wrong. David? He’s already given a wrong answer. But unfortunately there’s no point. You want to try? You don’t get the point automatically but only with the right answer. 1963? Unfortunately, 1963 is also wrong. The right answer was 1974. Now there’s another guessing game. Back to the paper. The question is: how many goals did Gerd Müller score for FC Bayern in the Bundesliga? Bundesliga! Bundesliga? How many did Der Bomber – Gerd Müller score?
Okay, I’ve got it. Have you?
Okay, Javi’s got a number. You only have to be closer, don’t you? Okay, Javi Martinez says: 218, David Alaba says: 350. And the right answer is: 365. Boom!
No, no, no. Just in the Bundesliga?
It’s true, Gerd Müller, ‘Der Bomber’, always scored. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is in second place with 162 and Der Bomber is on 365. Well done. What’s the score? 2-2, equaliser from David Alaba. Now we carry on. Again with the buzzer and reaction question. Which – Javi’s put his war paint on which song did Sammy Kuffour sing on the town hall balcony? Star of the South. That’s the wrong answer. Sammy Kuffour, in 2000 on the town hall balcony? David, don’t want to risk winning another point? Would you rather leave it as a draw? He was blonde and from Sweden. But don’t I get the point anyway? No, you only get the point if you press the buzzer and give the right answer. Bob Marley. That’s wrong, the right answer is: Red-and-White Shirts. Let’s have a quick look. You can see it here on the screen. That’s right. Back then the Marienplatz was full of Bayern fans who wanted to celebrate winning the title with their team. Okay, no points there. Next question: Now looking at a picture on the screen. The very unrecognisable picture will become more and more clear, and you have to guess who is on the picture and, above all, the year and which player it is. Arjen Robben! No, Bastian Schweinsteiger! David’s right! 3-2 for David Alaba. That was very, very quick. Let’s have another look at the picture. He hasn’t got any hair. He hasn’t got any hair. Let’s have another go.
He hasn’t got any hair.Up to now, it could still be Arjen Robben. The right arm perhaps looks a bit like Basti Schweinsteiger. Basti, Basti … Basti, yes. What’s the score? 3-2 to David Basti doesn’t have much hair there, so perhaps that’s why. So Basti Schweinsteiger, unforgettable. Ah, I thought, the one at the back… 2013 Okay, we’ll stay with the same year. Now I’d like to know from you. We’re going to turn off the buzzer. Who was in the starting eleven against BVB in the 2013 Champions League final? The whole squad? Don’t you know it? Manuel Neuer in goal, the right back was Philipp Lahm, left back the Austrian rocket. Central defenders were Dante and Jerome Boateng. Javi Maschinez the number six, Bastian Schweinsteiger next to him. Frank Ribery and … Yes, come on, we already know it. Yes, Frank Ribery and … Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben on the wings and Mario Mandzukic and Thomas Müller. Right answer! Javi equalises – 3-3. David, what are the best moments when you think back to that day? The Champions League trophy! Lifting the Champions League trophy, yes. Legendary line-up, legendary game in the history of FC Bayern München. We’ll go onto the next question. Now we’ll show you a video and stop the video at a certain point. And then you have to press the buzzer and say what happens next. Okay, let’s look at the first video. Stop! What happens next? I think he’s knocked something over. He’s going somewhere, I don’t know any more what was there but he walks into it. Can that be right? That’s right! Right answer. Let’s have a quick look, focus it and see what happens next. Bravo! Jürgen Klinsmann kicked the barrel and is captured forever in a Bayern moment. We’ll carry on with the next video. Javi’s pressed! He’s chasing the duck. Yes, okay. Javi gets the point. Let’s have another look at it. Unforgettable. Where did you see that? Why? Where? Mia San Mia Sepp Maier chasing the duck. It couldn’t be more exciting. Now we come to the last question and the score’s 4-4. Let’s look at the last video. David! What happens next? What can happen? Goal. Does he score a goal? That’s not quite right. Hey, show me the video and what happens. It wasn’t a goal, that much is certain. But let’s have a look. Javi, do you want to say anything beforehand? You still got the opportunity. What happens here? He scores a goal with his hand. Okay, let’s look at the video. David says it’s a goal and Javi says it’s a goal using a hand. Good, Oliver! Javi’s right! Oliver Kahn. Legend! Unforgettable incident. The red card afterwards. Here we can see it again. The ball was handled into the net. That means Javi Martinez is the winner of today’s quiz. Hey, congratulations! Javi, congratulations from me and David. Wait a minute, I got it right too. You didn’t get it quite right. Javi was closer and we have to say that to be fair. Just a goal… Hold on a minute! Was the ball in the goal or not? It didn’t count so it actually wasn’t a goal. Oliver Kahn was shown the red card. I think we can give him that at least. Javi Martinez, who has won today’s quiz. We’ve got a wonderful prize for you and I’ll go and get it. It’s a special edition of an adidas jacket with 120 years FC Bayern on the back. You can put it on and we’ll see how it suits you. Thanks very much for watching! David and Javi, thank you! I hope you’ve learned something about the history of FC Bayern. Till next time!

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