Alanis Morissette & More Celebrate JAGGED LITTLE PILL’s Original Story on Its Broadway Opening Night

(upbeat music) – “Jagged Little Pill”, featuring the hits of Alanis Morissette, has
officially landed on Broadway. We’re here on opening
night to talk to its stars about everything you oughta know. ♪ Swallow it down ♪ ♪ Jagged little pill ♪ ♪ It feels so good ♪ ♪ Swimming in my stomach ♪ (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) – I think there’s a permission
giving for people to be human whether it’s a rage or a
vulnerability or our depression. There’s this invitation that
that’s just part of being human and you’re not alone. Diablo Cody pulled the
characters out of the songs. So there’s this cohesive
kind of intertwining between the music and the
book, which blows my mind. – As an artist, I’ve really
been craving doing work that has something to say, that makes people think, that has a, sparks a conversation. And then this piece came my way, and I felt like prayers
had really been answered. – All the shows I choose to work on I pick because I believe in their message. I believe in the ride that
they’re gonna take me on as an artist, that I’m
gonna grow and learn and challenge myself. It’s made really as a
gift, a gift to Alanis, an homage to Alanis and a
gift to every audience member who believes in the theater. – It’s an important story,
and there’s so many issues it’s dealing with. Alanis’s music and Diablo Cody’s writing, it’s full of hope and joy and love, and the only way we can really, truly heal is to reach out to each
other and ask for help. – I think she took the music
industry by storm in the ’90s because she just said it how it was, and everyone was kind of
afraid to just be real and speak the truths that no
one really wants to talk about. And I think that’s also
why it’s so relevant today is that she was telling the truth. She was telling the hardest truth. – Playing Bella Fox is
absolutely a dream of a lifetime. I mean, to get to tell this story of an experience that is
so frequently silenced and ridiculed and diminished is something I never thought
I would get the honor to do. And I’m very, very, very grateful. – I’m so thankful to tell
this story specifically because this story is gonna
mean so much to people. It already does, but this
story and the representation that we’re giving to communities that are underrepresented is so important. And as a Black, queer woman
telling a Black, queer story is so cool! – What is incredible
about the show is that everybody sees themselves in
at least one of the characters if not everybody. So I hope that it can spark
both those excited conversations about oh, my God, it’s like
a rock show on Broadway and all that stuff but also
those deeper conversations about what it maybe unearths for people.

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