Alex is stunned by Lourdes’ beauty | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

Look at all this food! This must be
what heaven looks like. Buddy, you’re embarrassing us! Don’t let everyone know
we eat a lot. As if it isn’t obvious. It’s alright.
Just enjoy the food. – We will.
– Yes, Mom. Thank you. Hi. – Hello.
– Come on, sir. Jethro, isn’t Lourd coming? – She’s with me.
– Where is she?l She’s still outside. Good evening. Hi, ma’am! Hi, ma’am. I’m sorry for being late. I had to wait for Jethro
to finish preparing. Sorry. I had a lot
of tasks to finish. Besides, Lourd drives so fast. Alex, move over there
so Lourd can sit here. Lourd, come on. – Thank you, Marasigan.
– Here you go. This looks delicious! – Here, ma’am.
– Thank you. What? Is it your first time to see
a woman in a dress? – No, ma’am.
– Are you sure? Let’s eat, guys! I’m starving! Let’s dig in! Mom, Dad… Thank you for dinner. It’s our pleasure. It’s the least we could do
for your service. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you. We should be going. I can drive you home. That’s okay. Stay here
and entertain your friends. And the lady in the dress. [MINDA LAUGHS] Dad. We’ll be going now. – Bye, Mom.
– Take care. – Please take care.
– Bye! – Sir.
– Thanks again. So, do I have to wait
for you again? That’s the thing, Lourd… Can you drive Alex
back to camp? I don’t feel comfortable
on your motorcycle. Alex would be more comfortable. – Alex, come on.
– Are you saying no, Marasigan? Come on! Let’s go. Let’s go before it rains. – Alright!
– Wear your helmet! You’re my idol! Keep eating. Idol! – He’s pretty snappy.
– [LAUGHTER] [RAIN AND THUNDER] Ma’am! Ma’am. – Let’s go that way?
– I see a house. Let’s wait out the rain. – Can you manage?
– I’ve got it. Let’s go, ma’am.

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  1. Aminin man ntin o hindi.. Tlgang bumbgay si gerald sa khit kanino..
    Ang bagay lang nila.. Love hate relationship.. Pwede sa movie to..

  2. I have my smile all a way to my ears. I like her too because she is her own person not trying to compete with anyone to have fans, fans. She knows this is a big break for her because every time she has or had a telerserye, the story or part she had was small. I am happy for her. She is beautiful and simple. Gerald should not consider big names of stars. Simplicity is the beauty behind of any person. Go and go Sue Ramirez. Today is February 18, 2020, from West Coast, California, USA 🇺🇸, julia.

  3. sira ulo din tong director, sinakyan mo na nga yung motor tinulak mo pa para lang sumilong sa ulan, nakakabobo, may gad.LMAO

  4. ano malaki talaga ang abs cb end pero bakit ang dal dal nya kung hindi sila marenew….ABS CB END IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINO AND REVENUE TO OURS!!!!PROFIT, POWER AND ALL BIAS FOR THE ABS CB END!!!BYE ABS CB END!!!!!

  5. Tiyak mamanyakin ni yabang gerald mga babae ksmans palabas n to ndi ko nmn to pinapanood nsilip ko lng ndi deserving panoorin mga palabs ni geral maniac s babae😡👎😠

  6. Keep on looking to her Gerald, Kay Sue Ramirez, bagay kyo dalawa.👍 palitan mna si Julia barreto, Kiti, Kiti.😜💩

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