Alexander Lahti’s Crazy Bachelor Party

Friday July 13th 20:55 Alexander is going to work, or so he thinks Well this was a pleasant surprise! We go to a friends place for some poker and hang out Saturday July 14th 07:30 Good morning! We might have been nice to you yesterday, but today there will be no mercy On our way to play paintball and other things Alexander had to run back and forth while we took shots at him The cow has come out to be slaughtered since there is no more water here in Sweden Which he now has been This is not a sponsored video This is for you Judith, I love you! Lunch at ChopChop! Alexander vs ALL in a round of Disc Golf And another penalty for Alex! He had to search for discs in some questionable water Smells like caviar That’s not too bad He’s trying to down it without tasting with the tounge What was it? Old milk Two eggs Some bacon and cheese cream And finally some Kalles kaviar A healthy breakfast in other words… Passed out after the activities and the heat Finishing the day out at Lahti’s cabin What do you have to say about the day? It’s not over yet… This is what he has been fearing all day Last one! You’re done! You guys stood so close! You suck! Lastly, a Super Smash Bros tournament WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Johannes (Alex’s cousin) won over Alexander in the final GG True happiness

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