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  1. Why don't they withdraw the support of the party and force her to stand as an independent (and repeat) that'll see the end of AOC and the extreme left…..

  2. Dear interviewer. When your guest starts an answer with a "Actually I didn't say this is what we need.." ( 2:12 ) You DO NOT interrupt her five (FIVE!) time and prevent her from continuing her sentence!

    WAY OUT!!! 𝗧hank God!!! I call her lefty!!!!!!byeeee

  4. Como has given illegal immigrants licenses 2 vote we must have all votes counted by hand to make sure no illegal voting has been done illegal immigrants should not have the Privileges of an American citizen until they are approved

  5. What a dishonest perspective by Fox and who they select to " interview". Both parties accept campaign funds by corporate or personal agenda to sway Congressional and Senate leadership. "AOC", ( I hate referring to people in some slang) is making a great point. Does it promote thought? Make you question how politics works? Personally, that's her point? You want to fund limo rides, 1st class travel, high end hotel rooms for what you want done from a citizen's viewpoint. Campaign finance is very grey, and I personally need to educate myself.
    Just a foot note, party dues kinda like union dues. How many people you know collect Social Security?. On Medicare or Medicaid? Have children in Public schools? Find a balance.

    Look it up and think for yourself, and just gain perspective. Your party or vote is your business.

  6. AOC: I'm just the communities little mermaid and when my apartment gives me pinkeye i make pink lemonade!!
    Don't use your brain just vote for me I'm awesome!!!!

  7. “I’m playing my part and I’m contributing to our party, but at the beginning of the year Dtrip sent a very clear message that they would black list any progressive organizations they help candidates like me, and I don’t think that my find raising should go to prevent more people like me from being here in Congress.”

    That’s a mouthful of revelation.

  8. No she dont wanna pay, she's a bartender…..she finally got a handout from the American people in the form of a bloated paycheck paid from taxes (bigger than the welfare that supported her family so they didn't starve) and she's gone crazy thinking she's some rich authority figure….no she dont wanna part from a penny, for one she's greedy and two she sees the writing on the wall, she's in over her head, she has proven herself to be ignorant in politics, economics, and basic intelligence and I believe she knows she's probably not gonna last long….she needs that money cause ain't no bar gonna hire her back. Even her own party is tired of her consistently rocking the boat that keeps her afloat and making the Democratic party look even worse than it already is.

  9. She knows she needs to keep some money in the bank because she is not going to be re-elected. No one wants socialism.

  10. If was you or me refusing to pay on a legitimate debt we would get our paycheck garnished. So what's wrong with it, what she agreed to when she took the oath of office. VOTE the b&*ch out.

  11. Wow they helped aoc get elected from money just like this. Now she won’t help out others. Selfish spoiled , brat. I hope she gets rolled in the next election. Right back to serving drinks, and talking about socialism.

  12. The Democrats put the focus on President Trump to take the focus of the issues and crimes of the Obama administration, the real reasons for Hillarys election loss and the Democrats in its current form. I hear about a Trump trial, what crimes? The Democrats have shown clearly absolute abuse of powers, abuse of the President's rights and AOC is the least of their problems.

  13. AOC is all about COMMUNISM. They (Kruschev, (Russian) said (50's) we would be conquered from within) the communists want to take control of America.

  14. She’s a true socialist – what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.
    She was a problem from day 1. I hope she’s voted out come the next election.

  15. She’s Bernie Lite…she doesn’t want to pay her dues, but will gladly pay herself from her campaign funds. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  16. "I won't give you my money..but you give me yours" true socialist and I don't think she even realizes she is!! Not too bright! She won't last !

  17. I am not crazy about AOC but $250,000 for party fees?  That's about $125,000 party fees per year. She only make about $170,000 per year.  That leaves her $35,000 per year. Those fees are a bit high when you haven't learned how to launder tax payer money yet.

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