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  1. All the best and unique from great Yamato !
    Great Country !
    Great attracts me.
    Thanks dear Simon and WP for Your helpful video !

  2. This is awful. Why are people on this thread defending this? This is completely wasteful, and truly awful.

  3. Come on Japan you are worse then the USA and we practically breath plastic. You're better then that. Help lead change in your community and petition to your local leaders.

  4. This is what the ocean inhabitants will be eating for dinner. This is wasteful and truly bad for the environment!

  5. having lived in Japan for 11 years, until last year in 2018, I was always shocked at the front. Japan put up… What I mean… Japan pretends to be an eco-friendly country, but it's carbon footprint is gigantic! There are plastic wrappings on each individual candy in every single box. The amount of trash you can put out every week is unlimited. It was ridiculous to see how much more trash Japan produces per capita and its neighboring countries of Korea or Taiwan who in Japan's image are not considered as clean.

  6. It's the same in America. Democrats scream about plastic hurting the environment. It use to be better but Democrats were screaming about paper, saying it was harming the environment and saying plastic was safer and reusable. Getting rid of the Democrats would be better and safer for the environment and much more cost efficient.

  7. According to Plastic waste generation per person (2010), daily plastic waste generation per person, measured in kilograms per person per day.
    USA 0.34 Kg
    United Kingdom 0.21 Kg
    Japan 0.17 Kg
    This measures the overall per capita plastic waste generation rate prior to waste management, recycling or incineration. It does not therefore directly indicate the risk of pollution to waterways or marine environments.

  8. At least their garbage don’t end up on street they are recycled. But westerners loves to point fingers.

  9. So, the dude purposefully bought as much individually wrapped stuff as he could to try to make his "story" as dramatic as possible. We make 3 meals a day in Japan for a whole family and don't use anywhere near that amount. The foreign press LOVE exaggerating crap like this about Japan and are more about views than accuracy.

  10. This can be good because the foor will stay fresh so there will be less food wasted in the country and maybe every 5 days the store need new stock instead of 1. Think about it!

  11. Japan is responsible for 70% of the world's plastic problem, even though the only make up 1% of the world population. Shame on them.

  12. Thank you for this video. I asked the super market why they use so much (way over )plastics wrapping in Japan. They said in Japan, food travel longer distance( many imported from other countries), also even for organic produce, to acquire the organic certificate, the produce needs to be wrapped in a way that does not get mixed up with other regular vegetables. So anyways, I will do my zero-waste challenge and find about more about in my own life. Anyways, thank you for this!

  13. Japan's plastic production is only 14.5 million tons in 2016, but in the United States it reaches 51 million tons, equivalent to the whole of Europe. In terms of per capita plastic consumption, Japan weighs 75 kg, which is far less than the 117 kg of the United States, the nation that invented plastic and spread it worldwide. 😎

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