Allen Institute for Cell Science | Celebrating five years of impact

We are embarking on an amazing journey into the exploration of the cell This is a very exciting time to be a cell scientist. There’s much work to be done. Super excited! This is the first ever experiment for the cell science institute. Five years ago, we began our quest to unravel the mysteries of human cells. We need to understand how normal cells function… in order to understand how alterations in normal cells lead to disease. We started by building the Allen Cell Collection — publicly available cell lines, gene-edited with fluorescent tags to illuminate specific parts. The collection is allowing scientists around the world to make new discoveries. It’s allowed us to go from snapshot images of organoids to… movies of living organoids… and being able to watch how their different cellular sub-compartments are changing over time. Another powerful resource we’ve created for researchers is the Allen Cell Explorer. The Allen Cell Explorer is a unique portal to access everything we’ve been working on… which includes our massive amounts of image data, modeling data, analysis data… as well as all of the methods we’ve used. And even the cell lines that we generate. Together, these are a suite of tools… for visualizing, interrogating, and modeling cells in 3D. An incredibly valuable toolkit for both scientists, and educators. Right now, we’re at that moment where — for the first time — we have these absolutely enormous image datasets. Now we’re faced with the challenge of: How do we get information out of that? How do we learn about cell functioning? It’s a really exciting challenge, and it’s something that nobody’s ever done before. And that’s going to be incredibly fun.

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