Alright! I Girlfriend Ka Birthday ft. Ambrish Verma & Shreya Gupto

Guys, do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Bro She’s way too good from the inside She’s my girlfriend, do you get that? We’ll converse with each other afterwards First, you come inside Come on! Come, my brother! He’s been here a while now, get him something to drink Who is this person? and who are you? Watch your step Why is the place so crowded? Is some JCB loader conducting it’s digging here? Kavya… (you know you’re at a house party when you hear this) She used to get drunk after 2 drinks with me One second Who is making her drink behind my back (some Cliffhanger shots never hurt nobody) Guys, guys! I’m going for another round Who all are up for it? You gotta stop Kavya Do some favour to your liver or else it’ll get damaged Then I’ll ask for a piece of your liver You have a piece of my heart already You can take a piece of my liver too Oh, Gagan! Happy Birthday Gagan Gehlawat You’re the most dangerous breed of all – BEST FRIEND Your office project led you straight to her house You can be all happy about it Ultimately, I am her boyfriend You can resume your drinking No on’es gonna stop her! I will take care of you You are the perfect boyfriend material **** Just need to go on a solo trip to Ladakh that too on a bullet Madam Will there be some extra space on the bike? Sahil When did you return from Bombay? You didn’t even tell me I’m so sorry I surprised you without your permission Next time I’ll ask you beforehand as to how would you love to be surprised ma’am, okay? You’re looking so smart Thankyou You can consider me as your gift But given the fact that you’re materialistic Happy birthday, my love This is so… For the most beautiful girl in the house who can make anyone fall in love with her Why are you raising a toast on my girlfriend’s birthday I swear I’ll get you beaten up by a goon A very happy birthday Kavya Happy birthday Kavya! DJ Drop that beat The greed of a bestfriend to become a boyfriend turns a person into an animal However, every dog has his own day But brother Today it’s not yours (and here comes the famous step of all Indians) Oh, so now you’re targeting my girlfriend like a venomous snake You’re poisoning my love life Now I understand How Sanjay Dutt felt after looking at Chinkey, in the movie Munna Bhai Kavya You’ve changed drastically (clearly, actions speak louder than words) (but money speaks louder) Are you crazy? What have you done? Kavya, I’ll just use the restroom Kavya It’ll be morning and you’d still be dancing At least cut your cake now Sahil? Sahil Come fast or I’d have to cut the cake in your absence Oh.. So now you remember me Anyways, I have been cut loose since the time I’ve entered the party Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday dear Kavya (Gagan being the opportunist that he is) The cake is delicious Happy birthday! Thankyou (a birthday celebration never comes to an end) Why don’t you have it Bro! Kavya is so pretty, right? She is hooked onto some stupid guy If he were present at the party I would have kicked his ass Just look at her beautiful smile and you know what the best thing is? She’s way too good from the inside What do you mean? Bro.. (his choice of words might get him into trouble) (told you) All I’m saying is how good her heart is One one hand, you’re having drinks at her party and talking ill about her on the other You could have called for a fight outside this party You totally ruined Kavya’s party You mad, mad guy What are you looking at? It’s morning, ya’ll should go home You don’t worry about it It’s okay Someone just show them out If you really had to go, at least you should’ve gone somewhere else After creating a scene on my birthday you are standing in my balcony I have a flight after 4 days, I’ll leave soon What? You are leaving in 4 days? and you never told me about this I would’ve told you if Gagan left your side for some time What is his problem? Why does he cling to you so much? and if you’re here to lecture me about my rage then you must know, I’m not sorry about it at all Everything that drunk guy spoke about you for that, he should’ve been beaten up to the core Sahil, why are you being so rude? Just talk properly Did I even ask about what happened at the party? How does it even matter? Why wouldn’t it matter? If someone is hitting on my girlfriend in front of me If someone dances intimately with her It won’t matter to me? There wasn’t a single moment that we shared on your birthday You are my third girlfriend But the first one who’s birthday I’m celebrating while being in a relationship This was very important for me Sahil, you being here is important for me too This is the moment you were talking about? where we can share our feelings and emotions with each other But look We are ruining the moment by talking about others What people are doing and why are they doing things in a certain way We have no contol over all this All we can do is trust each other We are that compatible, right? We should deal with this like mature adults We are above this We’ll do whatever we wanna do Fine, stop making me understand things like a mother I know, my insecurity creeped in and caused this mess You also don’t understand things at once Just let people live as per their own conditions I got it madam! Let go off this character, it doesn’t suit you Which mood suits me the best? I’ve got boxes full of makeup for you Try that I don’t look preety otherwise? No, no You were looking extremely pretty at the party last night Now it’s broad daylight So ya.. You’re quite arrogant Gagan Kavya told me you have a Spiderman tattoo on you She was lying, there’s nothing like that Really? I am not convinced Okay, listen I’ll show you my tattoo But before that, let’s have some shots of Cliffhanger Okay fine But I’ll have the Green Apple flavoured one I’ve already poured it in the glass Nevermind, you can have it from the bottle itself By the way guys, you should also have Cliffhanger if you’re throwing a party It will make your party more happening Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and definitely SUBSCRIBE ALRIGHT? and guys “be alright”

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  1. Well if the whole video was made with roles reversed, the ending would be dilemma, and this isn't even the worst part. The worst part is everyone would think it is right and justified.

  2. Best friend se boyfriend banne ki bhookh aadmi ko kutta bana deti hak.. this is the Exact line.. saala bharosa tumko best friend pe jyada hai to Bf banate kyu ho.. uska mental torcher krne k liye..

  3. Not relatable at all. Aisi bandi kisko chahiye. Reality mai agar meri bandi aisi karti toh mai toh kuch bina bole hi chala jaata.. Relationship ki maa ki chut.

  4. Bhosdiwale tmhra jb se channel start hua h tb se yhi randiyapa dhikha rhe hai… Kahe ki creativity… Jhaat jesa content

  5. Yr ye girls hote hee aese h…..bc inke best frnd kahan se aate h…..smjh ni aata…..aur ye girls sirf bacchodi inka chutiyapa khatm ni hota…aur hum kisi ldki se hii hello bhe kr le use m ye start its over ye vo ye vo……htttt bhoosdika

  6. As usual Pseudo Faminism, u do nd give gyan the best part is he accepted gyan 😂😂😂😂 wah ji wah…. boys are desperate

  7. Haa.. haramio smjhe toh bs ladke hi smjhe pr ladkiya na smjhe ki.. agr bf surprise kr rha h aake toh kam se kam kuch pal toh gujare uske naaki chutiye chaman best friend ke saath…. akhand chutiyapa dikhane se baaj thodi aaoge tum sb

  8. It would be more awesome if they stop promoting "daaru" as a cool youth symbol……
    It's the most disappointing point….

  9. Ha hum ek dusro pe trust kar sakte hai aur yahi bol ke best friend ke sath maje lo aur bf ka chutiya kat lo😆😆😆😅😅😅😂

  10. Bhai long distance relationship wali ladkiyan bf ko dekh k aise ignore nai kr skti… Office wala friend to roz milta hai pr aise special day pr someone special ko jo sideline kr de uski feelings genuine nai ho skti. Aur baad me usi k muh se maturity wala lecture is totally undigestible. If u r so mature then act like one before teaching the other person. I know that longing for the person in long distance.

  11. Just imagine if the boy would've treated the girl like this ! 😑
    I have experienced this same situation. My ex's so called bestfriend used to do this with my ex. So we broke up!

  12. Re Sharma ji ka beta food vlog chork yesab Kar raha hai vaiiiiiiii. But ambrish bro u r too much good forever….. U r my favorite bro……

  13. WTF ….invite hi kyun krte ho aise logon ko?? aur girls humesha kai navon ki sawari krna pasand krti hain..yahan pr bhi yahi ho rha hai…

  14. Ambrish Verma you are soooooo cute… You play such adorable characters.. I wonder how you really are ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Bhai gf ki birthday party mai aaya h…. Khud ko itna embarrassing kyun feel krwa rha h…. Mai hota to kab ka party chod ke jaa chuka hota.

  16. Chutiya sali ladkiya hi aisa karti hai. Itna light light mai accha banda gava deti hai.

    Pr Karma bhi bohot kutiya chij hai. Yaad rakhiyo!😂

    Dislike for this video. Feminism at its best!
    Agar ambrish Subah is ladki ko thappad mar kr without explanation chala jata to mai manta.😒

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  18. Aisii ldki to maine aj tk ni dekhiii 😕😕😕😕😑😑😑😑by the way love or bff mei difference h

  19. "Hum ko ek dusre pe trust karna chaiye.. Be compatible." 2 din ke baad subah gf Gagan ke ghar se nikalti hai.. Be compatible

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