Always Be My Maybe Dinner Scene ft. Keanu Reeves | Netflix

I thought this was a high-end restaurant.
Why am I the only one wearing a tux? Oh, sorry, I should have told you.
Rich people are done with fancy clothes. Now it’s all $1,000 T-shirts that look
like they were stolen off the homeless. Jenny’s dressed perfect. So where’s your man? Oh! There he is! Sail! Oh, my God! I think that guy is Keanu Reeves. Hey, boo! This is how an angel cries! Blame it on my ADD, baby! I wanted to surprise you.
I took a photo of your faces. Look! You guys look so shocked.
You only capture that shit once! Hi, baby! Hi, baby. I’ve missed you. I missed you, too. I’ve missed you so much. I missed your mouth. I missed your heart. Oh, God, I missed your beard. I missed your light. Oh. I missed your chin. I missed your soul. I missed your ass. I missed your spirit. I missed your thumbs. I missed your eyes. You’re so good with your thumbs. I missed how you smell. Oh, my God. Um, these are, uh, my friends. Uh, this is Marcus, and this is Jenny. Hi, Jenny. Wow. Wow… Now I know what it feels like to be completely starstruck. The only stars that matter… are the ones you look at when you dream. Thank you… A pleasure to meet you, Marcus. Likewise, Keanu. I… I love your outfit. Oh, thanks, man. Tom Ford made it custom for me. Wow… I… I didn’t know you wore glasses. Oh, I don’t. My eyes are perfect. This is for a part. They don’t even have lenses in them. See? Nope! I love the suit. Classic. Thank you, thank you. It’s my, uh, old tux from prom. That’s great. I dropped out of high school, went to work, followed my dream.

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  1. Lol , rich people are done with fancy clothes. now they wear $1000 t shirt, looks like stolen of homeless !!!!!!!!! Its so true.

  2. Didn' like this movie. Walked out after Keanu scene. I think its the lack of chemistry btw the two actors. Or its the actors themselves.

  3. Such an asshole: “I dropped out of high school, followed my dream”. It’s something I would say, not because I’m cool, but from being socially awkward.

  4. I decided to randomly watch this movie because sometimes I enjoy a good romantic comedy. I was enjoying the movie and then when Keanu Reeves randomly shows up like this I lost it. Couldn't stop laughing. The character Jenny is also so funny.

  5. Keanu reeves walking in slow motion, fell in love with him all over again.
    Besides perfect editting and perfect scene 😍🤩

  6. Legend has it that after you die you are seeing Keanu walk in slow motion up to you and says: "Let me be your guide buddy."😍

  7. Watching this movie, it was pretty funny, but the entire 10-15 minutes of Keanu Reeves' screen time in the movie is comedic Gold

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