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  1. I think she should date the guy longer to get to know him better, no need to rush. It would be different if they grew up together but they just met, and that could be dangerous.

  2. ❤️❤️ Marriage is a result of love (in most cases) and love kind, honest, beautiful and true.

    A person’s age does not have any factor in this. So no age doesn’t matter.

    I love SoulPancake ❤️ they are so inspirational. I just launched a video on abortion on my page. Check it out/subscribe and let me know what your think of the debate.

    Thanks soo much guys ❤️💯

  3. See, if she didn’t say she was feeling pressured, then it would be a different story. Last be with someone for a year and if the connection is real, go ahead
    You don’t commit to a person because of SOMEONE ELSE THAT ISNT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP

  4. Right! Go play around during your most fertile years and when you hit the wall at 30, all the guys will be there waiting for you. Pass on a good guy who actually wants to marry you and "travel" LMFAO… This is why MGTOW is taking off.

  5. I met my hubby when I was 18. After 2 months we were engaged. He went into the military and we were married at 20… we have been married for 18 years together for 20. He is my person.

  6. I got married at 22 after knowing the person for a year (engaged a couple months in) and we've been married for nearly a decade. Wouldn't have in any other way. Unlike here though, there was never a sense of pressure. If you feel like you are questioning it at all- its not the right time.

  7. If he’s the right one for her, there’s no need to rush. He’ll be there after you’ve grown into your selfhood and you’ll be more equipped to handle marriage. 🤞🏾

  8. Marriage is kind of pointless. It's just an expensive contract that means nothing.
    You do get a tax break though, that's the only good thing.

  9. no. i'm sorry. if you're getting married because your little sister is engaged, not a good reason. one. two. i personally am not a fan of getting to know myself WITH someone. know yourself so that you enjoy the things you enjoy because YOU enjoy them, and not because the partner does and you just want to make them happy. it happens. i see how women sacrifice, compromise, and in more cases that is not met halfway. you stay at home with the kids while the partner goes out to finish education and pursue their career then ten years later, you still haven't started your dream and your dream is now being the perfect mother. which isn't wrong, but that was not your heart's desire. idk. my mom swears she has no regrets but when you have goals and sacrifice because now things have changed, how can you truly be happy? you haven't done the one thing you wanted. don't listen to me – LOL.

  10. I understand everybody is different, but 20 is just too young. Especially since she has only been with the guy for 5 months!! I'm 25 and been with my partner for almost 6 years. EVERYBODY asks us when we are getting married. We are comfortable with our relationship and feel like spending lots of money on a wedding and signing a piece of paper is kind of pointless. We may get married eventually, but we are more focused on education, our careers, and buying our first house.

  11. I got married at 19 and I know for sure that it was the best choice for us. However, I DO NOT recommend that for everyone! There are so many factors that go into building a solid foundation for marriage, and everyone's paths are different. Getting married young was and still is great for me, but I definitely respect people for that wait longer.

  12. I have been with my boyfriend from when we were 17. Now we have been together for +6 years & we have been focusing on only each other but also our careers. He is now starting a new stable job but he is still figuring out where to work. I am finishing university and have to figure out what Path to take. I have to make Money and find my Place in the world now. Marriage should be the coronation of a dream, not the proof of it because marriage actually doesnt mean anything in the end, its Just paper

  13. I got married at 18, I’m 21 now and still happily married. Not that that can’t change, it’s only been 3 years, but we have been very strong and only getting stronger so far.
    My mom got married when she was 20, she and my dad have been together almost 30 years now.
    My grandma got married when she was 17 and she was married for 45 years before she passed away.
    It’s not about age, but how mature you are, what you want from life, and why you want to get married.
    I’ve met 30 year olds who I believe shouldn’t be getting married because they aren’t mature enough or because of why they want to get married. Age shouldn’t be everything when considering if you should get married or not. I’ve legit met women who want marriage at 21 or 22 because they want to look beautiful in their dress. I’ve met women who are 30 and want to get married because they think if they don’t do it now they will never get married (which isn’t a bad thing to never get married in my opinion but it’s the end of the world for them).

  14. I met my person at 19, seven years later were still together AND the pressure for us to get married is so REAL!!!! We want to get married, but we just want to be financially stable. I personally look at marriage as a cooperation merger, our accounts should match and for me marriage is an institution that is separate from love

  15. I married at 17 years old. My first child was born when i was 18. For my husband and i it was the best choice we've made. I'm 28 now and still happily married with 4 children. But i know it's not for everybody..

  16. I’ve noticed that people who marry young have very low emotional intelligence; it’s really irritating in the workplace as they lack resilience. They are not their own person and fall apart when their significant other doesn’t contact them in 5mins. Very weak and pathetic

  17. I honestly think we should drastically raise the minimum age of marriage in all of the states. People are far too dumb and inexperienced at age 18 to sign a marriage contract. I’d say bare minimum should be 22 or 23, maybe even 25. Pre-marriage counseling should be required, as well. It would be more expensive but it would help reduce the amount of idiots that get married for no good reason and divorce two years later. Pre-marriage counseling would probably be a lot cheaper than a divorce too.

  18. First of all, Thank you for having subtitles and as a deaf viewer, I am really appreciate it.

    I used to think I would love to get married young then i met guys who I later realise was not my type and we was never good fit. My ideal type of men has changing as I grew older.

    I understand that it is different for other people, some was just lucky met the one early. I'm now 28, and I never been actually in love with someone with my own soul…like to the point of imaging our future together, having butterflies feelings a lot for being around him and my heart flutter when I see him, and all. Flirting with a guy is nice, but that was it, if they said they love me and wanted to marry me, but i don't love him, it is not fair for us both so I don't need to feel guilty.

    It is the BEST to be honest with your own feelings and thoughts. You need to ask yourself, what are you really looking for in a guy and what is your type more thoroughly so you wouldn't waste time on a lot of guys along the way.

  19. I don’t really get the pressure to get married…the commitment should be your love and behaviour towards them every day, not a one-time promise. My partner and I have been together for about 4 years and we’re fairly young (I’m 25) and especially now that we’re common-law I see no reason to rush into a wedding. I feel very confident that we will be together for the rest of our lives, so the party can wait until we have the money and time to plan.
    This said, we’re not religious at all so I can imagine it would be different if you can’t live together before marriage, etc.

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