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Last night , we started Bihu celebrations with music and dance… …and right now it’s 6 in the morning …I can still hear music from nearby places I’m sure somewhere out there, people are still dancing. 12 hours! Imagine that kind of party happening… …in a small village, somewhere in Assam. With so much enthusiasm and love. They really love what they do… …and then they really know how to enjoy. [MUSIC] Neeru: Rice is a staple food here… …you can tell that rice is an integral part of the culture. To really understand a place… one needs to interact with a local… I was lucky that I found my friend Ankur’s mother (Madhumita Aunty) Like Makarsakranti, tomorrow, over here we have Magh Bihu So we are going to have a lot of eating at night, we call it Bhoj All the relatives are going to come to a certain place… …where we are going to have this Bihu celebration tonight. [Assamese Music] I really love dancing And if you have been following this series… you must know this by now. [Assamese Music] Besides dancing, I was having a lot of fun.. …with Mumon and his sister, Pikshi. Neeru [animatedly]: Let’s make Laddus (traditional sweets) Neeru: Oh! This is hot. I also tried my hand at making… the traditional sweet for Bihu, Narikol Laddu. Neeru: Yes, this is too hot. I did not expect it to be this easy but… …Oh no! It is difficult! I judged too quickly. Kid: It is difficult? Neeru: Yes, it is difficult. Neeru: Oh oh oh… …it breaks every time I try to think it’s done. [Assamese Music] Neeru: Is it done?
Lady: Yes, it’s done. Girl: It’s turned out good only. Madhumita: This festival is all about the harvest… …so all the goodies are being prepared by the rice basically. We have the sticky rice which is very famous… We have the puffed rice… Puffed rice is also very sweet… It’s known as Hurum and we have it with milk and curd… ….and basically gur (jaggery) We don’t use a lot of sugar, we use a lot od gur. Any sweet things we are making is out of gur, so it’s very organic you know. I like using natural ingredients in my food. Even here, I noticed that… …they were using jaggery and black sesame mix… …to make Til Peetha (local sweet). Flour made from sticky rice is used to make Peetha. I also got to see how do they prepare this flour. [Madhumita Aunty singing an Assamese song] This means you were washing clothes by the pond… …and I was passing by …and you sprinkled some water on me. I could sense you were flirting and… …that made me fall in love with you. We have a culture of eloping around Bihu festival, as a wedding ceremony isn’t mandatory. You like someone, you can elope with each other’s consent. It isn’t considered a taboo in our culture. Like all other chores, everyone gets together to make Peetha as well. In fact, everyone can use this pounding machine. Madhumita: Are you enjoying doing this?
Neeru: Yes! Madhumita: She’ll continue to take out the rice flour with her bare hands. Neeru: Ok Sticky rice are soaked overnight and then pounded next morning. This rice flour is moist. So, it sticks together while making Peetha. Neeru: Yes, its wet. It will stick together on its own. Madhumita: Yes, it won’t require oil for cooking. By the looks of it, making Peetha seemed simple. I thought we just need to spread the rice flour on a pan kept on slow flame and add the filling. But when I tried to make it… I understood, that it’s not that easy. Neeru: Okay! Never done this. Neeru: Like this..and this…right? Neeru: And then add the filling. Neeru: Pretty Bad. As per usual, everyone was extremely sweet. In fact they all encouraged me to do it again. Madhumita: Best thing of this harvest is that everybody is helping everybody Since they’re all going to eat together, so they cook also together. And since everybody is a relative and they’re all going to eat together… so all the rice and other dishes, which comes, is from everybody’s house. And Khorika (barbecued pork) is a popular dish here. Everyone just couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Ankur’s cousins got together and grilled Pork for themselves. Neeru: While men are outside having fun, these girls are having their own party. Neeru: All this is what these girls are going to eat… …they’re not going to share it with anyone. Neeru: Why should boys have all the fun? Kashyapi [Ankur’s cousin]: Party on! [MUSIC] Neeru: I can’t believe this only has salt. After eating this yummy pork, these girls performed some beautiful Bihu Dance. [MUSIC] While we were dancing, Bhoj feast was served. We use every part of Banana. We make a plate out of its stem called Potua, on which one can eat. There were many dishes that were served… …and it’s hard to pick my favourite from the spread. I noticed that they don’t use a lot of oil… …or heavy masalas in their food. And, in spite of various dishes with Fish, Lentil, Rice or more… people were most happy eating Pork. [MUSIC] What I loved the most was that… …over here, everyone knew how to enjoy. Those who wanted to dance, danced and those who wanted to eat, ate. People were free to enjoy the way they wanted to. [MUSIC] Be it kids or ladies, there were no restrictions on anyone. And as for me… I just loved being here. I’m sure you can tell that while watching. [MUSIC] I couldn’t really understand these Assamese songs… …neither what they were talking to each other [MUSIC] But that did not matter… …as my heart was filled with happiness. I know that in future I’ll fondly remember… …and smile thinking of these moments. The dancing and singing went on till the wee hours. And before we realised, it was already 4 AM. And again I learnt about a new important festive ritual of Bihu. Similar to Lohri festival in Punjab… …in Assam, there burn a bonfire. They call it Meji Juwaluwa here. [Men Singing] I have been to Assam, many times in the past. However, this time it really became my AMAZING ASSAM. I had the best time dancing, eating… …and interacting with every one over here And after meeting everyone I realised… …that sometimes… …there’s tons of happiness hidden in little things. And it isn’t really hard to find them. Mumon: Subscribe to Video Neeru: Like this Video Mumon: Like this video Neeru: Subscribe to this channel Mumon: Subscribe to channel
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