Amazing Birthday Cakes: 3 Easy Steps | Fondant Cake Decorating Tutorial

Want to create a birthday cake that will make
them grin from ear to ear? AND, do it in half the time? In this video, I’ll show you how
with three simple steps. Hey guys, I’m Joshua John Russell, I’m a cake
designer and instructor on This cake may look like it took all day to make,
but let me show you how we did it in half the time with just three easy-to-use cutters.
Once the cake is covered in fondant or buttercream, we can start to decorate.
Polka dots are a great decoration for any celebration cake. The first time-saving tool
I am using is a round cutter set to cut perfect fondant circles in different sizes and colors.
My second tool is this cute label cutter set. You can cut a single gumpaste color, or use
the tool to cut multiple colors, then mix and match.
I’ll add a few personal touches, allow it to set for a few minutes and then glue it
to the cake. The third tool is this bunting cutter set.
It’s a great way to customize the cake with a name or a message
Use a small piece of gumpaste to mold each letter. Dust the gumpaste with a little corn
starch before modling to ensure that it doesn’t stick. You can leave it to dry for a few minutes
or pop it in the freezer to set up quickly. Now for the finishing touches!
I painted the letters with a bit of food coloring to make them pop and piped a string of royal
icing to attach them. This will make the message look like a banner.
There you have it. Three easy to use tools, one adorable cake in no time! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you can click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video to learn more Cake Decorating techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been
using in this video.

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