– Wow, lots of snow in Canada. Lots of snow in Canada. Check it out, guys, merry Christmas. I am with my family here. – Merry Christmas. – Ting and I came to Canada for Christmas, and today we are gonna have a big Christmas feast. We’re gonna start with breakfast, but check it out, look outside. It snowed overnight, this is true Canada. It’s a true white Christmas. Isn’t that amazing, a white Christmas, and we are gonna start
the day with an amazing fresh breakfast. (relaxed music) After a month in India, and with lots of street food footage ready to edit and publish soon, Ting and I flew back to Canada to spend Christmas with our family before our big trip to Mexico next month. This was a day of feasting and fun with family that
I hope you enjoy watching. Starting out bright and early, as all Canadians do after a big snowfall, by clearing the driveway. It’s so fresh outside, and we’re just gonna clear the driveway. Then we’re gonna go in
for a big breakfast. It’s gonna be a great Christmas. It’s so nice to be back from India. That was an amazing trip. We still have a few
more videos to come up, so stay tuned on the channel. It’s gonna be a great 2018. This is Canadian breakfast right here. Snow. Mm. Not bad. So we just got in from
shoveling the snow outside. We did a half of a job. We’re gonna have to finish the rest after breakfast. This is gonna be tai hao
la breakfast for Christmas. We are cooking up some bacon, cooking up some alder-smoked bacon. – [Mom] And some nice
pork breakfast sausages. – [Trevor] Pork sausage, and then we’ve got these potato pancakes. These look kinda plain, but they are very good when they’re fried in bacon fat. – [Mom] We’re gonna fry
them up in the bacon fat as soon as this bacon
gets nice and crispy. They get all crispy and brown. Those are the ones that Aunt Cathy made. They’re like triangle shaped. – [Trevor] So what do you put
into these potato pancakes. – It’s like mashed potatoes and flour and, um, a bit of milk and butter. Then you make like dough and roll them out like cookie dough or pie dough. – [Trevor] And then you preheat them the night before, right? – [Mom] Then you recook them in the bacon fat on Christmas morning. – [Trevor] Perfect. So what do you think of
Canadian Christmas, Ting? – So fun. – So fun. Oh yeah, right in the bacon fat. Oh yeah, look at that. Beautiful scrambled eggs. Cheese going on. Oh yeah, look at those eggs coming in. Mashed potato pancakes. Mm, two to start. – Take bacon and sausages. – Okay. – Use your fork. – Thank you, Grandpa. Oh, yes. This is the true joy of Canadian Christmas breakfast. Oh, look at that. What type of cheese do you put in there? – [Mom] It’s smoked cheddar. – [Trevor] Smoked cheddar, mushrooms and green onions and all of those scrambled
eggs freshly made up here. Look at that amazing Canadian Christmas breakfast, and this is just the
beginning of our day here. We’ve got these scrambled eggs, mushrooms, green onions, smoked cheddar. We’ve got these beautiful pork sausages, alder-smoked bacon, and bacon-fat-infused potato pancakes. Oh yeah, so we’re gonna get a perfect bite of scrambled eggs. Oh, I think I’m gonna
put the scrambled eggs on the potato pancake. Oh, yeah. Doesn’t that look awesome? – [Mom] It’s like putting
curry on a chapati. – Yeah, exactly. It’s like putting curry on a chapati, and we’re gonna put a
little bacon in there. Oh, yeah. That is a pure, heavy, heavy Canadian breakfast. Mm. Oh, yeah. Oh, that is pure joy. Oh, that smoky, mapley bacon is infused into everything we’ve got here. After enjoying that incredible
Canadian Christmas breakfast, we began preparing the huge
Christmas turkey feast, beginning by stuffing the bird. So we’re stuffing it with stuffing. – Stuffing it with stuffing. – [Trevor] And the stuffing
was made a couple days ago. – Oh, huge. (laughs) – [Trevor] Okay. – Are you feeling like a gynecologist? (laughs) – [Trevor] So we are stuffing it. Homemade stuffing we made the other day. – [Dad] Sourdough bread. – [Trevor] Oh yeah, look at that. – [Dad] Herbs and spices, consisting of safe, oregano, thyme. – [Mom] No oregano, actually. – [Dad] No oregano this time? Okay. Celery, onions, and rosemary, and cranberries. Sourdough. – [Trevor] Sourdough bread. Bread crumbs, bread squares. – [Mom] Ting Ting cut it all up. – [Trevor] Nice, look at that, and that just gets stuffed
deep into the turkey. – [Dad] Yeah, all the way, and the flavor infuses through
the bird as you roast it. – [Trevor] Oh, yeah. And there’s some cranberry
in there too, right? – [Dad] That’s about it. The rest is gonna go into a pan with some bacon on it. – [Trevor] Bacon on top of the turkey. – [Mom] This keeps the skin nice and juicy and it
infuses the bacon flavor. – [Ting] Oh, and the bacon fat. – Bacon on turkey. This looks incredible. This was truly an incredible turkey covered in bacon and stuffed plump full of delicious stuffing. We put it right in the oven and opened the presents we got for each other before
getting right back to work. This was a true Canadian
Christmas turkey heaven. Oh, there it is. Look at that. There it is. So right now we are
going to make the gravy and carve the turkey. – Carving in a few minutes. – [Trevor] Let’s get into it. Oh, here it is. – [Mom] Oh, there it is. – [Trevor] Look at that beauty. – [Dad] So now we’re just
gonna get this thing lifted. – [Ting] Can I help? – [Dad] Yep you can in just a sec. – [Mom] Oh, it’s gonna
fall apart, I can tell. – [Dad] Yeah, it’s gonna fall apart. – [Trevor] Oh, look at that turkey. – So take that big spatula,
come in under here, on the side where I am. Okay, good. – [Ting] Ooh, it’s breaking. – [Trevor] Turkey casualty. – [Dad] Turkey fall-apart. – [Trevor] Turkey situation. – [Dad] Oh, we lost some. Man down, man down. – [Trevor] There’s juice overflowing here. – [Dad] Oh, that’s why
I couldn’t lift it up. I had it underneath. – [Mom] Wow, I’ve never seen
a turkey fall apart like that. – [Trevor] That is ultra tender. Look at that. Look at that, and look at all the juice down there. – [Dad] You go ahead and leave that. – [Trevor] The turkey juice. – [Dad] Okay, cover that up. Juice, and I gotta separate the fat. – [Trevor] So we’re making gravy here now. – [Dad] We’re gonna be making gravy. – [Trevor] This is the turkey juice with the fat still in there. – [Dad] You can see all
that fat separating. – Oh, yeah. So this is making the gravy. After separating that ultra
flavorful turkey juice, we began making the gravy
by adding in starch, a broth full of time and turkey dripping and boiled vegetables along with the turkey broth
made with the giblets. Then we began to carve the bird. We’re about to carve it. Take a look at that. – And these bowls are for the stuffing. Do you want those now? (upbeat music) – [Trevor] Look at that. We’re pulling out the stuffing. Into the bowls, and it’ll have the turkey juices infused in there, and gonna carve the meat. The stuffing goes deep. – [Dad] Smell that? It’s all the cranberries. – [Trevor] This is just
unbelievably fragrant. That turkey juice, the
bacon, the stuffing, the cranberries, the thyme, the herbs, the dark and light meat. All the juice in there,
it just smells so good. The whole house here
smells like turkey heaven, turkey heaven. What do you think, Ting? – It’s like unbelievable. I’ve never seen something like this. – Now is the famous moment, the carving. Oh, look at that. That’s awesome. Looks like sloppy heaven. – [Ting] Sloppy heaven. – All the juices. This is the part, this is the bit that looks absolutely juice packed and tender, the dark meat from the wings and the thighs. Oh, look at that. – [Dad] Look, that other wing fell apart. – [Trevor] We’re looking
for a wing for Ting. Oh, but that piece looks like that. Look at these pieces. These pieces look so tender. There it is, juicy bit after juicy bit. – [Ting] That part is the winner. – [Trevor] That’s the winner. That look pretty good. – [Ting] We’ll have to fight for that. (laughs) – [Dad] You can take it now. – [Trevor] And apart
from delicious turkey, we had a ton of other Canadian
Christmas specialties. – This is a sweet potatoes flan, and it’s a recipe from Chef Tim May who I worked with at a resort out in Tofino for 15 years, sweet potatoes and tarragon. Then we’ve got Brussels
sprouts with bacon. We’ve got whipped potatoes. This is savory beans and tomatoes, and then stuffing, and carrots with dill,
and cranberry sauce. – [Trevor] And turkey. – And turkey. – The main feature. It’s been years, I think,
since I’ve had this. I’ve been eating in China
for a few years now. Oh yeah, look at that. We’re gonna start off
with that sweet potato Parmesan cheese flan, and then look at that turkey, that dark meat. After loading up with as much as I could, we were ready to eat. Okay, the true joy is just pouring that gravy all over. – [Dad] Free pour. – Yeah, free pour, all over everything. That totally, oh, it’s like a turkey dinner soup with gravy. So you pull the Christmas
crackers and then you get a hat. Oh yeah, look at that. I’m gonna get some of that dark
meat, that dark turkey meat. Oh, it’s just covered in gravy. Take some stuffing. Oh, that, those bread chunks with
herbs and cranberry. Oh, yeah, and all that gravy
on there, and mashed potatoes. That is gonna be one big mouthful of satisfying flavor. Oh, yeah, so comforting. Oh yeah, it’s so soft. This was a meal to remember. You can just bask in these heavy and filling flavors for weeks afterwards with all the leftovers after a
Canadian Christmas like this. It was a first in at least five years for me and a first time for Ting as well. Something we’ll always remember. The turkey, the stuffing,
the mashed potatoes, the gravy, and all the vegs
are just so satisfying. That truly was a tai hao la Christmas, and Ting had her first
Canadian Christmas as well. It was a wonderful day. I would love to know what you thought about this video in the comments below, and click that thumbs up button and Subscribe button
if you haven’t already. Thanks so much for watching, guys.

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