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hey guys today we are making one of the Disney Queens of evil Maleficent this cake looks dope I love this style I love the way their her eyes and her lips pop so let’s get started [Music] let’s create this cake I’m using my very super really expensive cake pan technique it’s expensive expensive expensive expensive this was like the perfect way to create this cake because it’s such an odd shape and because I did it this way there was less cake scraps and I love that it’s so easy to remove from the pan I’m gonna take my cake leveler and you can tell if this is an older video because I’m using my old cake leveler I created this a long time ago let’s actually let’s see why I created this I created this cake back in September put John Cena’s face in it can’t believe it I’m just getting around to editing it now took the top of it off and reveal this brilliant green color it’s green like Maleficent’s magic right where is her magic purple wait hold on now I’m second-guessing myself I’m gonna divide my cake into two equal layers and I’m just gonna add some buttercream into the middle with my giant pastry bag it’s so big you’re like barely wrap my hands around it that’s what she said I’m gonna spread out my buttercream with my offset spatula if you want this print out so you can recreate this cake it’s on the quality pops facebook page which is in the description box make sure to give me a like on Facebook I need the validation I always forget to post stuff on there so maybe you don’t like it that’s cool – I cut out the Maleficent shape using my sidekick paring knife and I just pulled away the excess cake and I was very careful about the middle of the cake because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t break her hornets they’re very delicate [Music] now I’m just taking my Wilson’s cake lifter and placing my cake onto a cake board now I’m gonna give this baby a crumb coat now the crumb coat does ensures that all the crumbs stay on the inner layer of cake and to make sure that they won’t appear on the final layer of buttercream because you don’t want crumbs on the face if there’s crumbs on the surface of this cake it’s gonna look like light green pimples and we all know Angelina Jolie’s skin is like flawless I’m gonna give this chrome color on the sides as well but I’m not actually gonna give the sides a full coat of buttercream it’s kind of like a semi nude cake whatever that means you’re either naked or you’re not I don’t know I place this into the fridge to set up and while it was chilling I was actually watching Maleficent it’s kind of funny because most of the movies I watch when I’m crumb coating don’t have anything to do with the character that I’m working on now we’re gonna have real time because I had a lot of problems with the movie you know I didn’t like the way it was directed I didn’t like the way that the fairy godmothers looked but I’m telling you Jolie sort of made up for a lot of it and I think that I liked her as much as I liked Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil I think it was just like perfect casting hoping the sequel that it’s like Maleficent and the Sleeping Beauty and the third one could just be all about Aurora what does that be cool man I should be directing these movies now while my cake was in the fridge I created some of maleficents details a lot of her facial features I’m doing with fondant because I wanted to make sure that I got all of the line quality right I don’t trust myself with a piping bag to create all of these features because some of these lines are extremely thin so I rolled out some fondant super thin I’m gonna let it sit for about two hours just so that the top of the funding crusts I love how there’s like black icing on my fingernails it looks like I’m off farmhand like I just was outside just a few minutes ago plowing the fields and was like you know what I’m gonna make a cake right now I’m gonna wash my hands I’m just gonna start shooting myself making a cake then I’m gonna place my Maleficent templates on the top and then cut them out using an exacto knife after I finished grading her lips I created both her eyes and her nose her eyes were so detailed and delicate saws really careful if you like Disney Villains and you want to see more than I’ve got a Cruella de Vil doll okay right here for you it’s gruesome and I love it now because I don’t want to ruin the silhouette of the cake I’m gonna keep this sides bare I’m gonna add a very thin coat of charcoal gray and black buttercream I’m just gonna have it climbing the top of the cake it kind of reminds me of like that forest of thorns that she created to protect where she lives I didn’t intend on that but I’m gonna tell people that’s why I did it so they think I’m deep now on the top of the cake I am gonna add a full coat of buttercream because I want her skin color to be like super pale and white I’m gonna smoothen it out with my large offset spatula and then I’m gonna place on top a template I created of Maleficent space now I cut out maleficent’s face shape on a piece of parchment paper but I think this would actually worked better on wax paper I just I haven’t been able to test that theory yet now once that’s secure I’m gonna take my offset spatula and some black buttercream and I’m going to cover the rest of my cake my cake is still pretty solid and cold from being in the fridge so it didn’t actually mess up or spare any of the buttercream underneath it now if you notice I didn’t really cover her neckline completely and that’s because I thought it’ll look like really artsy and kind of pretentious [Music] so people think that I’m an artisan actualities just likes bread and butter and place my cake into the fridge for about 15 minutes just so that that top layer of buttercream could solidify and then I ripped off my piece of parchment paper to reveal this awesome silhouette of maleficents face yeah it looks so nice and the lines are all clean I’m gonna add her lips her nose and then her two eyes they look so gorgeous yet and make our eyes pop I’m taking a little bit of lime green icing is giving them a little bit more detail and with the same color buttercream I’m just going to add some detail to make it look like there’s magic wrapping around her eye add some detail with a little bit of white buttercream to her lips and voila my Maleficent key is complete I evolved this style of canker love the pale skin tone the extremely black and dress I think that the lime green detail on her eyes make them look so mesmerizing enjoy help support the channel I’ve got a quality pop store I have this design line as well as a whole bunch of other original stuff all the proceeds go to helping fund and creating cakes I’m curious have you guys seen once of course you’ve seen Maleficent did you guys have problems with it too or did you guys just like it was great I loved everything it’s great let me know what you think in the comments below make sure you hit that notification month so you can see everything I’m currently working on because sometimes the video doesn’t come out for like five or six months I hope you guys enjoyed this I love you I will see you very soon please

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  1. This cake is AWESOME!

    Btw, I had some issues with the movie too. Diaval (Maleficent's bird guy) was the closest thing there was to a likable character. The rest of them were either one-dimensional or kinda' rubbed you the wrong way. And I'm sorry to say this but… Aurora's face reminds me of a platypus.

  2. Creo que tienen que aprobar los subtitulos en español. Si los aceptan, perdonden los acentos. Mi computadora tiene teclado americano. Así que… puede que los vean pronto.

  3. You're such a fun guy,been following you a while now,fantastic cake as always but I do love your doll cakes


  5. Niño prodigio vengo del canal de tu amor platónico irónico ilógico ósea de mire wink porque no son novios jaja boyfriends

  6. Expectativa pastel de maléfica un proyecto del niño prodigio, podrá lograrlo Maire Wink… Descúbrelo en EXPECTATIVA Y REALIDAD

  7. Niño prodigio te amo ❤️🤷🏽‍♀️ Maire también te ama 😂😍🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️❤️

  8. Ese color como me candila mis pobres ojitos jejejeje Niño pródigo eres demasiado tierno jejejje

  9. There's no way of fail if the cake is made with fondant…. When Maire sing this in spanish sound silly an cute… also rhymes better

  10. When did the eyes commit internet betrayal haha
    Diganle a Maire que el niño prodigio cometió la traición del internet

  11. Maluma cake please niño prodigio 😂😂😂

    Mmmmm mairewink face cake pleaseeeee 😆😆😆😆😆

  12. No puedo con su hermosura 😍😍 jajajaj igual te odio niño prodigio, se que eres la maldad con cara de bebé!!😁

  13. child prodigy marry with maire you love her like if you think they would make a beautiful and love a lot to kiss kisses y no se ingles use traductor pero igual 😉

  14. Watching your videos is almost therapeutic to me cuz you give off such a happy energy and you get me out of my funk moods. So thank u!! I’m a big fan now.

  15. I HATE that they made maleficent nice. In the animated one she was the mistress of evil. Wish she was like that in the live action movie.

  16. u dude thanks for making the cake thats my grandma favorite Disney character is maleficent also i turned on the notifications thank you ❤👍

  17. How do you make your pans out of aluminum foil? I would love to try it! Can you make a video on how to use it? Please

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