Amazing Japanese Dinner & Breakfast in Hakone

hey guys visit Satoshi this year for Sameach his birthday I took him to hakuna for an overnight stay after do come which is the Japanese in Hakone is just an hour away from Tokyo so it’s easy to get to today we are going to show you all the delicious food we had during dinner at breakfast you won’t see me much in the video because I kept forgetting to bring my hair to dinner so forgive me but give a signature thumbs up for working on his birthday time to eat alright guys so we just got out of the hot springs I’m so relaxed can you tell anyway now it is time for dinner and check it out guys you gotta check it out because my name is on the menu oh my goodness okay so the starters have come we start off with this show cause issues like a strawberry teeth and this is made of shiso perilla leaves so some kind of a parallel leaf the Cure happy birthday thank you cheers Cheers this is so beautiful this presentation is wonderful it really is and this is you bar with ikura salmon roe and there’s some wasabi there oh it’s so pretty type mouth the samurai gives it a little bit of saltiness that sauce is like a kind of a thick sauce is sweet but just a little bit sweet just a little bit savory sauce it’s very refreshing I think I need some champagne you got beer mm-hmm deers here we have a coffee key I think and it’s boil dark cause deep it’s very very crunchy but he’s gonna simmer it in a really nice like dashi sauce it was a beautiful box can’t believe how beautiful this is yeah oh this is totally gaga this is unlike a small squid check that out got small squid this might look good to some might look kind of you to some but I like this if it’s prepared well oh mm-hmm this one is kind of like a sweet soy sauce case it’s like a red people oh this is the cognac ooh mr. Redcorn yucca right oh wow wow I can’t believe it Wow mmm that’s good here’s something that is not my favorite but I’m gonna try it anyway this is bonito flakes on the top but right here we have a terrible call which is fish sperm oh gosh I don’t really care for this too much but I’m gonna eat it this is cooked right good cooked NOLA no problem this is only my second time trying go take a loss the texture is this unique it’s just the texture you know the texture the texture and it being sperm is playing tricks on my mind buddy it is just cream the taste that it’s actually very creamy and it kind of reminds me of a very very soft creamy foie gras kind of a foie gras paste kind of okay what’s this here wonder what’s in this song this is a grand crane wow that’s beautiful – oh how nice that’s sushi and this is an oyster I believe oh that looks good Wow that looks beautiful I used to not like oysters until four or five years ago at I went to Hiroshima that’s when I became a fan of oysters so this looks really yummy to me mmm herbal on top is Kiyomi I’m not sure how you say it in English but it’s a very strong earthy flavor but it contrasts really nice with the with the oysters the oyster is like simmer in once again it’s a sweet soy sauce but very light light gachi sweet soy sauce mmm very good okay and this is like a block of loose of a fish cake but I believe this one has Assadi or small clowns mmm-hmm Oh eyes and a little bit chewy texture of the clam nice start nice start to the meal so here we have the soup course and this is woody I’m not sure what the English name is sorry but it’s a piece of fish with daikon and carrots and there is a she magic mushrooms without get deep-fried tofu mmm-hmm the soup is made of Tatsu which is actually the remnants of the sake making process is what you get left over from making sake I’ve never tasted anything like this ever like I’ve never had like a this strong psychic flavor in a soup it’s really nice it’s very creamy almost like creams – but sake flavor next is the sashimi course and I’m gonna start off with the good oil here which is tuna so I’m gonna put a little bit of wasabi on top of me tuna like that yeah dip it into my soy sauce here you toss mmm-hmm it’s so fresh so fresh and clean tasting I love my Google I love to know okay here we have booty awesome hmm it tastes completely different from the tuna both very very fresh and then we have scallop which is subtle she’s favorite my favorite now pour it into the soy sauce that is amazingly fresh like insanely fresh oh there’s a little bit sweet mmm not just sweetness of the scallops and then the next dish is niemoller which is a similar dish so this is Thai which is red snapper kibou which is our turnip and here we have some greens and we have shiitake mushroom and we have our food in the shape of a sock cut up I’m gonna start off with this one because that’s cute mm-hmm basic food I’m gonna go for the fish that’s riding up the red snapper and this is um where’s my spoon because she gave me a spoon so I’m thinking this is a reason why she gave me a spoon so it comes in this really thick sauce right here mmm clear exhaust mmm oh well that’s super delicious the sauce is a little bit sweet a little bit salty it’s very very dashi flavor and not soy sauce but clean dashi with pure flavors here but very very complex and on the top there are slices of yuzu peel so that gives it a really nice fragrance and flavor as well mmm this is this is good too oh look Asian flush happening again Asian flush it’s from the champagne okay so this is the main course guys the main course is Wagyu with vegetables and meat and so I have myself a piece of black uni with a little bit of salt you can also put it in a pony sauce but I like my my meat seasoned pretty simply awesome wow what is that it is so tender I need maybe very very slowly guys because they give you three pieces of meat so I really have to save her this look at the marbling of this piece of meat oh my god leave that there Wow kind of getting full actually but this is the fish course and we have sawara which is Spanish mackerel in English and that comes with a side of me so dang Acuna sudanthaka which is I eggplant with miso sauce Milka and on the bottom we have brown rice and I think it’s like mochi rice I think about standardized Asian rice all right here we go okay right this is the Sawada fish this is um this fish has been marinated in some kind of sauce like a psychic acid it’s like a costume which is like um the remnants that you get from making suck it in and a little bit of soy sauce and we have some of this right here see is kind of like sticky so I think it’s what you go man mix with on grains this is like this dukey soft Oh sticky huh which is on these which is rice with our red beans it’s kind of like that but it’s delicious I love this texture mm-hmm eggplant – uh they not good mm-hmm whoa now miso sauce is super rich hmm the sweet pepper movies off the eggplant just kind of melted in my mouth Japanese a second happy birthday compare my smooth so next course is on the ka’aba Dynegy and she says kinda like charm machine oh the smell it’s nothing use it oh look at that it’s clear in the top is that clear jelly on the top and the bottom is like an egg custard okay let’s dig right in and she said there are five different ingredients in here by including crab and Yuba oh that’s definitely Yuba right there what it looks hot oh this is a very mild tasting Tom machine mean definite is that you body can taste our soybean what’s this what is this creamy thing here what is this what is that Oh what is this it looks like chicken but no it’s kind of sticky this pink thing I hope it’s not chicken it’s my cell phone ah so money like a New Year’s dish what I was sitting here that’s Kingdom which is King Kong hmm okay that’s not Inca that’s actually using it which is lily bulbs lily bulbs look at that I thought that was raw chicken at first I was scared it looks like rocks again but it’s mochi mmm okay finally we have the rice dish in Thai silk we seem like we’re eating today you always eat the rice and the soup and the pickled vegetables at the end of the meal which is why you see the rice and that the good vegetables this is a homemade it’s good nanny or pretty talkative fish and you got your miso soup here and a lot of times you know like it doesn’t open easily so if that happens all you have to do is push both sides of the bottom and it’s easier you just kind of pop something like that what can i miso soup do we have today oh it’s not a miso soup no Dida mmm it’s actually a camisole and this is Cochise Valley which is one of the high grade rice here in Japan and I’m gonna have this with the akka Kabu which is a turnip pickled vegetables talking us [Music] hmm hmm a couple of this turnip is so good and it’s a little bit tart because it’s only because even vinegar oh I was so low with the rice I’ll try this fear so this is like a miso made with fish never had anything like this before and she said it goes really well with the rice oh and that’s one of the best things I’ve had on the menu today oh if you can imagine like flakes of fish combine with miso let a mild missile that’s what you get oh it’s just delicious so the desert is fresh fruits typical of Japanese Caixa quot and we have a melon super ripe melon we got a couple of pieces of persimmon so let’s dig into the melon voila look how ripe that is oh my god it’s so juicy oh look at that look how juicy that looks she so good I haven’t had good melon in a while because you’re usually expensive so good so good I’m gonna save the melon for last that is so good that’s what I usually do if I like something a lot I save it for last this is persimmon but I have a feeling I’m gonna like this a lot too it’s incredibly sweet it’s a lot sweeter than the persimmon I usually buy why is this so sweet they’re so sweet it’s just a sweeter than melon actually it’s even sweeter than that it reminds me of like the sweetness that prunes they’re concentrated concentrated persimmon I just want to scoop out all the juice like I finish the regular I’m just like drinking up all the juice mm-hmm I don’t want to waste any of this all right bad manners hey wet my head my mom was the hottie stuff good morning everybody so I had really good sleep despite the bad dream I had but I had a lovely dinner last night I had lovely dip in the hot spring on set water it was so nice and I feel so chill this morning I can’t wait to go exploring today so we’re down here in the lobby as you can see it’s quiet and empty so nice I just love this I just love my relaxing in this Lobby it’s so beautiful there’s like small little nooks and crannies and the view outside is just it’s very peaceful it’s like a Japanese garden and substance is drinking a cup of coffee while you guys know how to drink coffee on is this decaf so I have my favorite milk tea yeah they have a vending machine inside here this is breakfast spread this is a typical Japanese breakfast well not quite typical it’s kind of fancy for a breakfast but yeah this is like that typical breakfast you would get a nice yolk on like this and look at this can I show you guys everything so so here you have a green salad Japanese people would like to start their day off with salad I know it might be strange to people in Western countries but yeah we have salad in the morning usually have green tea in the morning with Japanese breakfast this is the hot the hot meal this is salmon we have miso soup we have this deep fried tofu with our miso it’s a special miso rice we got Gamow and we have a mint I call their fish cake we have was a bazooka it has own sentiment and that’s some fruits with jelly that’s naughty that’s the soy sauce for the naughty and we have some pickled vegetables pickled plum and some I think that’s seaweed I think us so I mean I always start my meals Japanese meals with miso soup Pacifica miso soup mmm that’s nice it’s different from the bits of soup that we had last night for dinner it’s a lot lighter so it’s perfect for breakfast how about this one yeah you know this area is famous for a fish cake come up oka like this one and you can eat it like that just like that but I like to eat it with a little bit of this wasabi so again this is wasabi in sake custard and I like to eat it together like that yeah mmm that’s nice a little kick actually has a lot of kick but wakes you up in the brain and here we have something called gamma this is I’ve made of tofu and I mean this beautiful sauce is poured over the entire thing so let’s cut into this you can show you guys what it looks like on the inside mmm oh yeah look at that so this is like a tofu ball with um vegetables and black sesame seeds and burdock hmm oh that’s nice mm-hmm that’s a little salty so I think goes well with the rice all right so here we have the tofu with the me so it’s a special missile look at that look at that mm-hmm put some of that green onion on top let’s try this let’s try this guy [Music] this kind of reminds me of the missile that you put on a cucumber sticks and this is how you eat the no D these are raised on flavoring and inaudi but you dip it into the soy sauce just a little bit you put it onto your rice like this and then you fold it over you grab a little bit of that rice you eat it like your very simple Winky and this is the egg cooked in the hot springs water beautiful yolk that broth mmm it’s not just a they actually quite pour some kind of broth over it like nice umami filled broth and so satisfied and full me too me too I could go back to sleep right now we both really enjoy our stay in Hakone and the food was so delicious we can’t wait to go again thanks for watching and see you guys on our next yummy adventure bye

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  1. Thank you for explaining some of the tips on how to eat Japanese cuisine! The seaweed over the rice trick, and how to open the miso bowl is nice to know!

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