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  1. You need one week to tour the city and district of Sukabumi. because Sukabumi is one of the second largest regencies on the islands of Java and Bali. Dam Sukabumi district is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean and the Australian Sea

  2. Kenapa di jawa barat banyak nama-nama suka ya…? Artinya apa…? Misal
    Suka Bumi
    Suka Miskin
    Suka Sari
    Suka haji
    Apakah ada…?
    Suka Langit
    Suka Kaya
    Suka Desi
    Suka Umroh
    Yg tau dijawab ya…?

  3. yes i remember that skinny chicken. we dont have it here in europe.

  4. 12:22 i think the sign means LECKER not LEKER . in my language its means Tasty .

  5. Instead of reviewing the transportation system, I think you are much more better when expressing the taste of food Sir. I can see the real satisfaction from your face, and that successfully makes me feel hungry really. Like it! Maybe you can make more food reviews videos in the future.

  6. Ahaayy ….. pinoy celebrities are in my village … happy holidays .. jengkol & pete are my favorite foods .. & now I'm in Jakarta to my job

  7. Sambel lalab ikan asin sama sayur asam emmmuuahhh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  8. You look so good eating with hands, looks already accustomed, what in the Philippines using your hands also when eating like in Indonesia? Btw hope enjoyed your next trip around Sukabumi 👌

  9. @Circlevin

    Don't take food using your left hand. because the left hand is dirty and not good for some Indonesian people …!?

  10. Have your nice meal at Sukabumi bro Kelvin. Sunda food is very delicious. I like it very much. Hopefully you also enjoy them.

  11. Wow how long have u been in sukabumi,u should go to situ gunung,selabintana resort,pelabuhan ratu,also if u have extra time,make it to the old ruins gunung padang.
    For culinary during the night u should try sekoteng,also sukabumi is very famous with chicken porridge and rice cake mochi.
    Im working in state hospital of sukabumi,if something happen just reply my message.

  12. You should try a restaurant named "Ikan Bakar Cianjur". I think they have some branches in Jakarta. They serve super delicious nasi liwet. For the sides, I recommend tahu tausi, tumis baby kailan and whatever protein you prefer (fish, chicken). It's not street food so a little bit pricier tho.

  13. We Indonesian like to eat raw vegetables. Sabi ng biyenan kong pinay, para daw akong kambing. Kumakain hilaw
    na gulay.

  14. Hai Kelvin, I have recommended destination if you comback to Jakarta again, maybe you must holiday to a Thousand island,, and you can get holiday like a Bali..
    If you going to thousand island you must visit Pari island, Harapan island or dolphin island..

    Salamat. ✌🏻

  15. I am Javanesse but Sundanese warung is my favo to eat although I worked in Jakarta. Definitely good taste for me. Bon apetit Kev.

  16. let's go to the city of Banyuwangi by train, in Banyuwangi also many tourist attractions and culinary food brother .. , i'm wait ..

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