American Family Plays Hookey for First Time to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

In today’s video, I have three rather odd
Irish things to share with you today as just a fun family video to do with my
family. I don’t know if you’ll actually watch this video but if you do it’s going to be fun even though we haven’t filmed it yet it’s coming up. If we’re meeting for the first time, hi my name is Shawn. welcome! On this channel I typically do party ideas but this is not one of those videos. So if you want to skip over it that’s fine but we’re sure to have fun because we love to have fun as a family. That’s the big point of this channel is to share with you how we have fun as a family. If you don’t know this is my husband Ricky and my daughter Finley. And our son normally he joins in but he’s playing video games. So he’s a preteen and that’s what we get these days. We have some snack Irish authentic Irish snack and we have one authentic Irish game and then we have one really odd odd weird item. I bought all these things on Amazon so they’ll be linked in the description box down below if you also like odd weird Irish finds
on Amazon. Okay show them what we got. Oh they are O’Ryans original Irish
potatoes but they’re not really potatoes. They have a coconut cream center rolled in cinnamon. Yes we’re gonna eat. Do you like
snacks? What do you like potatoes? Oh you do? You didn’t eat your potatoes the other day. You like when they’re fried don’t you? oh you like French fries. Okay let me show everybody alright let’s each take one good look
kind of like donut oh they’re hard though like don’t know
oh no they don’t they’ve density going for it she’s biting into that
what’s in the mill Oh what does it taste like but oh it is good
mmm wow that’s a different texture than I expected me I don’t think anything
like cinnamon and coconut together it’s good I like it it’s very good not my ten
you’ll like it all right Finley you approve of it you give it a thumbs up do
you like it okay that’s your pointer finger has sugar
coconut corn syrup butter egg whites coconut and all flavoring citric acid
in it. All right the next thing we have is a game. So this just came in a box not exciting. mom okay just a big play on okay okay right okay oh there’s someone in there can you grab those things no we
have to put together It’s called hookey. paint play and I think it’s like
supposed to be like darts put the safer alternative so instead of sharp pointy
objects does it take that you throw the rings on yeah little circles well it
like do the pigs go into the board and you try and wrap the circles around the
table okay okey and then you hang it up alright so
in putting together the cookie game I think you guys should know that it’s a
little bit difficult to put together so You’ll need some pliers so even though
it doesn’t tell you, you need those. You need them so I’m gonna show you what my husband’s doing over here. Oh he’s actually not using the pliers right now. I’m getting it started. He’s getting it started. You have to
twist them in. Please excuse the mess you’re going to
see my dirty kitchen I apologize. You get it alright my review of this our review is we would legit we’re gonna legit keep it just here and play this. We did have trouble with this top screw right here. There’s supposed to be another little
hook there and it wouldn’t go through so we’re kind of gonna be at that point but I don’t think I’m gonna send it back to Amazon. I think we’re just gonna play
with it as it is. And just have fun with it so I’m not sure if I would recommend this exact one but we might just have gotten a fluke. so okay. The last thing mine very sweet and they your company is actually based in Ireland. It’s by the Irish Fairy Door Company Dublin Ireland. And so this would be really cute.
You’re supposed to hang it by your… it’s called um what’s it called the worry
plaque. oh and it takes batteries. yeah we’re opening up and supposedly it
changes colors like you put your hand out so if you’re worried on some things
that fairies are supposed to listen huh a fairy’s magic changes red to green
gone are your worries never to be seen okay I love fairies do you like
fairies? post up on the wall alright so I think this worried someone is meant to
be put beside your door and obviously it’s meant for a child because my hand
is way too big but it’s still really cool I’m not sure if we’ll actually use
it though I like the idea of it and they had other stuff that was like real fairy
doors so those were kind of cute I’ve always loved fairies so I was kind of
drew me to it and plus I’m part Irish then the review of the fairy worry
stone I am gonna return that one to Amazon I just wasn’t that impressed with
it and I had envisioned dust I don’t know how I had envisioned us using it I
thought was a neat concept of like fairies taking your worries away but I
don’t think we’re gonna actually use that so we’re trying that and we are
going to finish all of the Irish potatoes those were a big hit with our
family okay we’re gonna go back to playing this game A thumbs up is the best compliment you can give me. Subscribe if you want to hang out with me
more and I’ll see you in my next video here’s a clip of my family waving

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  1. Great family video! At first I was thinking what is Irish Hockey? Having followed the Belfast Giants before I knew it was the same game. LOL.

    Thanks for the education on this one.

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