AMERICANS about ARRANGED MARRIAGES | Americans on Indians

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  1. would you please ask them that
    would you like to date an indian guy !! please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Good one bro.. but the music sucks.. please choose your music related to the topic.. different every time except for the title music.. Use Comic sound effects for their reactions..
    And my suggestions ask them about
    AR Rahman
    Similarities between Greek and indian gods like Zeus-Indra, Poseidon-Varuna.
    Narendra modi

  3. Please use that foam kind of thing on your mic i actually don't know what it is called but it will help to prevent the wind noise

  4. Hey….Can u please tell them that CEO of GOOGLE and MICROSOFT are Indian.
    We discovered the number zero ("0").
    we discovered decimal number system
    we discovered Trigonometry
    we discovered Email….etc

    ofcourse after your interview

  5. your videos are pretty amazing and fun to watch but can you just improve your mic coz your bg sound i horrible

  6. I mean i guess torontonians can be considered americans, but still… the stigma behind ''american'' .. not good lol.

  7. you should ask about indian education. .. like … do they come to india for education? and about IIT entrance exams

  8. This is definitely Gordon Miller. He's quite a popular writer in quora, he is that guy with his wife and shades.

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  10. U can trust on tinder but not on parents. If u find a person , it’s love marriage but when the same person comes in ur life through ur parents ,then its arranged marriage ,means there is no love, wow fuckers.

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