Ampeg Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT: Playing Demo

Hi I’m Matt from Ampeg Australia today
we’re doing a rundown on the brand new Heritage Series 50th Anniversary SVT
this is a made in the USA Custom Shop 300 watt all-tube SVT amp featuring two of
the most celebrated circuits in this amps 50-year history the original 1969
preamp and the mid 70’s Magnavox era preamp ok we have two inputs on the
front panel one for channel one and the other one for channel two both have a
bright if we jump across those channels with a patch cable we can blend both of
those channels together okay let’s try some solo bass playing
on channel one the original 1969 circuit now let’s try some solid playing on
channel 2 the 1975 Magnavox era circuit now let’s blend the two channels
together to taste so that was the Heritage Series 50th
Anniversary SVT for an in-depth listen to the EQ settings of each channel
please click the link provided thanks for watching for more info visit the
ampeg website

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