Amy Schumer on How Her Husband’s Autism Diagnosis Has Affected Their Marriage

-Your comedy
has always been very honest, which is why people
adore you so much. And one of the things
you also talk about is your husband, Chris.
-Yeah. -Here’s a photo of you guys
right here. -You should show the cake again.
-What? -What if you showed
the cake again? This is my husband. -And that’s
what the cake looks like. -That’s Chris.
[ Laughter ] -He’s very handsome
and a lovely person. -He is handsome, yeah.
-But you talked about how you went, and he got tested…
-Yeah. -…and was —
and is on the autism spectrum. -Yeah. He was diagnosed
as high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. -But that has been something
that has been, like, a sum positive
for your marriage. -Yeah, totally.
That’s why we wanted — We both wanted to talk about it, because it’s been
totally positive. I think a lot of people resist
getting diagnosed and even some of their children, ’cause of the stigma
that comes along with it. But you’re not just diagnosed,
and then they throw you out. Like, you know,
hopefully if you can get help — Like, the tools
that we’ve been given have made his life
so much better and our marriage
and our life more manageable. And, so, I just wanted to,
you know, encourage people to not be
afraid of that stigma. Because, like, you know when
A.D.D. was the new thing — Like, everybody —
You’re a little embarrassed if you got diagnosed
with attention deficit. And now everyone’s like,
“I have that.” -Yeah.
-And, you know, I think there are a lot of people
with autism who go undiagnosed, when I think their life could be
better if they got those tools. -And I —
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s wonderful. -Thanks. No, but, also,
his life and his trajectory — That’s not like everybody
on the spectrum. You know?
-Right. -But that’s our story.
He’s an amazing guy. I don’t want
to make it sound like, “I’m so nice that I married
someone with autism.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -Like, I love —
I fell in love with him. -Yeah.
-And he’s — you know, I wouldn’t trade him in
for anybody. -One of the great —
One of my favorite things that made my wife and I
laugh the hardest, because, one,
it was super funny, and, two, we had the added bonus
of knowing Chris… -Yeah.
-…is you talk about how he is just incapable of lying,
which makes such a great… -He just can’t — -…such a great quality
for a husband. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] It’s a dream, but it’s also,
like, a real nightmare. You know, like —
Even — He’s here. And I came out, and I was —
Right before. ‘Cause I changed outfits.
I’m like, “Does this look okay?” And he was like,
“Well, it’s too late.” [ Laughter and applause ] He’s right, though.
-Yeah. -It was too late!
-It’s also — The other great observation
you make is you forget. Because you go,
“Oh, I don’t want my husband to be capable of lying,” but he also can’t lie
on your behalf at all. -No.
-Yeah. -No, it’s —
it’s really challenging, ’cause he can’t lie for me.
-Yeah. -You know?
Like, you need your partner to be like,
“Yeah, we do have to get home.” You know?
[ Laughter ] But he’s like,
“No, we have nowhere to be.” [ Laughter ] “Cool, Chris!
Thank you!” -Well, he’s the best,
and you’re the best. And I’m so happy you guys
are gonna have a baby. It’s the most exciting thing
in the world. -We’re having a baby! [ Cheers and applause ] -Well, I love both you guys.
-Love you. -Congratulations.
It is so great having you here.

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  1. Of course he’s autistic! No normal man would make a move on this behemoth with the smelliest snatch in showbiz

  2. It's ironic that someone who hates men as much as Amy does married a man who has autism. Autism is said to be the result of a hyper-masculinized brain.

  3. I'm autistic. Although I'm not a fan of Amy, I commend her for handling the conservation professionally.

  4. She's a total liberal and believes in late term abortion, 1st degree murder, and liberals believe that a baby isn't human until its born—-(they also don't believe zygotes and fetuses aren't human but a strange parasite)—–in the emergency room, so for them 3ft and 3mins is what defines a human being even though a new 10 min born infant is exactly the same as it was the womb!!! So why didn't she, as a gesture of pro choice and feminist fervent loyalty,
    abort her baby when she was 8/9 months when she did her netflix comedy special????
    Why did the mostly women audience ooh and awe when she described the actions of her then not yet born baby???
    In those moments her and the audience acknowledged the humanity of her baby. It doesnt make sense and is 100% contradictory!!! would she have had the will to abort the baby in the late stages of 3rd trimester???
    Why didn't she????
    She would support another woman's right to perform a late term abortion and she would have dehumanized the living thing in the womb as a justification but she didn't do that to herself!!!! She acknowledges that a baby in the womb is 100% a human being that is invaluably worthy of love, protection, and care!!!!
    Amy was taking care of the healthiness of her pregnancy by following the doctor's orders, not doing anything risky and dangerous that might hurt the baby, not acting and avoiding public events, and going to her wellness check ups!!! Why was she doing all this and going to all this effort for "a non human parasite" if she supports pro choice and late term abortions??? Why didn't she go on a roller coaster ride, try to miscarriage, or do other dangerous acts if she really thinks that a baby isn't really a human until its born??

    Amy proved a baby is 100% a human being before its born , at conception, and after with an unconditional value worthy of protection!!!!!

    Didn't u libshit women see that??? She proved it!!!! for us conservatives!!!!!

  5. I read a comment of someone's on FB where they bad-mouthed Schumer for talking about her husband and his autism, so I watched this. I thought what Schumer said was very informative and extremely tasteful. Not a fan of Amy Schumer, but this was worth listening too. The person on FB was clearly full of crap…as usual

  6. She is not funny and primitive comedian with only disgusting vagina jokes. She is this sjw flagship in modern comedy that people with some brain cells hate. But as a person i feel sorry for her and must admit she is doing good thing talking about these issues.

  7. Speaking as someone who had to find out at 35 i’m autistic… You’re not fooling me.
    You’re trying to gain likability points because no one can stand you and you’re not funny so you’re trying to appeal to peoples humanity and how can you hate on the woman who is showing autism awareness.
    I can because I see right through you.

  8. Now I get why her husband married her… Makes so much sense, you'd have to be autistic to marry Amy Schumer in all honesty…

  9. I love this woman! I love she it a real woman without fillers botox and looks beautiful natural almost 0 make up and speaking about awareness to autism. She is amazing! Congrats Amy be very very happy💜

  10. Autism and the spectrum is some make believe bullshit. There is no spectrum. Her husband is not autistic. I’m so sick of people over using this spectrum bullshit. It’s such an overused, made up and sometimes flat out fake diagnosis. I’ve worked in Psych field for a decade and it’s unbelievable how they throw everyone in the spectrum. There’s no x ray or test. It’s basically a doctors opinion. Her husband is ADD or just mildly retarded. I work with actual autistic kids. But they try lumping other kids into the “spectrum” who could be classified as ADHD or just weren’t socialized correctly. It makes me sick. You don’t just find out your autistic at 40.

  11. The “spectrum” is bullshit. Made up to make money. There are autistic people and it’s easy to tell. But the spectrum is make believe to label people who are actually aspergers or ADHD. It’s crazy how many “autistic” people are on here forming complex rational thoughts and work and live normal lives. But what do I know I just work with autistic kids for a living and seen the scam grow outta control. Just because some doctor told you that your on some bullshit spectrum. It’s so disrespectful to the actual real autistic people and that don’t understand any of this

  12. remember everyone, autism isn't aids. It's just a collection of quirks that fit into a label. Almost everyone has 'symptoms' of autism, but don't have enough quirks which are ascribed to autism to fit into its label.

  13. Not even a fan, but as someone who was literally only diagnosed with HFA last month, major props to her for using her platform to get this out there.

  14. Note. Does this at all say, it negatively, affects her marriage?
    She liked sum dumb guys in the past that've have no diagnosis. Trust me.

  15. And it's so…………………great having you here. Sure, Seth. Sure. 🙄 I like her as a person and also her new special is quite good; but it really makes me cringe the fact that none of her pairs seem to like her. I mean, really none of them. I don't know if she did deserve this cold treatment or not (I know, I know, she stole many jokes in the past, bla bla bla) but the way they treat her really makes me uncomfortable. Anyone else feels like that when she's on her colleagues' shows?

  16. If people hate her because she ‘steals other people’s material’, firstly, how do you feel about the people that ‘let her’ and secondly, my what interesting exciting lives you must lead.

  17. Ur comedy has always been very honest.. More like.. Ur comedy has always been poor, unfunny, tasteless, the list goes on and on!!

  18. I went undiagnosed for years until my x girlfriend took me to her shrink. That being said I’m proud to say I’m now married and have been for 5 years (not the same girl).

  19. it is awesome for her to talk about it. me and my daughter had an appointment at social services today in order for her to be getting augmented child benefits (thats how it works in austria), and the doc was real nice (even tho she made us both shake her hand twice which was unnatural) – but she did ask me to provide her with same older paperwork that would show when her autism started causing more troubles – and i understood what she meant, but it was so hard, because her troubles started soon after she was born, but nobody listened and i told her that it would feel like lying if i would date it to something a few years ago…i cant lie. i mean i understand how to lie, but it hurts me so much because it is illogical. so kudos to her that she is talking about getting late diagnosis.

  20. I've heard her husband on the podcast and I can tell he has autism just because I've been around a lot of people with autism including two of my best friends. I personally really like people with autism because they tend to be more interesting and creative. Some of them are hyper high-functioning in certain areas but then literally can't do other basic things. From my experience they usually have no concept of appropriate social behavior which can be extremely irritating and embarrassing at times. Overall people with autism have been by far my favourite people to be around and I see it as a positive thing to have.

  21. Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  22. She’s not doing this out of the love of her heart. She thinks it’ll bring her attention from a different audience. And judging by the comments. She’s done a great job of that

  23. Say what you want about her comedy, but she’s a real class act for speaking so candidly about her husband’s diagnosis. She’s totally right about how important it is to remove the stigma and make sure people on the spectrum have access to the tools that with enrich their lives.

  24. I love how everyone needs to add the disclaimer that they don't like Amy Schumer before saying something positive about her or the video. It's lame af

  25. To any vegans watching this and that admire Durianrider, you are admiring a very mentally ill man. I made a comment about his toupee on another person's video that was showing his fake hair. So Durianrider decided to attack my 9 month old baby grandson Jack who is perfectly healthy and normal. Here's what your sick and twisted Durianrider YouTuber wrote to me." does baby jack have autism? my friends baby does. too keep his mouth closed they use a rubber band." Why he decided to use autism of children as a cruel comment and joke shows how mentally ill he is. My grandson does not have autism, but to those parent's children who do have it, Durianrider's comment is beyond disgusting. I will be spreading his comment on Autism sites as well as many others. I reported him under child abuse to his friend's child. Anyone who jokes about a disability is beyond mentally unbalanced, they are sick, twisted, and psychotic. Vegans keep proving themselves to be mentally ill.

  26. It was kinda mean that he diddnt say she looked good, and pretty much ignored her when she said that it was too late to change lol.

  27. So funny, him saying “it’s too late” doesn’t necessarily mean he thought the outfit was good or bad, he might have just meant “well it’s too late in any case”.

  28. I have high functioning ASD and I just don't understand social cues. Like…last week, my husband was cooking our dinner. He rarely cooks for us so it's a new situation. I passed through the kitchen and he kept gesturing at the table in there…flapping his hand towards it. I just looked at him and walked off and carried on with what I was doing…I had NO idea what he wanted. Turns out he wanted me to sit down there and talk to him while he cooked! Who knew? We discussed it after a brief argument…he got a deeper understanding of just how much I don't grasp. His facial expression looked angry to me when he was gesturing…but he explained that it was a sort of "invitational expression" he raised his eyebrows and did this hand flap…I was meant to understand. Now he knows he has to actually say "Please would you sit down and talk to me while I cook?"

  29. Don't get me wrong. Lovely message and everything but I fell like autism is the new black nowadays. There is a high chance of overdiagnosis here. I'm pretty sure that a good amount of people in the spectrum are there because the spectrum got wider, not because they are autistic.

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