An Easter Celebration by LDS Living + Don’t Miss This (Easter Morning – Our Testimony)

Hi, I’m David Butler. I’m Emily Freeman. And happy Easter everybody. Here we are on day number seven of our week-long
Easter celebration. We’re so glad that you’ve been with us all
week, and that you’re here with us again today. We wanted to try something a little bit different
today, and just come out in nature because it is the place that testifies of Jesus Christ,
and of his goodness, and it reminds us of all the new that is ahead. All weeklong, we have been watching different
witnesses from that first Easter week bear their testimonies and learn their lessons about
Jesus Christ and His resurrection. And today on day seven, we wanted to have a
chance to bear our witness of Jesus Christ. We’re hoping you will take that same opportunity
before day’s end to think about what does Jesus Christ mean to you? I had an interesting opportunity this week. I have a good friend who is fighting cancer
for her fourth time. She was in surgery on Friday for 12-and-a-half hours, and when she got home and was rested in her bed, she texted me and she said,
“Come over and let’s talk about Jesus.” So I went over to her house, and I climbed
up on her bed and I sat next to her and she said, “I’ve missed all the videos. I’ve missed everything you’ve been doing. What do you want to teach me about Jesus?” And I thought back over all these eye witnesses.
Over everybody that we’ve been talking about, and I said, “I could tell you about everyone we’ve
learned about, or I could tell you about something new that I’ve just been thinking about this
week.” And she said, “Yes, tell me that.” And I said to her, “You know how much I love
the message of Jesus Christ—that He meets people where they are.” And we talked about
the stories that we love in the scriptures. The woman at the well, and He met her at her
well. And Peter, He met him in the water. And He met Lazarus at his tomb. And he met the daughter of Jarus in her bedroom. And we went through each of these people,
and I said to her, “I found a new one, and I think it is my favorite of all of the people,
and it’s better than anyone else.” And she said, “How could it be better?” And I said, “Just listen. Remember the criminal? He met him on the cross.” And we just sat there for a minute and thought
about that. And the message of that. That even up until the very last moments of
His life, He was meeting people where they were. It didn’t matter what was happening in His
life, it mattered what was happening in theirs. And as we think about Him on the cross, we
remember that that is a place where He descended below all of us. We combine Gethsemane, we think about the
cross, and as we talked about that Chris said to me, “Remember when you talk about it, that
He didn’t just meet us where we are to lift us, He descended below all of us to lift us.” And I thought about this scripture that we
read in Doctrine and Covenants, and it’s section 122 in verse 8, and it says, “The Son of man
hath descended below them all,” and then in verse 9, “Therefore, hold on thy way . . . Thy days are known . . . and God will be with you
forever and ever.” And that is my testimony this Easter, that
the Lord knows where we are. He knows what is going on in our story. He knows everything that is happening in our
life. And He will meet us where we are. And He comes to lift us, and to carry us,
and to heal us, and to love us, whatever we need. Wherever we are in our story, He will meet
us there, of that, I am certain. I can’t help but think about every Easter,
when it comes around, a trip I took to Jerusalem a couple of years ago. I had a tour guide that was taking me around,
and there’s actually a couple of locations where historians and just the general public
go back and forth on: is this His tomb? Is this the location? There’s two major places. And the man was kind of giving me all the
pros and cons of all of those spots, archeologically, and geographically, and historically. And then at the very end, he said something
to me before I walked into the Garden Tomb, and he said, “But David, Mr. David,” he called
me, “the most important thing is both of the tombs are empty.” And I knew that before I went there to the
Garden Tomb, but it was an interesting experience for me to walk in and stand in there alone, and then
turn around and see on the sign on the door post the words of the angels, “He is not here. He is risen.” And I walked out and could just imagine in
my mind Mary sitting at the tomb, weeping. And I love that it’s a woman in a garden. The whole story of our mortality started with
a woman in a garden. All of our problems and issues and death
and sin all started there. And it ends and concludes with that woman
in a garden. And I love, as you were saying, He meets her
there, almost like she represents all of humanity, weeping at the tomb. They buried Jesus and thought all hope was
lost. And she got there and saw the tomb empty and
ran to Peter and John and Thomas and said, “I have bad news.” What was bad, was getting worse. And she comes back, and He meets her there
in her sorrow, and weeping, and just calls her name. And with that same tender voice that He always
did, and right then she knew everything was going to be okay. And now He switches the whole story. She’d run around telling bad news, and now
she had good news that He was risen. And death had been so permanent, and now that
it had been conquered, that means nothing wrong or hard about life has to be permanent. Sin, tragedy, rebellion—none of those things
have to last forever. They don’t have to be our story. Because of Easter, He can breathe into us
a new story. And that is my witness. Everyone has second chances, and hope came
with the Easter morning sun. And He is risen and still here among us, working
and moving in our lives. That I am sure of. And now we would like to leave you all with
an invitation for this Easter Sunday. Last year on Easter I started a new tradition
of writing a letter to all of my kids about my Easter witness, and maybe that is something
that you’d like to do today. Take some time to either write down or share
those things about Jesus Christ and the Resurrection, those things that you are certain of. We’ve loved being with you this week, and
we don’t know how you are going to spend this day, but we hope for you it is a day of rejoicing. A day that turns your heart to Jesus Christ
and that you have time to look back and see where have you seen His hand in your life? And taking just a few minutes to reflect on
that. Happy Easter, everyone. Happy Easter.

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  1. Thank you so much , I have loved every moment in your presentations it has helped me focus more fully on my Lord this week . I love Easter because of the renewal of faith and the resurrection, I love the invitations and traditions you shared . My Easter’s will be different from here on in and my knowledge of the people during his last week will enrich my worship. Again thank you 🍀

  2. I really loved all of your Easter week videos, thank you so much! They really brought the spirit of Easter into my heart.

  3. Thank you David & Emily. This has been a beautiful, new tradition for our family. May God bless you & keep you.
    He is risen & so will we!! 💜💜💜

  4. Thank you so much for all the wonderful and inspiring Easter Videos that has filled our hearts with devotion and truly appreciate your time and effort in helping us bringing close to Christ. Happy Easter.

  5. I concur with everyone's comments of Thank You for another way of seeing the celebration of Our Savior on Easter. He does live. Of this I have no doubt. Hugs to both of you and your families for your time, dedication and testimonies. May all of you be blessed. Happy He is Risen Easter everyone.

  6. Thank you! I’ve loved this series this week and it’s brought my heart closer to my Savior and more open to the joy of Easter.

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed each days video. This week has been one of the most spiritually fulfilling weeks of my life. Thank You…

  8. Revelations 22:18 I warn anyone who hears the words of this book (the bible) If anyone adds anything to them God will add to him the plagues described in this book.

  9. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your videos have been so uplifting and inspiring. The brevity of the videos helped make them manageable with our crazy lifestyle. I eagerly looked forward each day to see what I would learn each day. Truly uplifting and inspiring and life changing. You two and your beautiful scenery, music and thoughts contributed to the extra boost.I needed to help bring Christ to the center of my life.. He Is Risen! Happy Easter!

  10. Thank you for doing this wonderful week! My family was able to follow from the view of those that were there AND the significance of each day … it was such a beautiful week.
    Emily- my 5 kids want to keep their forget me knots on all next week.

  11. Thank you for the beautiful messages. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. He has lifted me countless times.

  12. i been making notes on the handout for this wk.. and tonight i thought, this has been the best Easter i ever remember, i'm 74.. your sharing, and the Come Follow Me and all the things we have, right now, has just blossomed me to where i never have been before.. i wrote on the paper, it was the best and the worse Easter, the best bec of how i have felt the Spirit, and have grown and have a better understanding than ever before, the worst bec my my one daughter is rejecting the church, and the other works so much she doesn't go often.. the one isn't interested in my sharing, and the other doesn't have time.. but, i'm making a book of my studies, and if nothing else, they will have to deal with it, when i pass.. and maybe, just make that is why i am doing it.. thank you for opening my eyes to so much.. betw you, ldsliving, and Book of Mormon study notes, and of course, Come Follow Me, windows are opening and i'm in the light.. thank the Lord, He is coming soon.. thank you guys.. you are so talented.. thanx for sharing it..

  13. Please don’t tell me it’s over! This pre-Easter week has been transformational for me. Will the videos remain somewhere or disappear? Will you do it again next Easter or do we re-watch these next year? I’m feeling abandoned. Honestly, you two are a Dream Team of down-home, heartfelt inspiration and insight. Thank you! (But seriously….I need to know what’s next.)

  14. I Seriously want to bottle up you two and take you everywhere. Beautiful… Just beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Testimonies in all you do and share!

  15. Thank you for your beautiful messages and for sharing your testimonies. I love that He meets us where we are💗

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