Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S1E14 SO CALL FATHER兰家的阴谋 (Original/Eng sub)

In addition to cooking, if you do housework, I’ll add 10,000 per month. But there are so many maids in the house, you don’t have to spend so much money to hire me. I am planning to move out of the Lei house and it’s inconvenient to bring those people . Although you don’t have sexy a body but the cooking is OK. Besides, don’t you know me very well? One day a week paid leave What’s more, I can consider giving you a set of EF’s Lite version as a bonus. Deal The conditions given by Lei Tingyu are great, and the new house is also very good. And I specifically added in the labor contract that the employer is not allowed to have physical contact with the employee. Guaranteed personal safety Hello, Tingyu What’s for supper I am cooking Yuzhu pork ribs soup and… I hate Yuzhu, you’ve lost your one day salary. Recently, the weather is dry and the Yuzhu is good to your throat. I want French muffins for desserts how does a man like sweets so much? What else? I’m making the muffins now Go home at night, otherwise you bear your own consequences Lan Mantian Let me go home, what is going on? I have something to do, have to leave early. Sorry I can’t make the muffins. Lei Tingyu: What happend? Where are you going? I don’t feel well, have to buy some mediciens I don’t want to mention Lan family to Lei Tingyu. If he hear about Lan family, he will be mad again. Lei Tingyu
Calling Dare to hang up my phone Qi Lei Yes Go check where Lan Xin is going. Yes Sir. I am back You useless! You’ve been thrown out by Lei Tingyu. Now how dare you fight with your sister. Lei Tingyu is not interested in her, what is the relationship with me? It doesn’t matter to you? It’s clear that you are playing tricks to attract Lei’s attention. That’s why he didn’t notice me Humph, have known about yourself? How can you attract him? Dad, you see Stop talking nonsense Tell me, what happened to you and Lei TIngyu. Why did you move to his new home? You are divorced. I am working for him now. You’re so useless! Instead of being Mrs. Lei, you become his maid? Just like your mother, born to be maid Still want to be a wife, in your dream Not allowed to say my mom The reason why I called you to come back is not for you to fight with your sister. Lan’s is no longer able to hold it. You must find a way to let Lei TIngyu help us Before the divorce, Lei Tingyu did not want to help Lan’s Now I am just a servant, how can I let him help you. You! You better pray that my mother can live a hundred years old. Otherwise, you will not have the chance to hit me again. Well, since Lei TIngyu is not willing to help Lan’s you will steal the latest mobile phone R&D solution from Lei’s. With that, Lan’s will be saved. What? You want me to steal the plan? Impossible! This is the test report given by your mother’s doctor. Make a decision after you read it. Her situation is already great, as long as I cooperate with the doctor to visit her on time. She may have the possibility of recovery and discharge As long as I get the case of Lei’s, I will fully cooperate with the doctor. Is it really necessary to use this despicable way to change the mother’s recovery? So dizzy Someone faint and call 911

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  1. I can't wait for the next epi!! 💕💕 I hope you have more new comics to read as i read everything that you already posted in youtube!! 😊 I love alll of them!! 😍😍

  2. 我去讨厌死那老男人啦!!还敢打自己女儿?!虐待孩子不是个罪吗,为啥不报警呀~还有,我觉得男女主好像从小就认识啦😏😏有故事哈哈哈哈

  3. Thanks, for the update and especially in English Subtitles. Okay, as always Animation Dong and Amazing Team you leave us wanting more and cutting it short. Come on at least do 5 minutes, please! Please do 5 minutes are more on the episodes and thank you for having done two updates today.I;m so happy to have two to watch today. Thank you!!!!

  4. Maybe he isn't her biological father!!! Go die you old fart!!!!💢💢💢💢When will Tingyu be aware of her family's conspiracy??I hate it!!!If he misunderstand her again!!💔💔

  5. Randomly stumbled on to this channel….Loving it so far and had English subs to boot…Love this series… Looking forward to the new episodes 🥰🥰

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