Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S1E16 HE IS BACK 他回来了 (Original/Eng sub)

Three days Already three days Lei Tingyu forces me to lie in bed, I can’t use my phone, I can’t watch TV either! It’s drawing me crazy! In order to monitor me, he works at home now! I want to go for a walk The doctor asked you to rest I don’t listen! I don’t listen!
I’m hungry, I want to get out of bed to cook Dare to get out of bed and deduct your salary for two months Lei Tingyu, enough Why are you torturing me like this! I torture you? You do not let me move, don’t allow me to watch my favourite show and try to starve me! Lei Tingyu looks like an iceberg from a distance, but he is so mean when you knows him. A cod course, delivered to … I’ve ordered you a meal. I’m going to have a video conference. Behavior. let’s begin You just want me to listen to you, I don’t want to. Next month, I want to know the growth of the European and American markets. and also…. Tingyu, takeaway is so bad, I don’t like it Didn’t you say you’ll cook noodles for me? Didn’t you say you’ll cook noodles for me? Lei Tingyu, you are so bad bad! Let me lie on the bed, but you go to the meeting. Have you finished? Why is it so silent Yeah Qi Lei, you finish it, the meeting is over! Yes Since you can’t wait I have no choice but to fullfil your request Lei Tingyu, you can’t do that Good, cooperate, otherwise it hurts you No, really no I can do it or not, you know the best… I said no, really no … It’s over I was in a panic just now and pushed Lei Tingyu away. He definitely won’t let me go He is not mad? I never thought you would do housework! During the years of studying in the United States, I organized all the things by myself Don’t be silly, go back and lie down! I want to go out what did you say I want to go out No, you have to lie for at least four days Humph I don’t have tampon, I have to go out and buy it. I’ll go and buy What I said I’ll buy it, you lie down Do you know how to choose? Don’t talk nonsense Did the clerk look at you strangely when you just checked out? Are you Implying that I should try again? No no You have a good rest these two days Accompany me to the event the day after tomorrow. I’m just your servant now. What qualifications are there to accompany you to the event? Besides, lots women are willing to accompany you, CEO Lei Why are you asking me? You can’t refuse But next month and next next month’s salary Do you only know this threat? As long as it’s usefull. I really don’t understand what are you thinking We’ve divorced, how can you still ask me to accompany you to the banquet, and you never let outside know about our divorce too. Wait I undersatnd now! Lei’s stock is back, in order to stabilize the stock price No negative news, so deliberately conceal divorce! Lei’s stock does return Accompany me to the event the night after tomorrow, I’ll give you half a year bonus I am not a person who can be moved by money! Plus a EF Lite Deal! What event is it? Second Master Mu Feng of Mu family returned from abroad Mu family holds charity bazaar for him Mu Feng Bastard! Can’t even wash a cup! Mom, why should we let her live in our house, she makes our house dirty Don’t cry I will give you a pinwheel every day, OK? Why are you crying again Does your stomach hurt? Being silly all day long, don’t even know your period has come… Hurt all fly away… How does Lei Tingyu know this sentence?

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