Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S1E18 HER EX?! 吃醋了还不承认?(Original/Eng sub)

Lan Lan Lan Lan is you right? Mu Feng, hasn’t seen you in a long time Lan Lan really is you How can you stare at the one who is shorter than me, less handsome than me, and not as rich as me! And how dare you have a look like seeing the ex-lover! Lan Xin, don’t you introduce us? Tingyu This is Mu Feng, he is senior in my high school It turned out is the second son of Mu Family, nice to meet you I am Lan Xin’s husband, Lei Tingyu Hello senior Lan Xin’s husband Nice nice me you, Lan Xin and I were not only schoolmate in high school We were Mu Feng won’t say what we used to good friend Good friend haha Thank you for taking care of my wife Taking care of the girl he likes, it’s every guys’ responsible Lan Xin in High School was very cute and had a lot of boys who have a crush on her I am also one of them He finally said it which has been hidden from the youth He didn’t have the courage to say it before. It is easy to say this way on this occasion My wife is charming, I’m so honorable too Thank you for taking care of my wife when I was not in her life. Lanxin, you have changed a lot, I almost can’t recognize you Mr. Lei, you really should see how Lan Xin was in high school She’s very cute. She’s a liberal arts student in the schoo, very smart. She’s just as charming now, but she’s always doing something stupid. But I think she is cuter when she acts stupid sometimes Ok my little silly, we will miss the prom Welcome to our house another day and we will treat the seniors well Why don’t you go out I thought you would have to stay a day to react I don’t understand what you’re talking about, open the door, I want to go out Go out, Lanxin, since you came in It is impossible to go out There is only one way to my heart When your senior comes out, you want to go out? No way! Lei Tingyu, where did I offend you again What does that man have to do with you? It’s none of your business, don’t forget that we are divorced Now it’s just an employment relationship Why did you question me with a tone of interrogating your wife? The employment relationship? Good This person is so unreasonable. He is the one who torturing me. It’s him who misled Mu Feng Now he looks like the world has disappointed him Lei Tingyu, are you drinking too much? MUSIC Now you just have to fulfill your job obligation to dance with me Want to make me look bad? In your dream! Wow so beautiful My wife is evoked by a slow-paced waltz It can’t satisfy her anymore Can you change to a fast-paced? Bullfight song

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  1. 我明明记得之前才温柔起来的,现在又变得这么粗鲁了,这样子怎么追到老婆呢?😂
    I remember he was so gentle in last ep, now becomes so rude again, it's impossible he can get her heart😂

  2. 😍😍😘😘❤💕🤣😭😭..Thank you so much…❤❤❤❤everything…so beautiful the awesome wait was worth it and take care 😘😘😘😁😁.

  3. 我覺得雷霆宇在吃醋了,只是太覇道了,這樣會引起兰馨的反感,到時要追回,恐怕很困難了。

  4. lmao. i find tingyu lei's inner dialogue of "how dare you stare at someone less tall than me, less handsome than me & less rich than me" so funny. 😂

  5. 哎……我这集继续说,我太难了……还是无法做决定呀!男二太温柔啦!! 😭不知道要站哪对cp

  6. 5:23 What's a "bullfight song"???
    🤣🤣🤣 Are they gonna bash each other's horns and anger 💢 in that dance? Hahahahaha

    Or maybe the translation meant "ballroom dance"?

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