Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S1E20 SILLY PIGGY 傻呼呼的小猪(Original/Eng sub)

Just like I predict There’re lots traffic policemen on this road And no parking spaces yet, see how you can get me! But it feels amazing to fight against him When I saw Mu Feng, I was a little sad. Wait! This is not the way home … I just made a joke, wouldn’t you want to drag me to the wilderness ridge to kill me? Oops … he wouldn’t want to… Am I going to die here today? Don’t touch me Piggy Don’t give me a strange nickname! Ah ah Don’t make trouble again while I’m driving, or I’ll throw you! How can you say that I am a pig! You just said that you want to sleep with a pig,
you … you said that I am the pig? Hahahahahaha It’s over, crazy, completely crazy! He didn’t drink, how could he be like being drunk … Stupid pig Silly all day Lanxin stupid pig You’re the stupid one. Knock on my heads and give me a bad nickname Stinky Lei Tingyu, it’s really annoying, I find I can’t hate him. What is this place Lei’s former family doctor’s home, he is old, come here to take care of himself Master! Why are you here! Uncle Liu Who is this? Uncle Liu, this is my wife, Lan Xin My wife hurt her ankle, I want to ask Uncle Liu to have a look Lei Tingyu would be so gentle I was in bad health when the young master got married Now it seems that Mrs.Lei has a good facial expression She can bring fortune to her husband Okay, great! Come in! Then please Is your doctor a Chinese doctor or a fortune teller? Mrs.Lei, Chinese medicine and facial expression are originally connected Hahaha, really? Although uncle Liu is old, his ears are very good Oh Looking at your figure, Mrs.Lei looks like she can be a good mother. From my experience in practicing medicine, your first child is likely being a boy. This old Chinese medicine talks too much, who wants to have a son with Lei Tingyu Can’t the first child be a daughter? Are you serious? It could be, but according to Mrs.Lei It’s more likely to be a boy But i like girl This doesn’t matter You’re still very young, you can have more children. There will have daughters Work hard ok, thank you, uncle Liu Ok for what! Lei Tingyu’s new house Lei TIngyu is finally found by conscience and gave me a day off Freedom is so great Is this Ms. Lan Xin? Here is your courier, please sign okay I haven’t bought anything recently … Wow EF SLR Camera, Simple Edition! Stupid piggy.
This is a subsidy for you Obviously it’s a work injury subsidy Manufacturer is really more and more conscience now The simple version of the picture quality can have such a super clear effect It’s really the conscience of the industry!
Great!! The more I look, the more I like! Come on, what is this time? Hello Bastard! How dare not answer my call! What? Season one is ended? You’ve kissed and hugged, what else do you want? I’ve made a decision January 9th, Marry Me Again, Honey, Season 2 Must be online! Are you the devil Exploiting my vacation again! We will see you on January 9th ~

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  1. Thank you so much for the update, that😤😡😠🤬 of father, ooooh, good thing that she has the main man of a husband. Love from fiji 😍😍😍, but l 😂🤣🤣🤣so hard l wish THANKS

  2. 啊啊啊啊啊啊我受不了啦!!!敢打我们最最最可爱的 “猪猫”!!!!打死“它”那个王八蛋!!!!兄弟们一起上吧!管”它“是不是谁的老爸!!!

  3. Animation dong, but is there going to be any update on l was xxxx by my idol ,please any way continue with the awesome craftsmanship love from fiji 😍😘😘😘😍❤💗💖💖

  4. Awwww 🥰🥰🥰sooo cute sad 😢that season one end~good bye 👋👋season one and I can’t wait for season two!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. 甚麼會有這樣的爸爸,每次見面都又打又閙,被男主知道你們休過得好,第二季你們會有報應的。

  6. 第一季已经完结啦~很抱歉没时间弄首映,第二季不见不散~mua! (*╯3╰)
    season 1has ended, thank you for your support, let's wait for season 2😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. What!!!!!!!😲😲😲😲 season1 is ending already!!!😲😲😲😲
    But iam happy that season 2 is coming on 9th January !!!! And guess what that day is also mu birthday!!😆😆😆😆😆 so i'll be double happy!!😍

  8. Thank you so much for the reply💖💖💖,keep up with the awesome extra work,if you don't mind me l will being😢😢😢😢😖 for that story love everything and take care 😍😘😘

  9. 干嘛把你老公想得怎么恐怖啊😂😂我可以向你保证他真的很爱很爱你,为了你可以不要命的那种❤

  10. I'm so excited about Season 2. Dong. Thank you so much for the update and especially the English Subtitles. If you love to read you can go to and and read to catch up until it's uploaded on Animation Dong. I'm so looking forward to season 2. Thanks, Animation Dong and Creative Team.

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