Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S2E10 PREGNANT?!怀孕了?!(Original/Eng sub)

Xinxin I come to save you Xinxin’s wishes, I can help you achieve. what do you want I always dream of you i want to see your face See who I am ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Lan Xin, I want to catch you back to be my 18th wife Oh no What smell is that? what are you doing Lei Tingyu wears an apron? tokyobanana This is tokyobanana? I did as the chef said, there must be something wrong with the ingredients that you prepared How can you be so shameless Don’t be a fool, have a taste quickly If you dare not eat, I chew you as a snack Is it delicious? You try it You deserve it! Who let make you such strange things to harm others How can you be so stupid to swallow it? You just ate one bite, how would it be so serious? No Is it pregnant What do you want to do, Lei Tingyu? Be good, just lie down Uncle Liu, can you please come over? Lanxin vomited He is such a jerk, why does he so happy about making me vomit. Master, let’s go out and talk Madam’s gastroenteropathy just cured, how can you let her eat irritating food Not pregnant? How could it be so fast? I go now, you take good care of her There’s an international photo exhibition a week later, do you want to go? I want, I want, I want Silly cat, so easy to coax Although I made Lanxin vomit yesterday, I made something for her for the first time She should be very touched, she seems to have taken photos Would it be…
(Someone I like cook for me in person, very happy!) My boss cooking is terrible!
Come and watch the dark cuisine of my strange ex. Our aim is to rule the universe with dark cuisine! LEX, do you know better care worker? what happened? My mother was abused by a care worker at the hospital. I want to find a new care worker for her. But I can’t find any suitable people … I know a very famous care worker who has done nursing for many years. This is her phone: 135 ******** Thank you so much! I’ll invite you to dinner another day. How silly you are, silly cat. rest assured! I won’t let you eat the dark dishes made by my boss! You absolutely can’t imagine how terrible the food he made. President President, here is the information of the nursing home you want Tell the marketing manager come to see me Turning this nursing home into a subsidiary of Ray’s in the shortest time Why do I have to use such a large bowl? You still want to fatten me? You are in poor health and need to eat more She is too skinny to nurture my excellent baby now Emerald? What evil plan is in your mind?

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  1. 😆😆😆他想太多了!!He is overthinking!!😆😆😆(ps.sorry, 今天娇女毒妃不更新哦,因为丫头第二季和一部新作品都会更两集!!Sorry, revenge princess won't be updated today, because season2 of Honey, Don't Run Away and new anime will be updated 2 episodes today!!)

  2. Why????,,its not even 5 minutes 😭😭😭😭😭 ……. why they have to make very very short story nowadays 😭😭😭

  3. Oh god! Wanting a baby so soon! First kick her evil father's plan and ass lei tingyu !! Then our silly 🐈 will be free !!

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