Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S2E6 LIKE XIAO LONG BAO NOW更爱小笼包(Original/Eng sub)

How dare you say I was absent for two days I was hurt! I have to take a vacation Where do you hurt? what happened Feifei I have a distant older cousin divorced with her husband Because of some special reasons, she can’t leave him And for some special reasons They had sex for couple times What do you think about it? Divorced, but still tangled with men Only two cases One is nice and the other is bad Which one do you want to listen to first The nice one first The nice one is that your cousin still love her husband Impossible, how about the bad one? The bad one is Your cousin is a bitch Still wants to occupy the man, even they’ve divorced I’m not I mean my younger cousin isn’t that kind of woman Didn’t you just say it was your older cousin? Don’t care about this kind of details. Why do you say my cousin like that? If your cousin has no feelings for the ex-husband How could her have sex with him after the divorce She either likes him Either like his body But my cousin clearly said that she didn’t like her ex-husband. She was reluctant to get married before And she was happy when divorced You just have too little love experience There’s no absolutely like or hate between man and woman Extremely like can easily become hate Extremely hate, maybe it’s like like like like I like Lei Tingyu? The relationship between people changes every second Maybe she couldn’t help it when she got married Couldn’t face each other When they’re free after divorce She might find out the goodness of this person Moody and easy to get angry Picky and troublesome Neat freak And he is the evil capitalist who likes to deduct my salary but He appeared in time when I was going to be hit by Lanxiang Helped me at the party Took me to the old doctor When my stomach was bleeding, he showed up in time The security in his arms, I still can remember it clearly now I absolutely don’t like him, absolutely! Sorry Feifei, I have to leave I need to find a place to eat and think carefully Four potato cakes please Sorry, sold out Aren’t there four more These four were ordered away, right behind you Lan Lan So coincidence Here you go Mu Feng Didn’t you say buy me potato cake? What are you doing You are Mrs.Lei You look so young and beautiful without makeup Thank you, you’re very beautiful too Did you hear that, beautiful woman praised me Mrs.Lei, do you like potato cakes? How do you know here? My high school is here too Isn’t that the same school with you Did you know Mrs.Lei long time ago? Why didn’t you mention it? He is the senior of my high school I won’t bother you, I leave first Take it My stomach just cure. I can’t eat fried food I forgot Have fun Goodbye Why didn’t you tell me, you were high school classmate with Mrs.Lei? I was so embarrassed when you guys just chatted So sweet, this potato cake is not as delicious as you said Then throw it away Don’t force to like it Is it necessary? We just have different tastes What does Mrs.Lei have to do with you? You are so gentle to her I will check your relationship It was embarrassing But she looks good Mu Feng found a good girl I should let go too Isn’t this Lei Tingyu’s favorite? Xiao Long Bao That picky Is always disgusted by roadside snacks But only like this Can I have two cages Sorry, we’re sold out Ah sold out It’s okay that the potato cake sold out Because I don’t like it anymore But why does Xiao Long Bao sell out too? I am so unlucky today, can’t eat anything I want Why don’t you go home at night? Why are you here Those Bao Zi I ate before, did you buy it in person?

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  1. Read the whole Novel . Cant read and write Chinese have to depend on the google tranlated app translated version .

  2. 她终于察觉到自己可能,或许,也许,有点喜欢他啦,哈哈哈哈🤣喜欢的记得多多点赞留言支持哦(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~
    She finally realized she might be, could be, a little bit like him🤣🤣🤣If you like it, remember to support it by clicking like and leaving comment❤❤❤❤❤

  3. omg omg omg this episode was the best of all seasons i can't comprehend it .
    i want this to become a Live Drama. Pls animation Dong make it happen , we need to see it 😭😭😭😭i love this so much ❤❤😍😍😍

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