Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S2E7 SHE’LL BE HAPPY她肯定会高兴(Original/Eng sub)

What are you thinking? How could I buy this kind of thing? This is an accident Did you not have the dinner? But come here to buy snacks? What? Of course no I just came out of the bar, I’m not in a good mood so I want to eat something Your stomach has just been cured, how dare you to drink alcohol! Just a little bit of low alcohol drink… I think you’re lack of punishment, come back with me! Hey! You still take a car or not, I’ve been waiting for so long! What does she mean by sending this? Order a candlelit dinner at the top revolving restaurant in Kairui at night Ok, I’ll book the place first Then make a presidential suite at the six-star Chengxi Hotel and the beds are covered with rose petals Just book the Kairui suite downstairs President, there’s a meteor shower that hasn’t happened in 60 years tonight After dinner with your wife, Take her up the mountain to see the meteor shower, how romantic is it After going down to the hotel, she must be moved naive Then just as you said, book the Chengxi Hotel President, something’s happening in my family recently Can I apply for a week’s vacation? thank you boss! Take leave while the boss is in a good mood! I’m so smart! This little wild cat is so angry “Sperm” on his brain jerk (means he is a sex machine) Meteor shower! I can use My EF! Go with Lei Tingyu! Lei Tingyu? This bastard is soaked with ice dregs The romantic cells have long been frozen to death, how could he go with me to watch the meteor shower? But I dare not go alone If I don’t go this time, I have to wait 60 years .. Lei Tingyu, do you have time at night? Can … Can you accompany me to the west of the city to shoot a meteor shower? Oh? I’m not free That sorry to bother you, l’ll find someone else! Dead iceberg, bastard! I don’t blame you for treating me as an inflatable doll I asked you to accompany me to a meteor shower, how can you refuse Can’t you ask one more time? Will you die if you say some nice words to me? President, this is my note, please sign The company is so busy, how dare you ask for leave? Did your wife refuse your invitation? I rejected her! Aren’t you planning to invite her? How could you reject? Go out! Ah, yes Lei slag Lei iceberg Lei asshole You can’t even watch a meteor shower with me Lanxin, open the door! Lei Tingyu! Dead! She has been cremated! If you have something to tell her, just go to her grave to burn paper what’s going on? How come you have my house key? What are you eating? No … nothing Vanilla You have a bad stomach, how dare you eat such things? I only took one bite I…… My ice cream! Why do you have my house key? Is it difficult to have your house key? Give you five minutes to change clothes What? Why are you still here? Do you want to wear this to go to the mountain to feed mosquitoes? Mountain? Lei Tingyu, what are you doing? Do you only have these rags? I I’m Su Lvxia Because of some reasons, I’m bound to a system Traveling through lots small worlds My mission is changing the fate of pool lady, calming down their soul As a reward, I can get points after finished the mission The points can be used to lottery draw of the tools So far, my rate of success is 100% Anyway, let me have a check the background This is a story about the heroine is reborn and win the emperor’s love Liu Ruyan died last life tragically, When she reborn She wins the emperor’s heart and they’re happy ever after Let’s begin King of the Phoenix, don’t miss it

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  1. 連邀請她去看流星雨都不會好好邀請,雷總你的前途渺茫啊(⌯꒪꒫꒪)੭ु⁾⁾
    He didn't even know how to invite her to go out.Hopeless🤣🤣🤣

  2. 哈!哈!哈!這集好好看又可愛,好喜歡看他們互相鬥嘴的樣子,好甜蜜喔!希望每一集都是這樣

  3. Meteor shower right on tine for valentine's tomorrow!! Kool ..your animation is just lovely!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🤩 Also what's the name of the ending song, animation dong ji jie???

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