Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S2E8 GET OVER HIM不准想他(Original/Eng sub)

Lei Tingyu, what exactly do you want to do? I decided to show mercy to accompany you to see that boring meteor shower Didn’t you say you are “don’t have time” I don’t want to go now, you go out Go out? That’s not what you said that day When What did I say The other day when you made a table with food and tried to seduce me Keeps asking me to “come in” and begging me How dare to mention it, you ignored my resistance And did that to me…… Oh Then why did you mke such a unique “big meal” I thought you were going to seduce me I…… I just wanted to avenge your mess around with other women, not to seduce you Anyway, you’re always right, Lei jerk A pile of trash, wear this one first I will order some clothes for you later Throw all the clothes worth less than 10 thousand in the wardrobe tomorrow Who are you? The total cost of all my clothes in this closet didn’t cost over than 10 thousand Does he want me to be naked? Just because I am your owner Humph Yes You go to Chanel Prada Dior to order some clothes Yes I want them tomorrow Chanel Pradadio Dior He’s not really ordering clothes for me? Why do you order so many big brands? I can’t effort it Deduct from your salary You’re going too far! I’m still a debtor. Any piece of clothing is my salary for months. Do you want me to sell my whole life to you whole life Since you’re so sincerely, I agree with it. How do you become the President of Lei’s? Don’t you consider about other’s feelings when you talk or do things? Human feelings must be considered But you are a cat What’re you doing, hurry up Xi Shang When I was growing up in the country side, I looked up and saw the stars are all over the sky, very beautiful The night sky of the city always looks like there’s a veil I have seen it Very beautiful How did you see that, haven’t you been receiving elite education at Lei’s house? When I was a kid, my health was always bad. I was sent to the countryside to rest for a while. Yes, you said it last time, I forgot It’s hard for you to make friends in this countryside, right? Did any children throw sand at you Don’t keep knocking my forehead, it’ll make me stupid You are stupid even if I didn’t knock. When I was sick in the countryside, a silly girl like you stuck to me every day what Whose little girl was so stupid, sticking to you without being frozen by you Where is that silly girl now? she is…… Married Oh she … is your first love Yes First love is beautiful Especially the feeling that nothing happened but seems to have happened But when you look back, everything is changed When you grow up, you always lose something. Oh It seems that you are deeply impressed Wow Meteor shower begins Wow so pretty Huh she is excited like a cat who only see catnip Ha ~Excellent harvest today! Go home Do you still like him? Of course It’s like the silly little girl you said, it’s beautiful, but written in water Life must continue as the most beautiful memory in the heart No … I don’t allow you to have these memories in your heart why I think about the meteor, why is he so mad Lei Tingyu, are you okay … Can we play happily? Why did he keep being crazy without reason? Lan Xin, remember, from the moment you broke into my world You have only one way Your head is not hot too The doctor who helps my mother is good. Maybe I introduce him to you? Shut up Mu Feng ~

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  1. 唉,雖然喜歡他們鬥嘴的樣子,但討厭雷霆宇大男人主意,直接對兰馨表白就好了,何必拖拖拉拉的。

  2. Thanks for a longer episode. I want to know how long is it going to take for her to f ind out that he is the one she's be texting too. Also, why does she keep letting him kiss her when she should be slapping him and making him respect her. I don't like the way she lets him do whatever he wants. She should have more self esteem and respect for herself and let him know that it's over and stop treating her like his property. He divorce her and the only thing she is to him is her employer and if he doesn't act right she will walk away from him. She needs to leave him and let him get his act together. I really don't like her character at all.

  3. Bye-yeee, Mu-feng~ *waves handkerchief 😂 Am I too cruel?

    Seriously, Lei Tingyu should just properly confess his feelings. But then again, this animation would then end. LOL.

  4. I really like the turn of events here where misunderstanding is the cause of jealousy that made Lei's true feelings for Lan Xin be outspoken. Eeehhhh. … I want more. Please let the next episodes coming. Can't wait any longer.

  5. Hope u can upload a ep every day.So far I am watching all of the anime movies that Animation dong has produced!My favorite one is My demon tyrant and sweet baby but I'm also looking forward to the other ones!

  6. Mr. Ambrose is that you? Damn I thought you were in England or is it Australia now. Either way how'd you get to China from there?

  7. 我现在能够分析到男主角雷霆宇行为是一个比较霸道总裁的射手男🤣,因为原来他对别人和对自己女朋友是不太一样。 和连续剧[最美的时光]的男主角 钟汉良饰演的 陆历成 一样,对外人朋友比较随意,可是对着自己女朋友或者暗恋中的女孩子是比较霸道…


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