Anime动态漫 | Marry Me Again, Honey恶魔的独宠甜妻S2E9 KITTY IS SAD小猫告状(Original/Eng sub)

How handsome a man is, but his temper is awful After watching the meteor and kissing me On the way home he said nothing But kept showing me “I’m mad at you” look From time to time I don’t know what’s up Make Tokyobanana at night OK, I’ll cook it after I go to the nursing home visiting my mom, ok? Your bad attitude, how dare you want to eat Tokyobanana mom What are you doing here, if the clothes are dirty, it’s difficult to help you to change I’m waiting for the man I like. He loves roses. I want to pick some for him. Don’t be fooled, he won’t come He promised to come and see me My daughter will think of a way You lunatic is crazy every day, maybe your daughter inherits the neuropathy gene like you I gave her so many tips in private and she treated my mother like this! I didn’t know whether I inherit my mother ’s genes or not But I know my mom doesn’t need your care from today Apologize to my mom now Mrs.Lei I didn’t mean it apologize sorry Sorry You can get lost Mom, has she bullied you so much all the time? No one bullied me, Lan Xin, don’t talk like that Your dad doesn’t like it If she bullies you, you should tell me Xinxin, did you let your dad come over? When did Mantian visit me? Even in this situation, she is still thinking about that jerk He is busy recently You are a demon, because of you, he refuses to come here You should die when you are born Mom, you watch clearly, I am Xinxin, your daughter. You are not my daughter. My daughter was born and died. You are the devil, devil! It’s you that made Mantian don’t want me, I want to kill you Please calm down Mrs.Lei, are you okay? I’m fine I heard you were beaten by your mother. about your mother’s situation, you’ve seen it Did you get Lei Tingyu’s plan? No, how did you know I was beat by my mom Loser, I’m warning you to get the plan early Otherwise, your mother will be tortured untill she is completely crazy It’s all my people in the hospital. Do you think it’s over to replace a nurse? Lan Mantian, are you still human? If you don’t want your mom to suffer, get the plan quickly Lan Mantian, you wait for me, sooner or later, I will let you pay back all the pain of my mother Is your head just a decoration on the neck? How did I teach you? Who dares to bully you, hit it back hard My mom did it when she was crazy, do you think I could hit her back? Hurt Are you a pig cat? Can’t you run? Not allowed to see her from now on What if the person who hurts me is someone you can’t deal with? I am not a god but I have the ability to protect my cat Lan Mantian bullies me How does he bully you? He forces me to do things I don’t like and threaten me with my mom What does he threaten you to do? he Anyway, it’s something I don’t like I get it.He will be too busy to bother you in the next few days Why are you so good to me? Not worth crying for this kind of thing I want to cry Fine, fine, fine, as you wish What if Lei Tingyu is a companion who can depend on It’s a pity he only regards me as a pet, when he is happy, he called me little wild cat When he is not happy, he called me pig cat Lei Tingyu, do you treat me as a pet cat? Yes, you should be honored I don’t want to be a cat, I want to be a person What you want may not be suitable for you, just like the spicy hot pot How dare you come to harass Lan Xin! Wanna go to hell? Lan Mantian Aren’t you busy to chase your woman lately Why do you remember calling your brother now? Help me do something, I want this person can’t get out of bed in two weeks. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, where can you run Lei Tingyu save me Ha ha

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  1. Oh my god! What an episode of revelations!!
    The mom is mad! Grrrrrr and is soo not grateful that her daughter takes so much of pain for her silly stupid demand!!
    The godawful dad is waiting on her !!
    She tells finally to lei tingyu…that her dad is an asshole!!
    😌😌😌😌 I can rest in peace now. A big step ahead for our 🐈!! Way to go lan!! We have definitely come a long way now!

  2. Hey animation dong , Japanese cartoons are called Anime while chinese cartoons are called donghua ………. so why did you write Anime in the place of donghua ????
    Iam curious so I wanna know ??

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