Good morning, y’all so the blog starts now I Will be vlogging from today all the way until after her Disneyland trip So this morning I am running to the airport, so I will not be here most of the day But I’m running to the store to grab her just something simple so she can know that today is her actual birthday Even though her party isn’t till tomorrow because today’s Friday Her birthday is June 28th. She’s turning five. My big girl will be starting kindergarten this year So, you know five is a big number. So we’re going to be blogging and making it the best five birthday she could possibly have so I’m going to drive and then I’m going to Catch up with I’m in the store Well, keep going turn this way What is it oh and you’re getting number five We’re gonna sing happy birthday later Baby So we are here have made it to our destination for my baby’s birthday But we’re going to go on a little to work Over on the play and I’ll show you guys go through so we have the castle Oh Michelle peek on my sister Oh you don’t even have a date Where is she a nitrous? There goes the birthday girl and the birthday and I Don’t know what the heck that is That’s a train Younger so now we’re going to late. It’s really good And we’re going to see We see see you could tell my daughter’s a little spoiled Oh, no, my daughter is waiting for this food because your ass Then faces are on the little pup You will have some know he that baby down first for you all the way in the back What’s the problem what’s wrong with it? We’re having problems getting water in there. All you need is a water hose I’m vlogging it you come in I Just want a blog real quick. And then I have to answer your questions because I have to post it business Balki don’t Let me stop. Oh No a president just fell off the table Okay, so we at the party it’s almost over we got like an hour left we got to do the cake There’s my cousin and make sure you go subscribe to her channel little oil beauty And she’ll have pieces of the blog to the major being below. Oh No, we’re doing good luck, okay Let me see it only behind you All right, I want them to stand up there ain’t no candles they will not be messing up my cake Are you you Okay I don’t know with it. I think I would to go box we could make it look halfway She did Doesn’t do whenever we don’t Not this side she don’t think she’s it’s not Stan we’re getting ready to sing. Happy birthday Sighs to see Why are you laughing at me? You guys might need sunglasses my pictures Where I stand on that side Are you having fun, you know five years? Era pyramid. Anyway, are you guys ready? They gotta be able to Which one is your it’s dark It’s a Disney Princess sparkle glow a globe maker. It’s a globe maker No, give me this bag bag, oh this way no, that’s an R&D No, they thought it was the people who brought this thought of Well Are you gonna pull that out of her? Put it back in the bag Good morning, Pete it is June 30th the day after the party we are on our way to Disneyland, huh, baby You ready to go to Disneyland? Did you have a good birthday? Yeah you having a good birthday, yeah So yeah, we are on our way to we’re about to be on our way to Disneyland We will be showing you some stuff that we’re doing at Disneyland. And yeah, so we’ll catch you when we get to the park Today I’m getting in the car, right? Yeah, talk to yourself he like Yeah, we all know he was like I miss the whole birthday party We made it So we’re about to walk to the park right now, how’s MA The dress You guys your brother We have made it we are at Disney We are at Disneyland We are in downtown Disney to make our way to anywhere but here We are at it’s a small world it’s a small world you ready? That’s the abusive mother You Got to do you operate wave to the camera We’re about to watch the first parade of the day they want to stand over my head This is his first parade, yeah you excited are you excited are You excited You The language You This is the end of our Disney adventures Because had a great time you can see they got everything they could possibly ask for Honestly, my phone is dying. So I’m doing this luck three minutes before it dies So yeah, this is a nice birthday ball And we hope you guys like it remember to Like comment share and subscribe and we will catch you next time

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  1. Just found your channel. Would love if you would subscribe back. I love your family already. ♥️

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