ANNA’s Birthday Party IS RUINED! WHY? Disney FROZEN ELSA and ANNA – Coco Kids Club

Hi guys! Welcome to Coco Kids Club! I have prepared a lot of incredible surprises
for Anna today. They are soooo COOL! But, oh my god…the birthday party is almost
ruined. Wanna know why? Subscribe to our channel and watch our story
till the end! Kristoff, Olaf, the special day has come! It’s Anna’s birthday! Guys, we have been preparing this surprise
party for such a long time! I’m so nervous! Let’s go and wake Anna. Here’s our birthday girl! Ahchoo! Hm…I thought I heard something. Weird! Anna dear, wake up! Haaaaaappy Birthday my sweet dear sister!! We have prepared plenty of great surprises
and gifts for you! You will remember this day forever! I’ve hidden surprise eggs in this cool figure
of kinetic sand! OMG, I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see the surprises and presents! Guys, do you have any ideas what may be inside? I’m going to dig it up! Oh my goodness, Elsa what is this? Oh, no,, it’s a mischievous snowman! I will not let them destroy your surprise
party! Anna, don’t worry, I’ll deal with it! Look, I have one more kinetic sand figure
for you! Let’s dig! What’s this? Wow! Such a cute pink hairclip! Cool! Wow! It’s a special Disney Frozen Elsa accessory
for a watch! Outstanding! I like it so much! Guys, if you love Elsa as much as I do – press
like! Let’s see what’s next! Look! It’s an awesome orange ring! This surprise opening is so cool! Oh, no. It’s empty! But it shouldn’t be! It must be snowgies’ work! Don’t worry Anna, let’s try the last kinetic
sand figure! Such a cute heart! What’s this? It’s a temporary tattoo! I’m so glad that you like the presents! We have more exciting surprises for you! Oh no, the naughty snowgies are here! They’ve built a whole labyrinth around the
presents! Anna, you should escape the labyrinth. It’s one more accessory for the watch! And…it’s my image! Sooo sweet 🙂
I see one more kinetic sand figure! It’s a cute little rabbit! Oh, no, the naughty snowgies again! They’ve blocked the way out of the labyrinth! Don’t worry Anna; I’ll fix it! Hooray! We have successfully escaped the labyrinth! Oh, nooo! My Birthday Cake!! Kristoff, Olaf, what happened? We couldn’t do anything! The nasty snowgies ruined the cake! They were too fast! Again?… No worries. Let’s make some magic and help fix Anna’s
Birthday Cake! Guys, what do you think, can we save it? I’m sure we can! Subscribe to our channel because friendship
will create the magic we need! Wow! The cake is amazing! Thank you so much, my friends, for all the
surprises. You are the best! Happy Birthday, dear Anna! We love you! Guys, congratulate Anna with your likes! Let’s celebrate together! Subscribe to our channel, hit the notification
bell and join our party! Snowgies behaved very bad, so they aren’t
invited to the party! Guys, don’t be like snowgies! Yes, it’s better to make new friends than
ruin someone’s party! Let’s be friends! Press like and tell us your thoughts about
friendship in the comments!

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