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My perfect birthday. Wake up, have a cup of
tea, have a bit of toast, then have a hot chocolate. Then have some chocolate,
then have some more food. Then maybe I’d like a bath and then go out, go bowling cause I love temping bowling. Go to karaoke. Maybe go see a psychic, cause
I love all that weird shit. Have a massage, get my
nails done, see my family. Just some of that. I wrote this song with,
um, OAK Felder and Delacey. It was coming up to Christmas, and I was thinking, every
time Christmas comes around, the same Christmas songs are played, but no, like, how many birthday
songs are there, really? So, I went into the studio, and I said to the
producer, OAK, I was like, I want to write a birthday song. And he was like, whoa, hmm,
I’m not sure about this. Everyone was not on it,
basically, and they were like, how do you do that? How do you write a birthday song? And he just put down some chords
that you hear at the start and I just started singing the chorus and everyone was like
okay, maybe this will work, and then we just did it really quickly. Everyone was pleasantly surprised
that we were able to write a birthday song. I used to dye my hair every
week when I was younger. It was, like, my thing. My friends knew me for dyeing
my hair pink, then blue, then purple, then red. And then when I became an
artist, I, kind of was like, known for the blonde hair,
and it was so boring. I was like, it looks
nice, but I was so bored. So, when, like, the first album was done, basically as soon as it
was done, I text my manager saying I’m gonna dye my hair pink. She was like, no, not yet. It’s fine just, just wait a minute. So, I had to wait a long time, and then as soon as
thing song came around, I was like, I’m gonna
throw it in the verse so no one can tell me
not to do it. I feel like, whatever
I put on in the morning affects fix my mood, all day,
and affects my confidence. Today, I’m wearing this
and I’m wearing a skirt, so like, this interview’s
quite hard. (laughs) Like, I’m sitting to the
side so my thing don’t show. But, I love clothes and I
love fashion, and I love like, this is from, um, a girl online whose making her own little brand. I don’t really like going to, like, the expensive shops and the
ones that cost a lot of money. So, when I’m, when I’m wearing
a dress I can’t afford, I’m like, I’m wearing this everyday. I felt like we had to bring
in, uh, another person into it, to like, have a little
bit extra to the story. Cause otherwise, I was just gonna be like, yeah it’s my birthday,
um, another year older, uh, gonna celebrate with my friends. It’s like, not much, like, grit. So, I ended up bringing
in the ex-boyfriend, and being like, I don’t
even care about you today, let alone anything else. He, kind of made the subject a little bit easier to write
about and he always does. I mean I regret some. This one, um, this one says mug, because me and Ed Sheeran
call each other mug all the time, right. So when we’re on tour,
he wrote this on my arm, and I wrote “mug” on his arm. And I love it, but like,
where it is, is kind of, really on show and when I’m
in music videos or like, photo shoots, I’m trying to
be, like, ohh, like all sexy, there just like, mug written on my arm. So, yeah kind of fucked
myself with that one. But, it’s a good memory. I also have this half, or like this moon, on my finger that I’m getting removed. I got it done when no one had a moon. And then, everyone got a moon. I was like, fuck this,
I hate this moon now. Whatever comes to my mind,
I’m kinda like that anyway. Like, everyday if I think of something, I have to do it, otherwise I feel like I’m
keeping myself from potential. So, yeah. When it’s my birthday,
I’m doing whatever I want. Do know, it was funny, I feel like my family
find me really difficult to buy presents for, so they’ve always put money in the card. And I thought that was normal
until I spoke to my friends about it and they were like, they give you money for your birthday? They give you money for Christmas? Sometimes when I was younger
and I was opening cards, I would like open them, like that, because I expected money
to come out of them, and that’s just ridiculous. So, I just feel like, when
it’s my birthday, I’m like, give me money. Well my favorite drink is Malibu and Coke, or WKD, have you heard of that? It’s like a bright blue
pop, alcohol drink. It’s the sweetest most
disgusting thing ever, but I love it, and that’s
what I go for, anything sweet. Then, obviously, when my
friends buy me drinks, they just buy me shots, and then I’m like, I’m a lightweight, so after two drinks, I’m out, on the floor. I don’t know what it is, but
I can fall in love so quickly. Not even, like, on a deep level, it’s like, if I see someone
with really kind eyes, I’m, I love them. Whenever I’m on a night out,
I fall in love with like, 10 people. Every night. So, yeah, I try not to
go out much. The best way to get your mind off an ex, is just to get with someone
else. I feel like, with my exes, by the end of the relationship, I don’t even realize that
their treatin me bad. And then by the time I get out of it, and then someone else gives me attention, I’m like, oh this is what
I should be treated like. So, I always feel like,
even if its not serious, just go and do it. If I think back, to the past like, seven years of when I feel
like I wasn’t even there. This year and last year I finally, like, I’m actually living in my life
like I’m actually in my body. So, I mean I try and be wise, but I, I’ve just learned
that from other people, I don’t feel like I’m like, born wise. You know like those people you
meet and they’re just like, wisdom, in their presence. I’m like, not that. I’ve learnt it. I’ve got
really good people around me, and I’ve, like my tattoos, I’ve learned all these
things from different people. So, I’m, I’m learning that every year. The only two songs I think of, of good birthday songs right now is Hey shawty it’s your birthday you gone party like it’s your birthday Which is sick. And the other one is, um, ♪ Happy Birthday to ya. ♪ And I play that, that’s the
song I play to my friends when it’s their birthday. So, hopefully, I can play
my own one now.

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