buongiorno ragazzi benvenuti a Roma avermo un caffe alora Andiamo to dinner you never wanna eat
you tell me that you watching your waistline hey guys so we are on our way in to test
a beret and this is our anniversary happy Anniversary to us
ciao guys so I looked up this restaurant called tarah nello and it is interesting
so we are going to have dinner there tonight hopefully if we can find the
restaurant so we are headed to do that and get reservations for tonight and
then we’re going to find the Church of Santa Maria which is at a Piazza here
interests a very so that’s where we’re headed right now and so yeah we’ll see
you guys in a little bit ciao for now hey you guys so the hub and I are
getting to see the piazza della santa maria in tech slavery and so we decided
to stop for 1702 a glass of wine and uh be just handed me in the chocolate dough
so we found this chocolate yesterday so we’re having a line in chocolate right
now and then we’re gonna have get over to see the Church of Santa Maria
so wanna set up a pesto hey guys so this is the wine bar this is the downstairs
to the wine bar in tres favori and I think it is so beautiful so I’ll just
give you guys a look around and this is just a coulis area downstairs the wine
bar area is actually upstairs and they do have an appetitive ole here in the
evening so the hub and I are thinking about coming back later but just people look at how smooth this
Italian wine bar is just everything is and people which means old in English ciao for now buona sera to dinner you never wanna eat
you tell me that you watching your waistline antipasti spaghetti all the
meat you find your appetite gobble up mine you pick about pasta you taste my sauce
each gonna take my plate out of your reach my power but on show is getting
kind of small reading up everything as you’ll be dining like the king you gotta
take me far buona sera you guys so we have made it to the Piazza Santa Maria
and you are looking at the church right here in front and this is the Church of
Santa Maria in Trastevere so it’s so beautiful and I’m going to
show you guys some of the interior in just a moment if they are not closed but
I’ll show you like the top it looks like a bell tower up there at the top just
beautiful this is one of the sites that’s recommended to see when you come
to Rome and this area is called tres de bourree so we are going to head into the church
so that we can see what is what it looks like on the interior you so right here you guys in the distance
you see that’s the Vatican across the others night say hi happy Anniversary honey
we’re headed out we’re headed out to dinner interesting
we found a really cool Krista Dante that we are getting ready to try so we are
walking it’s about 7:00 p.m. here in aroma so we’re going up to our
anniversary dinner so spaghetti mo Chou you find your appetite gobble up Oh fine
you pick up my pasta you taste possess each wanna take that plate out of your

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  1. Hi Teresa!! Ciao! Happy to have found you! I subbed your lovely channel with pleasure. Thanks for your visit to mine! This video is so lovely and fun! Your Italian pronunciation is excellent!! Trastevere is one of the most beautiful and picturesque part of Rome. And…in late but…Happy Anniversary to you! Greetings from Milan. Renata

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