Anniversary Greetings from Peter Südbeck, NLPV

Happy Birthday from all our colleagues of the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park Authority! We are glad and proud to be part of the big Wadden Sea family zhat stands up for this unique and special habitat to preserve it for future generations. After the designation as a world heritage site in 2009 we and a lot of partners and friends used the last ten years to protect our Wadden Sea for the future. We put our efforts in securing the Wadden Sea, in preserving more nature in the region and also to restore parts that have been impaired in past times. That is important but more important is sharing our knowledge and fascination for the Wadden Sea with other people, for example with regards to the birds or salt marshes or other aspects. We have always communicated that everyone plays a part in this big task. Only together we can value and protect our heritage. Those past ten years were incredibly valuable for the whole Wadden Sea region – for us as a national park but also for the rest of the family that we have the honour to work together with. We are very happy about that. We therefore wish a very happy birthday and look forward to a lot more years to come!

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