Anniversary Greetings from TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen

Dear Wadden Sea,
This is Hannover calling. We, the team of TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen,
congratulate you on an excellent performance. It’s simply awesome
how you rise twice a day from the floods to reveal an area of tidal flats the size of
630,000 football fields, how you offer a habitat for more than 10,000
animal and plant species, how you feed more than 10 million migrating
birds each year with your rich menu and thus enable them to make the journey from the Arctic to Africa and back again. We are of course aware that the Great Barrier
Reef and the Grand Canyon are attractive World Heritage Sites in their own right. But where else on this planet is a comparable
expanse of sand and mudflats revealed to allow people to walk on the seabed? Exactly – nowhere else! So it’s hardly a surprise that you attract
more than 3 million overnight visitors each year in Lower Saxony alone. I recall very clearly the first time I laid
my eyes on you as a young girl, standing on a dyke. You exuded such an incredible, unrivalled
sense of vastness and magic. We are delighted to have such a valuable asset
for tourist marketing at our disposal. For this reason, our twelve points go to you,
the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Natural Heritage Site! Enjoy the festive celebration in your honour
in Wilhelmshaven tonight. Happy Wadden Sea!

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