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Baby, where are you? I am waiting for you here at the same old place Listen, if you won’t say will miss your chance But How? it’s simple, just go and say I Love you There she comes, go go hi Hi so , why did you call me? your favorite chocolate Thank you This too Thank you oh moron,first I love you then chocolate Listen Prasant said that…. what am I saying .. I love you So.. what happened? Because of your suggestions, I might lose our friendship I think she accepted me try something new What I told you not to call me while I am working I will call you when I am free Leave it. Let’s take a break. okay Why are you worried? there are more companies Dude, I worked for this project for 9 month without saying day & night And what is up with that girl she is calling me frequently. So Irritating So pick up the call you are worried but why should she be upset because of someone else Who is that No one Dude, are you still ignoring her? She loves you so much, do you even know that? Stupid you don’t go & meet her but she comes to meet you every day what is up with you she calls you every hour. Do you know why? cause she loves you dude Why are getting crazy I forget how much she means to me because of all these work things. And What’s your plan for tommorow tommorow Ashar 21(Nepali Date) Ashar 21 Oh, No I forget that tomorrow is our anniversary But I will do something special (phone rejection) (typing) Listen, I’m so sorry I was ignoring you from so long But now I am realizing it. I am waiting for you since morning please meet me once please baby I’m so sorry (VOICE MESSAGE) Listen Sadan Aunty found out about us She is threatening me that she will say everything about us to my father If my father knows about us he won’t let me stay at home. how can I leave my family just for you? Neither you are giving me your time nor you care about me you used to refuse my all calls how can I leave them for you Now you are showing your love What If tomorrow won’t be the same? then I will in the dilemma So.. So. From now please don’t try to contact me Sorry

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  3. Really nice video eagarly waiting for this.
    one title from outside but many bonds under the story.
    paschatap can also be a better title for this story 👌👌👌👌
    Again hoping to see you with another video 😀😀

  4. Thikai layo I think Prasant le ali acting ramro sanga garna parxa ra yo video ma Rohit navayara hola malai khasai maja ayana j hos concept ramro xa love it
    Always supporting your channel Iam huge fan of Rohit 😊😊

  5. This is the fact about love yar kta haru ko lyf maa problems dheraii hunxa tym dina sakdaina ra wuta aafule aafno saara sansaar thaaneko maanchey laai tym dina sakdaina chaahera panj ra wuta tei kaaran le kati paye saacho hridaye tukrinxa ra kt haru ko ghr maa milena yantyan yehi hunxa jaa samma malai laagxa yr maya ta ho kunai na kunai dinn accept ta hunxa naii malai biswas xa jasto j sukaii vayepani maile female sab laai doshi thaharyauna laako haina but sabai jasto case maa yestaii vairaako hunxa jaha kta maanxey le badhyata le aafno samaya dina sakiraako hudaina n arko tira tym xaina diyena family le diyena yo sab kura hunxa kt tarfa but saacho maya garxau vitra baata nivaau sab ramro hunxa..ek arkako maya bujhxau ta sab kura bujhxah ni yr aakhirr maa sab maya ta ho maya laai bujhxau ta sab bujhinxa 🙂🙂 n at last say no to suicide haii 🙏🙂🙂❤️❤️
    N risingstar alwz b rising best wishes🤘🤘

  6. Khas manxe ko matrw janma ra mritu ekai din parxa rey😅 ani namuna premi jodi ko chai break up ra anniversary sangai hunxa rey😂 😂 badhai xa

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  8. Vedio ramro xa but kta haru yastai ho love u to navanun jel poxii parxa love you to vanepoxi ignore 😭😑😑😔😔💔

  9. Kta ko maya kam ra carrier bichma adkincha vaney kti ko maya jailey pariwar ra chimek ma…why alwyz like this yarr😑😕😐 alwyz a sad anniversary…bt liked it👍👍👍

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