Another video from the same party. Dry ice Pool Party Ends in Tragic Death. Dry ice Moscow. English

We have been waiting for this for a long time. Slava and Denis on the same stage Check this rope another rope She is an eccentric , she likes ropes Check please A party of bloggers looks like this – they make a speech near the pole, birthday girl writes stories and everyone else writes the storys too The birthday girl is 26 years old, so let’s drink for it Hurrah!

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  1. Странное поветрие- выставлять каждый шаг напоказ…Дичь.Ребят жалко и их осиротевших детей…

  2. Инфантилы-блогеры бухают в бане, снимают,умирают, выкладывают слёзные видео…Цепочка безнравственности и инфантилизма…

  3. Aasd nhsh klnasd hwoiuhycklnaq lk{cd núc w´cq njc´qwicw qnjkcwn´wcq cqw n´cw nuj´qwc ´n

    That's what the comments section on this video looks like to me >.<

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