Antoni Porowski – Celebrating Food as a Love Language with “Antoni in the Kitchen” | The Daily Show

Thank you for having me. So good to finally have you
on the show, um, as a fan of what you do
on Queer Eye, as a fan of your cooking. I’ve been lucky enough
to taste your cooking, and then when I heard you
were coming out with a cookbook, I was like, this is…
it’s a match made in heaven. -Thank you.
-Um, are you ready to give away your secrets,
though? Um, I am.
It was a long time coming. It’s still just seeing my face
on a book and thinking
how much time went into it and just knowing that
it’s there, it’s, like… You know what, everything
is surreal right now. -Sitting you…
sitting here with you. -Right. Looking at the book.
Just, life has been surreal -for the past year and a half.
-I feel like you’re in the business of making
people’s lives surreal, though. That’s what you do on Queer. That’s what makes it
such a fun show. You go around America, you just,
like, get in people’s lives. One thing I enjoyed about what
you do specifically on the show is you connect people
with their food. -Yeah.
-Something that has… I feel like has been
a disconnect in America, especially for a long time,
where people just go like, “Oh, it’s just food,”
and you go like, “No, food is more special
than we think it is.” Why? I think it’s
so much more than that. I mean, it’s-it’s-it’s
how you say “I love you.” It’s how you say “I’m sorry”
to someone. It connects you to your roots,
where you came from. Um, it’s-it’s
how you meet new friends. -Right.
-Like when you came over. It’s… it’s the medium
for me for everything. It’s my love language. It’s… And I think especially in, like,
it’s a messed-up world, like, it’s really a messed-up
world, and… -Right. I think that it’s an incredible
opportunity to just connect with other people
and break bread and have conversations. Yeah, quite literally,
breaking bread. I mean, you know, that’s…
that’s what makes it so.. There’s no bread recipe
in the book, but, you know… -(laughter)
-That’s for the next one. Yeah, but it-it really is,
like, a, you know, it’s a social experience,
it’s a beautiful vibe that you have with food. You have a connection
with it, though, where it really does feel
a love language. You know, what I… I’ve read
a lot of, um, cookbooks, and normally it’s just,
I read it for the pictures. -I’m not actually gonna
do anything. -(laughter) I do. I just like pictures
of great food, and then I… I eat my food,
and I’m like, “Mmm.” But, like,
this book is very personal, because, like,
you-you tell stories of, like, what it was like
for you to come out as gay. You talk about,
like, how your… you know, your culture
affects your food and who you are as a person. Why did you infuse so much
of your story into the cooking? I mean, I think, look,
Queer Eye was an opportun… Queer Eye’s a service job,
right? We show up
for perfect strangers, and we try to figure out
how we can be of service in such a short amount of time. This was an opportunity
to tell my story, and we were trying
to figure out… we spent a lot of time
trying to figure out, like, what kind of book
we wanted to do. Is this gonna be technical, is
it gonna be my Polish heritage, and I realized
that it doesn’t have to be one thing or the other. Um, it’s-it’s-it’s
an autobiography. It travels from, like, food that
I ate when I was a little kid -Yes. -to, like, stuff I ate
when I was a broke-ass student to dishes that I prepare now. And, like, my Polish heritage,
like, I was ashamed to be Polish for a pretty big portion
of my life, and I fell back in love with it, and I think that it’s
incredibly important. I just wanted to… like,
every single recipe in that book -has a story behind it.
-Right. If someone reads this, though, and they go, “Antoni,
look, I love your cooking, right, but I am a horrible,
horrible cook.” Like, not me.
Just another person. -(laughter)
-Someone else. Someone else. Let’s say someone
else is saying this right now. They’re like, “Antoni,
I don’t know how to cook.” Um, and this looks amazing. Like, how easy is it to…
to get this done? ‘Cause, like, cookbooks always,
it always seems easy, but it’s, like–
like, the pictures are amazing. I mean, like,
if you see some of the things that are being prepared here–
I mean, look at… look at this. Well, that’s, like,
literally five ingredients. -There’s no excuse for that.
-Yeah, I’ve never seen… This looks like
nothing I’ve ever made, ever. -Like, this is…
-It’s fennel and citrus! -They go so well together.
-No, I mean, look, -this is, like, it’s in the egg.
-Everyone should love veggie… Look at this. Look at this.
Look at that. I’ve never, ever, ever made
an egg that looks like this. -(laughter) -But you know what,
it takes practice. Like, I’ve ruined
about 50 chickens, trying to figure out
how to roast them perfectly until I finally got it right. I’ve been making risotto
for years, and then finally learned that
you’re not supposed to, like, mix it vigorously, but it’s,
like, gently folding it in, -so that you don’t break down
the arborio rice. -Wow. It’s, like,
it’s something that you learn and you nurture it and you…
you know? -Wow, that is…
-Did I just teach you something? -Yeah. No.
-Yeah. That was dope.
I’m just gonna… I taught you about, like,
the emulsification powers -of pasta water,
-You have, yes. -with the spaghetti limone.
-Just-just everything. -Yeah.
-So that’s what this book is, just, like,
giving people an opportunity to begin the process of learning -Yes. -how to express themselves
through food. Yeah, and just,
like, on Queer Eye, for some people,
they have a bit of a background, and you want to teach them
technical things. For other people,
the ones who really interest me are the ones
who supposedly don’t care and just eat granola bars
every day, and I try to find
an emotional connection. I love it. You know what,
I’m gonna… I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna try and cook something
from the book, and then I’m going to send you
a picture on Instagram. -Please. -And it’ll look
nothing like your book. -I’m excited. -It’ll look
nothing like the book. -We don’t know that.
-But I’ll try. I’ll keep on trying. Thank you
so much for coming to the show. -Thank you.
-(cheering, applause) Antoni in the Kitchen
is a beautiful book. It’s available now.
Antoni Porowski, everybody.

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  1. Love Trevor Noah, and as I am becoming more familiar with Antoni Porowski, I am very very intrigued.
    My computer monitor exploded with all of the handsomeness here, but this was a very cool interview that could have lasted exponentially longer than this lasted.
    Gentlemen – you both totally ROCK!
    I'm getting the book TODAY.

  2. Polish food , perogi s. R nice & sauerkraut , yum😋❣️❣️❣️❣️it's also very good for ur skin❣️💜♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Yeah, my food is not beautiful, yet💖💁🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🏵️🌸🌺🌺🌿🍃🍃🌳🌫️🌫️, but it taste good😋😊😊

  4. In 2017, 40 million people struggled with hunger in the United States. The USDA defines "food insecurity" as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members. In 2017, an estimated 15 million households were food insecure. … 1 in 6 American children may not know where their next meal is coming from.

  5. I try to find people who eat granola bars all day and try to find an emotional connection got me ( started to cry?) We for me anyway take to much for granted in a world moving to fast for us .( Or actually all of the stuff we see hear might seem amazing however when you see it everyday ? We get used to it just another thing for me ) When I think about it in the wave of to much busy I find myself resentful and bored . I guess because it's not honest for me . They say maybe one of all of the world could live like we do and fit -maybe and that person would feel ok about it all. However I've heard for most of us (me too) this isn't honest to run for something when inside me I wouldn't really I've read Lao Tzu Taoism too recently and one of it's simple quotes is ' If you do nothing you've done everything' I was puzzled at first seeing this and then it means If the real me does nothing then I know what it truly is I can do. Taoism isn't mostly a religious practice even today and was never intended to be so . In fact it's really not of tao – Tao quote They will put you in line ' etc as if they know you speaking of religion .Religion in essence knows us and this isn't true. Taoists are found in religion though and are not pushing their philosophy at all. If you believe in the Tao your best practices are compassion, simplicity, and contentment

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    c'mon idiots…admit it. You voted for the fucking KKK.

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    Heirloom Tomatoes (make sure to get them really ripe, and get a nice variety of colors)

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  8. wonderful interview! ty me noah and mr porowski! creating in the kitchen has always been one of my greatest joys but the greatest of all is sharing that food with people i love. btw, love is the most important ingredient in every recipe, it shows when it is included 🙂

  9. Don't know if it's just me….but I'm getting twilight vibes from Antonio Porowski… he'll make an irresistible vampire 😊😍

  10. I sat next to person on a plane …I was reminded that ;most or many of us suckeled on a breast.
    iSOO ;dinner time is that reenactment. It is our connect to nurture itself. Food and dinner time is allways fun.

  11. The dislikes are from boring, dumbass morons & are probably gay & hate themselves. But Antoni still loves you ❤️😂👍🏼

  12. secret of cooking: Read the instructions COMPLETELY before you begin. if you're not 110% sure of what part of an instruction means, look it up (there's a LOT of specialized language – folding isn't stirring isn't beating). Then – this is the kicker – FOLLOW the instructions.

  13. You know the host is doing a good job when you have guest like antoni and people are still commenting on the amazing job of the host

  14. Antoni was not my favorite Queer Eye man (that's certainly Tan) and I was a bit prejudiced because there are so many pretentious so-called "foodies" around that make food a quasi religion, but in interview I always liked Antoni, he seems a bit shy and my heart went out to him when I read that he was also socially anxious. Doing such a show with such a condition can't always be easy.
    And I gradually fell in love with his cooking, his Spaghetti Carbonara (as much as I tried to emulate it from the show) were fantastic! Am really looking forward for the book.

  15. Just a marketing idea but he should make that a challenge on YouTube to get people to cook something from his book.. good publicity I think

  16. I love how he talks low and sensual and then all of a sudden breaks off talking loudly when his brain begins to work fast and his mouth is trying to keep up.

  17. I think Antoni is great at what he does and he's sweet and kind. Get a hold of your self people, a little decorum would be nicer.

  18. I feel you . I also was ashamed to be PL .after years in the Netherlands … I fall in love in PL again . & yes food we got " magic " with "soul" , sorry for my shit english xDD


  20. I'm not sure if Trevor is gay, but…if they got married one day…it would make my life complete. Two of my favorite people.

  21. I love how Trevor never cuts off any of his guests. He waits for them to finish talking. I love James Corden and all but he has a habit of cutting off his guest from speaking.

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