APNEA TRAINING made fun / picking up random GIRL – Vlog#2

– You are from Bangkok, no? – Yes – Okay, cool. So you work here in the swimming pool? – Mm, yes. – I’m very glad you want to join us. So we’re going to do some um, what are we going to do? (laughing) (piano music) Can you hold your breath? – Little bit. – A little bit? – Yes. – Like (deep inhaling) – That’s already a long time. – Yeah. – Good. What can we have Na do, that is not too difficult? – Yeah. – Like we’re just trying to figure out what we can have this lovely lady do who has zero experience in freediving of course, so it cannot be too difficult and she has to enjoy it of course. – Maybe the walking RV? – Walking? But that’s on RV. You cannot ask a beginner to do RV. – You’re right. Or we give our weights to her. – Oh we do full RV and we
give the weights to her. – Yeah. – Okay. Okay, yeah, yeah, okay. If anyone dies today
it’s not our fault, okay? We going to have a compete here, sit down on the bottom of the pool. Na, can you, we’re going to try to sit
on the bottom of the pool. – Okay. – With the three of us, okay? (harp chord) – Heavy. – We’re going to give you the weights. – Heavy. – Yeah, it’s not, like 800 grams and that is one kilo? That is one kilo. Take a good breath. (deep inhaling) – Okay. – I think you are, if you are, let’s see if you think you are close give us a yes, yes to pull. Okay. – You have Facebook, yes? Then later when the video is done, I will send it to your Facebook so you can see the video. I wish you all the best, Na . (laughing) – We are watching–
– Alright, cool. (electronic music) – That’s okay. – Yeah, you like it? – Have you done this before? Have you done breath holds before? Never done before? This is first time? – Yes. – We’re going to try to lay down now. (harp chord) (electronic music) (deep exhaling) (laughing) – Oh this is cool. – Yeah, good? What else can we do? (laughing) – We can do the walking. – Walking? (harp chord) (electronic music) – So here we have someone
who has never done any kind of breath holding
or freediving or whatsoever. – And she was better than me. (laughing) – And is now doing underwater apnea walks. That’s crazy. Very nice. – Yeah. – Thank you. – That’s better than– – I was looking at you and I was like, wow she’s walking gracefully. – Yeah. – You know, stylish. Stylish walking. – Thank you (laughing) – Cause nobody wants to see two guys doing stupid stuff in the pool, you know. – Ahhh! – I mean. We’re gonna try, (harp chord) crawling on the bottom. Crawling. – Like that. – Like Spiderman. – Spiderman. That’s it. – Yeah Spiderman. (electronic music) (harp chord) – Ready? (electronic music) – So we just figured out that push ups with our
weights is really silly. So let’s just have her
do a breath hold here. (harp chord) So um, how do you explain our
breathe-up like in a minute? – Cannot give her full force now, but– – Yeah but– How would we tell her like in a minute? – It’s just ah, to say that we– – So just give yourself some time. Just relax a little bit like, just relax. I know you’re a little bit cold so I can see you’re shivering. – My body shivering. – Just like falling asleep. Okay? And then I will tell you when you can take your final breath. Okay? Close your eyes. (electronic music) Okay. (deep exhaling) Good. You like making bubbles? You like doing this? – Yes. (laughing) – Okay. We’re going to stop here. For some reason I thought you were from Australia. – Yeah, you know I have a
very strong Italian accent. (laughing)

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