[‘Just Friends 1’ music] Greetings my beautiful lovelies — it’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today’s video is sponsored by expressvpn a VPN provider that gives you Internet privacy. Head over to expressvpn dot com /emmymade and find out how you can get three months free. Big thanks to expressvpn for sponsoring this video. Now today, I’m going to be preparing a apocalyptic meal. Now if you missed my apocalyptic breakfast, I will put the link above and down below but today I’m going to be making a dinner that consists of a whole canned chicken. A whole canned chicken! Yes, that’s going to be our main course. And then we’re going to have some bread with that — a little bit of canned bread. And with my bread, I’m gonna have some cheese — look at the size of this cheese! So to begin with, we’re gonna have this: and this is Sweet Sue canned whole chicken. So in this can, which is 50 ounces, is a whole chicken — a rather small chicken, but a whole chicken. Now, this is completely cooked. So it says to reheat this in a 475 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes. I believe you can still find this on supermarket shelves in parts of the country — but not anywhere where I live — so I purchased this on the internet. And this was $27, so very expensive whole chicken, but it’s in a can and presumably you could keep it for quite a long time. Not indefinitely, but quite a long time. So let’s go ahead and open this. Oof! Ooh, I’m getting that canned- and chicken-broth-canned chicken smell. It’s not too pleasant. All right. Wowzers…. Okay, so there looks like there’s some headspace in there; definitely some congealed fat there; and it looks a little gelatinous. Alrighty. So let’s go ahead and dump our chicken out. Oh boy here we go. Here it is. Oh that poor, sad chicken. Okay. Oh wow, that is a pretty sad looking whole chicken. Yes, it is whole, but not really. Oh man! So here’s the whole chicken it is indeed a whole chicken, although it’s pretty disintegrated I’m gonna do as instruct it and place this in a 475 degree oven and bake it for 10 to 15 minutes So while the chicken is baking, let me tell you a little bit more about expressvpn So what is a VPN the VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network? And basically it creates a secure connection between your computer and the internet so if you’re at all like me and you use a public Wi-Fi system, for example If I’m editing and I’m in a cafe, and the connection is not secure So once I’m connected to express VPN, all of my data is encrypted So I don’t have to worry about passwords or other sensitive information being intercepted So I love the peace of mind that comes with having the security that comes with the VPN So expressvpn is really easy to use and easy to connect to and it offers the fastest and most consistent speed without any internet Restrictions so expressvpn works out to be about seven dollars a month and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee So take back your internet privacy today and find out how you can get three months free by clicking the link in the description head Over to expressvpn dot-com slash any made and take back your privacy with expressvpn Alright next we’re gonna open our can of cheese now this is cougar gold and this comes from Washington State University Now look at the size of this cheese, isn’t this incredible? Now Washington State University has been making this cheese since the 40s and this is their flagship cheese I also purchased these two the natural cheddar and the natural Viking I think I’m going to do this in a separate taste testing video So this has been produced since the 1940s when Washington State University received funding from the US government and the American can company To develop a way to preserve cheese in a tin So this means the preservation came before plastic was invented and it was seen as an improvement to wax because it didn’t crack like wax So if it kept unrefrigerated and the tin is not punctured in any way this cheese can last indefinitely In fact, the cheese flavors will improve you’ll have more amino acid crystals for being formed and the flavors will be even better I’m super excited to taste this because I’ve heard a rave reviews of So this is one pound and fourteen ounces of cheese, it’s not inexpensive one wheel of cheese was twenty-two dollars Look at that that looks gorgeous. It smells great to get the cheese out Dah-dah-dah, isn’t that a great tin? I love this tin And there is our wheel of cheese It is huge I’m gonna slice a couple pieces of cheese off of there. I’m a handy dandy cheese plain. I love this thing So to go with the cheese Let’s have some bread. And this is B & M’s brown bread original B and M stands for Burnham and Morel now This is a very regional thing. I live in New England in Rhode Island, and this bread can be found in most grocery stores I had never seen this before when I lived in California because this historically wasn’t really eaten in, California This brown bread is eaten. Usually with baked beans Boston baked beans and it is a dark slightly molasses bread but it comes in a can and because it comes in a can you can just keep it in your pantry and You’ve got bread whenever you want it. There’s a nice little Vacuum hissed there Hear that So to open you’re supposed to open both sides of the can Just gonna remove the top push it out push it out Where does it come out better this way this way? Doesn’t want to come out use my knife Gently push loaf Out of one end with a spoon. What do you mean? Push it out with a spoon? No. No, I’m feeling what you’re saying. Okay So I’m gonna unstick it with a knife Gently press it out ridiculous, right? I don’t remember it being this hard last time Okay, there we go, oh Wow that was a lot harder than I expected. So let’s cut a slice of that There’s the beautiful brown bread it’s pretty dense but very moist It smells a bit of molasses to cut two slices of brown bread So we baked this chicken, but it’s more like a kind of boiled chicken All the jelly bits just kind of dissolved into kind of a soup here and Let’s serve up some of this chicken. I am a dark girl. So I’m gonna put some of that on my plate All righty, so there is our apocalyptic dinner Alrighty so I’m gonna try the chicken first because that’s nice and hot and here we go get that lucky moss Mmm Excuse me while I pull bones out of my mouth Hmm That was part of the wing. I thought that might be some meat but let’s try that again Hey, that was basically very salty very soft chicken skin Alrighty, let’s try that. That’s uh me. Here we go Yeah, first of all, it’s very very very salty and very well cooked So the chicken is quite tender, but very salty. It tastes just like canned chicken broth It does have a kind of metallic tinned flavor to the chicken, but it is very very tender And of course juicy because it’s been sitting in chicken broth all this time But it doesn’t really have a very great texture because it’s so overcooked and I’m really missing the carmelization There’s no crispy skin No, those kind of meillard effect little bits happening here because this is basically a boiled whole chicken But post-apocalypse. I’m sure this would be absolutely incredible You know, let’s go ahead and try our canned bread It has a very strong flavor of molasses, there’s a slight sweetness to it and The texture of it is very moist. It’s quite intense, but it is moist Not at all dry and it’s a very unique style of bread don’t imagine sandwich bread because this is nothing like it It’s rather than being yeasty. This is more akin to say a quick bread like banana bread or a Scone, I think the leavening in this is baking soda so it has a slightly different texture but quite good coming out of a can and Sitting in your pantry for how many years this would be golden Mm-hmm. Now, let’s try the cheese the one I’ve been waiting for. Let’s give this a go Mmm, oh my that is excellent Mmm that is a delicious sharp cheddar cheese Really nice mouthfeel not overly crumbly it still got a little bit of that kind of silky richness in terms of texture But dry nice sharp cheddar a flavor, but not too much of a bite You don’t have any of those amino acid crystals formed yet. But the flavor is very intense. It has a great nuttiness. This is fantastic Mm-hmm a Little bit of sweetness in there as well delicious now, I’m gonna have it on my bread Mm-hmm It surprisingly actually goes really well with the molasses bread the rich dairy creaminess and the nuttiness goes really well with the sweetness Let’s just go ahead and make it an open-faced sandwich and add some chicken to that Definitely improvement on the chicken as well because the chicken is so salty and the bread is slightly sweet. It really bounces out all that sodium. So yeah, I think that’s the best choice to take the chicken, place it on the bread, have a little cheese — or omit the cheese if you’re gonna have the chicken because the cheese is salty. But yeah, altogether not bad. And also if you’re curious, I’ll put links in the description to all of these items as well. Alrighty, thank you guys so much for joining me and big thanks to expressvpn for sponsoring this video! Take back your internet security by heading over to expressvpn Dot-com / emmymade to see how you can get three months. Absolutely free. Thanks again for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Please share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; like; subscribe; and I shall see you in the next one! Toodle-oo! Take care! Byeeee!

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  1. As someone who grew up with that canned chicken. You first remove skin and bones, using the meat and broth and either heat it in the oven or in a saucepan on the stove, you bring to a boil and then add dumplings biscuit style or egg dough) or egg noodles. I do can half of a chicken bones in/ skin on nowadays.

  2. BTW, brown bread is also delicious with cream cheese. And, here in New England it is a staple component of beanies and weenies.

    The chicken was … disgusting. You're far braver than I am.

  3. The term “canned bread” has made me insanely sad , my condolences to anyone who has had to eat canned bread or cheese.

  4. I wouldn't usually eat brown bread cold. Gramma always warmed it up to go with the beans. I love the flavor of brown bread, so I'll eat it however I can get it…but, warm it up!

  5. Glad I happened upon this video! My mom was a WW2 survivor here in Hawaii, so she always had emergency pantry foods. That chicken has ALWAYS been nasty! But I remember actual small feathers. She'd open the molasses bread as a sort of special dessert and spread butter or cream cheese on it. Loved your video! Going to see what else you have 😉

  6. Who ever prepared that chicken needs to be incarcerated for animal cruelty ,I mean the trauma that chicken had to go through.
    Says silent prayer 😱

  7. I had a funny idea about a child just waking up and realizing adults suck, like they’re bad for the life of this planet I guess I should just kill them all. That would be a funny comic. I mean is it that much different from Deadpool?, I’d argue not by much.

  8. Just saying, if it was an apocalypse, wouldn’t appliances not work because there is no electricity???

  9. Omg I'd be so pissed if I bought that chicken and that's what came out of the can. There is no sense in that at all. The best part it looks like is the broth. It looks like a bone broth. Which is very healthy. Add onion, cemetery, carrots and you'll have an amazing drink.

  10. The canned bread reminded me of that one Spongebob episode about leaf blowers where Squidward went to a gated community and found canned bread. Anyone else?

  11. With the way she was enjoying that cheese, you'd this this was a plug.. 😀 Canned Sharp Cheddar, only at your post-apocalyptic same-more!

  12. Dinner host- here's some canned chicken, it's whole.
    Me- goes to therapy and has nightmares for the rest of my life.

  13. put it in the stove for 15 mins? yea because people who are on the run or in make shift bunkers are going to have stoves….-__- i thought the purpose of these type of canned foods was to be instant!

  14. B&M (Burnham & Morrill) Co baked beans / brown bread etc is not Boston … it is a 150 year old company based in Portland, Maine …

  15. The bread and the cheese look great, that chicken looks like he’s been in that can for a very long time….

  16. As someone who lives less than 20 minutes from WSU, I am offended that you put Cougar Gold anywhere near that canned homunculus.

  17. Hi Emmy, love your channel.

    Regarding Brown Bread. Originally it was a "pudding" meaning it was a steamed bread. In colonial times it was a mix of equal parts cornmeal, wheat four (today's whole wheat) and rye flour mixed with buttermilk and a leavener (early baking soda. It was placed in a vessel that stood in boiling water and steamed for a few hours.

    A tip for opening modern canned brown bread, is after opening both ends of the can, leave one can end still on the can use a mixing spoon to push the bread through the can by pusing a spoon against the can lid.

  18. I’ve never seen a Sweet Sue whole chicken in a can lol 😂 but I wanna find one. But I will say that we have always loved Sweet Sue canned chicken and dumplings and chicken. Grew up on it and it’s very good. Add a little butter and salt to the chicken and dumplings and they’re so good.

  19. “ I am a dark meat girl “ why do ppl say shit like that 😂😂😂 sounds like – I am a mouth breather type of girl

  20. To all dissing that chicken, you never know, it might be one of the most delicious things you can have during the apocalypse!

  21. I'll bet when we're starving or buns off and we have nothing to eat for days or weeks at a time, that dinner will look mighty good 😉



  24. I've had caned chicken before and it was much better then that. It was tight in the can as well. It did not fall apart and the skin was whole. I wouldent eat what you have and I spent about 10.00 for mine.

  25. Haaa what gets me is this stuff is made for an apocalypse where the heck are you to run an oven duhhh people that think of this stuff kills me in an apocalypse no electricity is the first thing to go and most people would eat it right outa the can and you would probably die from food poisoning first!!!!

  26. I thought Bikini Bottom was the only place there was canned bread, when Squidward went to the grocery store found canned bread

  27. B&M bread in a can can be found in some SoCal stores like Stater Bros. and Albertson's. Amazon sellers gouge buyers on this item so check locally first.

  28. I would go back in time and eat dinner with the Donner party before I would eat that nasty looking chicken in a can.

  29. I'm pretty sure I have a crush on you. Lol But in any case great job on all your posts. Love the idea of your show and your hosting and commentary. Keep up the great work!

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