Apollo 11 50th anniversary – 1/72 Nasa Model Diorama

[Jack King] “–at fifteen seconds, Guidance is internal.” “Twelve…” “Eleven, ten, nine…” “Ignition sequence start.” “Six, five…” “Four…” “Three…” “Two…” “One…” “Zero.” “All engine running.” “We have a lift off, lift-off on Apollo 11.” [Quindar tone] [Buzz Aldrin] “Shadow.” [Aldrin] “4 forward. Drifting to the right a little.” [CAPCOM] “30 seconds.” [Aldrin] “Contact light.” “Okay. Engine stop.” [Neil Armstrong] “Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed.” It is 50 years when the humans step on the moon’s surface. So in this video I’m going to build a diorama with the moon landing. I found an auction with rare lunar landing diorama model made by Dragon in 72 scale. If you’d like to build a similar model I think available is Eagle model made by Revell. In the kit is a large plastic base with a molded terrain surface. It will be one of my largest diorama…so far. The texture of gold-ish foil looks interesting indeed. I just need to figure out how to paint it. And the best are two small astronauts figures. The whole model is straightforward to assemble. I cut out parts from sprue… and glue them together. And more importantly clean the most visible seam lines and mold lines. Now I’m trying to imitate typical thin, gold-ish foil around the first stage of the lunar model. I decided to paint chrome finish first so I spray the model with a gloss black color which is a perfect base for every chrome finish. And I use lacquer paints because they are very resilient and suitable for airbrush. I make test of some chrome colors and I think chrome from AK has smooth result and application is straightforward. On the bottle is wrote that you should use low pressure something like 15 PSI. But I tried my favorite pressure 25 PSI. And it worked also. (music) I think the result looks relatively tolerable. Now I must change color from silver to orange. You cannot use for this purpose full opaque color but transparent one. Important is only spray a few, thin layers. (music) “Pulsar” by Jakob Ahlbom I thought that it is all but after when I found proper documentation for this model, I realized that this main body of the model is more complicated than I expected. It had a lot of sections from different materials like black, silver, and yellow aluminized kapton foil mostly. I probably could mask them with masking tape and spray black and silver sections with an air brush but I can also use humble paint brush. I use for this purpose water-based acrylic colors. (music) This chrome model master color is enamel-based. Not an “animal” like some pet but enamel, like chemical. Oh bloody hell. I hate this word. (music) (music) “Travel to Centaurus” by Nihoni The second stage of Eagle model was covered with a heat-resistant, nickel-steel alloy simply it was silver and some parts were again black. Look at this complex, anti-symmetrical shape and still, the max speed was almost seven miles per second. (music) The whole surface looks very dull so I’m trying to paint a lot of silver rivets or bolts. (music) I’m making some details more pronounced with a black wash. There are some waterslide decals in the kit. Most of them are for the control module. But some are also for The Eagle. So what would be Eagle without United States flag? The surface is very uneven. So I’m trying to unify decals with the surface. I use for this purpose decals chemicals which make decals very soft. (music) I highlight some details on the black texture with a dry brush technique. The dry brush means that you take a little dry brush and apply a minimal amount of light gray or white color on it. The kit also has another model and it is Apollo 11 control module. This ship stayed at the orbit of the moon with Michael Collins inside. (music) The Columbia ship also had two stages. The large silver barrel was actually only cover for fuel tank and engine. The small, silver cone on the top is capsule which brought astronauts back to earth. (music) (music) “Luminescence” by Trevor Kowalski And wouldn’t be moon landing without Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Hopefully in the kit are two small figures with lovely details. (music) The gold covered glass and helmet was tricky. First I paint the shield with enamel gold color and then polished color with a chrome powder made by Uschi van der Rosten. (music) And the final step is base. The moon’s surface looks like sixty shades of gray. So for me it was a very dull step because I like colors. Hopefully I have airbrush because otherwise I would need for the whole surface few bottles of paint. (music) I am trying to highlight details with a drybrush technique and create deep shades with a highly diluted oil color. Now it looks less uniform. The final step is light gray oil paint. The advantage of this type of colors is that drying time is one or two days and paint has nicely smooth pigment. So well you can pull color to full transparency. Honestly, I am big fan of space exploration Primarily I admire the incredible work of NASA, Space X and many others. It looks like that after Apollo program the whole space exploration was dead. Actually the NASA budget was reduced indeed but we built fully functional orbital space station developed new engines, and life support systems. Meanwhile, creating this model, I realized how crazy was moon landing 50 years ago. For example, if you compare cars from 60s or 70s and for example modern electric cars like Tesla but also computing capacity of smartphone in your pocket. The phone is more than 1000 times powerful than the computer which was installed in The Eagle. Maybe you are asking yourself now ‘Why haven’t we colonized Mars yet?’ Or at least built a base on the moon if we have got all necessary technologies. I think nowadays isn’t a problem to get on the moon, but how to get there safely. Kennedy had prepared two speeches for Apollo 11. One for success mission and the second one. Also, NASA engineers predicted a 50% chance of failure. So with a simple math , Russian roulette is safer. It seems to me that Apollo program ahead of time. but on the other hand it was not only first step for man but it changed our lives too. It brought new technologies and materials like battery powered precision tools new microchips, solar panels but also freeze-dried food and many others. I believe that once we can find some (INAUDIBLE) materials in asteroids like tons of gold iridium platinum or new ones and if so it’ll be game changer because it will be straight forward business model for a lot of investors. I think we live in the glorious era of space exploration and I’m looking forward what will happen. “Where no one has gone before.” So thanks for watching and see you next time. [Armstrong] “…first step, Buzz, It’s…” [Armstrong] “(The) strut isn’t collapsed too far, but it’s…” [Armstrong] “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

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  1. Sir, I doff my hat to you, have seen many videos of what you have produced, The Bismark model , The UHU with its intricate camouflage, rebuilding the under carriage. You Sir are the Leonardo Devichi of the modeling world. You take a very simple kit and you say no its not good enough so I will spend the time and do this and make it so much better. Learned a great deal from all you video's and although I'm 67 years old you still can teach an old dog new tricks… THANK YOU….

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    Vatican Jesuits invent the following:
    1543 – Theory Heliocentricism
    1582 – Heliocentric calendar (Pope Gregorian calendar)
    1651 – Theory Mapping Moon (Selenography)
    1763 – Theory Atomic Energy
    1809 – Theory Transmutation of Species
    1923 – Theory Missing Link (bones lost, molds prove find)
    1931 – Theory Big Bang (another ejaculation into the virgin source)

    Our history and science has been little more then fictional stories these last 2000 years. It began, with obedience from the indoctrinated masses these illiterates who paid tithing for Faith based religion and war. Today, the indoctrinated masses are educated idiots who pay tax on their labor for Theory based science and war. This is the reality propagated across the face of the Earth.

    You defend one of these fictional stories:

    Theory – SPACE (Big Bang)
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    Creationism, the HE God gave you the clean and unclean animals for food

  3. Will you be doing another airliner soon?

    I absolutely love your work and your videos are quite therapeutic 🙂

  4. I love that you honored this wonderful achievement and the 50th anniversary with this talented model build. My Father worked on the Apollo 11 program and I am also an Electrical Engineer. I Remember this event as a child. It was amazing and I was sure we’d have flying cars and robots (at home) by this time in my life. Oh well 🙂
    What’s interesting is that 7miles/sec in space is possible because there is no atmosphere and therefore resistance is minimized allowing non-aero dynamic objects to travel at such speeds. I agree that we need to move forward with more space exploration and companies like SpaceX are helping to move things in this direction.

    Your accent is pleasing so don’t worry about pronunciation.
    Thank you for such a wonderful posting and showing your beautiful model!
    Kind Regards,

  5. Well done! WOW! Way to commemorate such an amazing achievement 50 years ago. Love your comments too. We have better technology now, in part from the developments from the Apollo missions, but that does not make people smarter especially when they doubt the lunar landing even happened and we went to the moon 6 times! This year I have built a couple of models with my daughter to help her get a connection to what happened because we must never forget. I have also taken her to some museums and showed her some great films and documentaries. Fortunately we have an actual moon rock from Apollo 17 on display here at our local space museum. If you have not seen this already highly recommend the films "Hidden Figures" and the awe inspiring movie "Apollo 11". Again well done. It is just sad that some people in the birth country of NASA (the USA) doubt the validity of moon missions which is an insult to the astronauts of Apollo 1 who lost their lives in an effort to get us to the moon.

  6. Would you suggest larger-scale models or smaller ones for someone trying to get back into the game after many years?

  7. Jako vždycky skvělá práce. Jen jsem si všiml, že podle mě používáš hopefully špatně. Znamená spíše doufejme. Osobně bych použil spíš luckily. Jinak ovšem není co vytknout, muzika v pozadí i a hlavně komentář tomu dodávají něco co jinde nenajdeš o kvalitě práce ani nemluvě 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  8. Just a reminder about the whole moon landings and operations. Even if they had a computer to calculate all the trajectories, velocity, gravitationnal pulls etc, they had people who re-calculate EVERYTHING that the IBM computer the size of a house back then did. One name comes to mind is Katherine Johnson. I remember a picture of her and the stacks of papers was higher than her.

  9. Could you make a tutorial on how to paint 1/72 miniatures ? i try to work on a ww3 diorama and it would help me alot 🙂

  10. Hey David! You built only once a tank hunter which was Nashorn ,which was over two years ago. So i guess you should build another one. You can go for Su-100 or Stug-III or something. It depends on you. So if you read this comment please think of this idea.

  11. Hi, i have a lot of mini mockups from zvezda model and it's a same to throw them away and i would like to put them together somehow. If You can and do it record it for the less advanced. Thanks😊


    I actually ordered my first model set, paint and tools today. You encouraged me to start trying modelling. Hope it goes well! Ordered the Porsche Tiger from Italeri for my first model

  13. Though the moon landing was a hoax and nothing but propaganda to provide political gain to help bankrupt and crash the Soviet Union, the model looks amazing.
    It's funny how our first rockets went to the moon, yet now, we don't know how to get there without dying from the Van Allen radiation belt. Since the Apollo "Moon" mission's, not a single space flight went beyond low earth orbit. It's because we have yet to figure out how to do it. Which is also why the Apollo mission's were fabricated.
    NASA even admitted on camera, by accident, that they have yet to figure out a way to go through the radiation belt.
    NASA (Never Achieved Space Age)

  14. The capsule WAS the 'Command Module'. The Cylindrical section mounted behind was called the 'Service Module' , which held the main engine and main maneuvering thrusters for the entire craft. Plus it housed internally, the fuel tanks, oxygen tanks, batteries, life support system and other electrical support equipment for the CM. Thanks for the great build My friend! BTW: long E-namel not an-nimal. Just trying to help Dude! ^_^



  16. Would love to see you build one of the fictional super aircrafts from the Ace Combat series. They have a few kits online. The X02- Wyvern is awesome.

  17. There should be i long square box on the back side of the ladder, there is where the flag was stored. I have yet to see a model company put it on there so I just make my own. I see Round2 is going to be selling the 1/48 kit in September but you can pre-order it right now. It is the Revell kit.

  18. Only one thing missing or some people would say is missing. The T.V. cameras, lighting rigs and boom operators, for those that think we didn't go to the moon. By the way We did.

  19. i personally think that colonizing other planets would just be a misuse of our resources, if you really think about it, we would need to spend billions on each trip to and from, and bases would have to be restocked with things like oxygen, water, and food regularly. until we have more efficient means of transportation and supply, colonizing other planets would simply be too difficult and expensive

  20. I love this channel for two reasons. Firstly, having severe ocd, this is one of the most therapeutic channels I’ve found and really helps to distract and relax my mind, and secondly, because watching you work with your skill and passion is an absolute joy and privilege.

  21. Greetings to you and respect for your great work.
    I wish, I only had 5% of your Patience.
    It even makes me nervous, watching how patient and with great detail you build these beautiful Models. And always a great choice of music!
    Thank you 👍😀

  22. I liked your reflective commentary on the program and especially how crazy these guys were to attempt this 50 years ago. One of the most enjoyable parts of model building is the contemplation. You are a rock star to anyone that has spent time building.

  23. The visors came out beautiful, I just got the 50th Anniversary 1/48 Scale Apollo and will use that tip. I hope it comes out as nice as yours.

  24. kennedy had not prepared two speaches. he was dead. his successor (Johnson? or nixon? don't remember) did though. Nasa director as well.

  25. Hello there, how did you make or get the orange? The AK RC009 only seems to be available in opaque. I can’t find it in transparent anywhere…

  26. The late Gene Cernan (the last man on the moon) said that we reached into the 21st century and stole a decade and pulled it in to the 1960s.

  27. Many, many moons ago, I had a model of the Eagle. I believe it was from Airfix.
    Again, your work is bringing back memories 👍

  28. @plasmo did you know there were actually THREE speeches: one for success, one for the death of the astronauts, and one in case Armstrong and Aldrin had been stranded on the moon and Collins returned home. There was a chance the LM Ascent Module engine wouldn't fire.

  29. Shit man .. your model looks more realistic than the homeless tweaker shelter they “sent to the moon” .. at least all of your panels fit properly on the lander .. I really don’t think curtain rods and duck tape got 2 actor~nots to the moon .. good model of a fairy story . 👍 your narration from 12:53 on wards is pure fantasy .. the only thing nasa have sent into space is your imagination .. they give you CGI and cartoons and charge us all $58 million PER DAY .. iss is a joke .. look into how many times lettuce has been grown in space “for the first time” the space programs has given nothing of value in return for our money ..

  30. I turned 9 that year. It was on my birthday men walked on the moon. 7-16-69 is a day I'll never forget. My grandmother on the other hand, never believed it. I guess after all her generation had seen, this was one too many for her.

  31. Awesome work, as always! You've inspired me to buy this kit, and I do apologise (Apollo-gise?) but I will be copying your work as much as I can because your model is so good! Thanks mate!

  32. This is excellent video. I was wondering how I was going to build my own model, and I like your approach to the gold Mylar. Thank you for this.

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