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  1. In 1902 a film came out picturing what a trip to the moon and back would have been conducted in which a giant cannon was used to send three travellers to the moon. Here is the film "Le Voyage Dan's La Lune" ( https://youtu.be/_FrdVdKlxUk )

  2. These are the stories people should follow.We are going through a time when people try to survive problems rather than trying to find solutions.Lets hope humans come together to achieve higher goals than focusing on just fashion and movie stars. #Apollo

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  4. I pray that NASA will really go to Moon for real some day with SpaceX or with an Orion capsule.  Please NASA, when people finally do land on 🌑 please set up some "official monument," that is bigger than a plaque from 🌍, to let all space travelers who visit it know that Earthians did walk around on 🌑 ; and please record it on 🎥 to commemorate that monument, and to share it with 🌍.
       Someone has to do these simple experiments that WERE NOT DONE ON ANY APOLLO MISSION:
    1. Have a 🎥 to show an astronaut on Moon who wraps his/her fingers around 🌍. (One Giant Leap For Earthians!  Go, Artemis crew!  You Can Do It!) 2. Show an astronaut on Moon who measures the diameter of 🌍 with a 12-inch ruler…  ("Hello, Houston, this is Artemis crew." "While standing on lunar surface and holding a ruler in front of Earth, both astronauts measured Earth to be 3 inches in diameter, over.") = Simple, Scientific Experiment! …What if in 25 years on the next manned moon mission, a ruler measurement on 🌑 shows Earth to be 5 inches in diameter?  …Then, everyone will want to know if 🌑 is on a collision course with Earth. ✔  3.  Show an astronaut on Moon who holds a ball (small… 🎱? medium… ⚾? or large… ⚽?) beside 🌍  (=⚾🌍…👍 or 👎?) for some size comparison.  4. Show an astronaut on Moon who poses as Atlas with 🌍 on his/her shoulders… etc.  Yes, those 4 are simple, scientific experiments that can be repeated again and again on each return trip to 🌑.  Also, on the same video please show an astronaut on 🌑 who waves at 🌍 as ✋ momentarily blocks Earth's view while waving, so viewers really know that 🌍 is behind✋. 
    That is the biggest reason that the "many" Apollo moon missions were so disappointing.  All of them together only amounted to a few photos or videos of 🌍 from 🌑.  Am I the only one who thinks that this almost total omission of Earth, OUR HOME, from the Apollo photo album was rude, and unscientific?  So, I think that future manned missions on 🌑 must include 3 closeup photos (1 each day) &  3 zoomed-in, 30sec. 🎥 clips (1 each day) that clearly show Earth from 🌑.  These "should" be mandatory because most skeptics would like to see them. Why are there thousands of skeptics? Because they have common sense! They can never believe that an astronaut can stand on 🌑 with a big, bright 🌍 sticking in his face without him EVER wanting to do an experiment with 🌍 … with "something"!
       One can only wonder "WHY???" NASA did not do at least one of those experiments on "any" Apollo mission. "THAT" 🎥 will be worth billions!   That is one big dilemma that many people cannot get over.  Anyone with half a brain knows that most astronauts on 🌑 would have done all of those, plus many more experiments with 🌍 as the background!  But , probably the most convincing 🎥 clip of astronauts on 🌑 would be to record a baseball launcher machine (used in batting practice) facing towards Earth with 🎥  camera directly behind it. And film as it launches a bright, red-colored softball directly towards Earth.  Then, zoom-in and follow it, so viewers can watch the ⚾ get smaller as it goes farther away from them, yet closer to Earth (with Earth as its background) ; while astronaut is seen turning it slightly before it launches another ⚾ on a different angle. ✔!  If that is not good enough evidence to convince skeptics, then nothing probably ever will be! ✔‼
      So, get ready, Artemis!  Billions of people in every country on 🌍 will want to see "that" full-length video that is recorded on 🌑.  Blue Ray DVDs of that real, full-length video, recorded on 🌑, would sell out at Walmart!  Plus, hundreds of TV stations around the world will pay NASA royalties each time "that" whole video is aired on their own TV station.  NASA will NOT turn down those billions of dollars to its budget ->  to help pay off that 🌑 mission or to pay for its next, planned mission!
      The main point of this comment was to make people think of ways to make the "next" manned moon landing better.  Nevertheless, I DO believe that men did walk on 🌑 (maybe members of the SSP or the ICC did, but maybe not all of the 12 Apollo astronauts did).  Anyway, Happy Fiftieth "50th" Anniversary, NASA, of the spectacular,  moon landing of Apollo 11 that put the first man on 🌑!  Right?
      Sorry, NASA, that you are unable to send people to Mars.  Not only does Artemis have the letters: m, a, r, s, in it. But, most important, its first five letters also spell the name: m, a, r, t, e, which is Mars in the Spanish language! So, Artemis would have been a better name to call a manned mission to Mars!  (= 🚀to 🔴 ‼)  But, that's okay because I will be SHOCKED beyond belief if Earthians ever do call 🔴 their new home, someday!  (Don't blame me for using symbols. Blame the ancient Egyptians.)

  5. No, the video title is wrong. It took 300,000 men and women to put men on the moon. She was just one extremely smart and skilled person that was part of a massive team of smart and skilled persons.

  6. One of the greatest things of the 20th Century, but sadly for me I remember as a young kid at school been bored senseless made to sit with all the the other kids in silence and watch almost unwatchable pictures as the event happened or had just happened.If I remember rightly I had watched some of it just before i left for school anyway. So at that juncture I couldn't get very excited about it . However, a fantastc accomplishment and maxime respect to these three great men, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins.

  7. Being a programmer myself, Mrs Hamilton is one of my all time computing world heroes, especially given the difficulties, magnitudes, and pressures of the tasks that she faced. I can only hope to one day gain at least a small fraction of her skill and experience. Best of wishes to her on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

  8. Did she program it in assembly or Fortran. Why is there a set inside the LEM simulator. ! computer for a manned flight to the moon?

  9. Freemasons had Apollo 11 launch on 7/16 and land on the Moon on 7/20 – Matthew 7:16 & 7:20, "By their fruit you will know them"

    "GOD is GOOD". GOD=GOOD=7_4, whereas G is the 7th letter, a circle O is 15 or zero or —, D=4.

    GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April 30 AD: GOOD Friday(74) when Jesus(74=J10+E5+S19+U21+S19) was nailed on(74) the Cross(74=C3+R18+O15+S1+S19). GOD=7_4 is very ancient – centuries before the English(74=E5+N14+G7+L12+I9+S19+H8) language and its gematria(74=G7+E5+M13+A1+T20+R18+I9+A1). Google: Simple6,74 English7,74 Gematria8,74.

    Masonic(7,74=M13+A1+S19+O15+N14+I9+C3) Code(4) was used all over early NASA. The Mercury 7 astronauts and 4 weren't Air Force/4 weren't Navy. Apollo 7 was the first manned mission to fly and 4 missions later, Apollo 11 was the first to land on the Moon.

    Jesus son of Joseph was born on 4/17/6 BC and this was encoded by Freemasons in July 4, 1776 (just double the 7). The first launch was Apollo 4 and the last mission to the Moon was Apollo 17. After a computer failure, the Eagle 'coincidentally' landed at 4:17 pm EDT. Apollo 13 'coincidentally' miraculously returned safely to Earth on 4/17/70.

  10. They didint even bother taking pictures of stars because they did not go to the moon I dont even believe that they float around in space above earth, its a trick to steal our money is that disrespectful? My opinion is rockets go up with no one in them then crash into water satellites dont float around up there without balloons when you zoom in on the iss its just a large plastic balloon with fiber optic lighting its a scam we need to gather and shut down this outerspace lie its just not right I mean come onn

  11. Margret was one of the GIANTS of apollo.!! I salute her along with her colleagues for their genius.!!!!

  12. The point, is she the only person who wrote that code… If yes I have a great respect for this lady. But I think the whole team worked on the code.. Then why just promoting her? Why not celebrate everyone who was the part of that team? If We are promoting her Just because she is a woman than it doesn't make any sense…

  13. But she’s white!? I’m confused so when skin color serves the lefts purpose they focus on it but in this case it’s all about gender? I’m confused, I thought gender is neither male or female or anything?

  14. Good info but don't make this about gender equality. She was there and played an important part. Don't draw the focus away from that!!

  15. Um, yeah. So one woman did it all, didn't she? This reminds me of a recent story; a story in which one woman did 4% of the work while a man did 96% of the work when it came to producing an 'image' of a black hole.

  16. Wrong again it was actually Nazi scientists who helped start nasa and also helped us put people on the moon women didn’t really do much of anything when it came to the space industry in those days.

  17. yes this one little girl risked it all for the moon mission! Never mind the 3 astronauts that risked their lives its this little girl who saved the day!

  18. I dont believe people are that easy to be fooled as we were back then….unless you are mainstream sell out or a mason troll

  19. ALL Fake
    A modern cell phone is 1 million time better than the computer that was in Apollo 11 and they can’t go to the moon these days.
    Is there a problem HOUSTON?
    Yes they think we are all Crazy !

  20. You might find this video about the moon landing interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb4N2OAuMEo&t=3292s

  21. 6:16 Wow, in nine short years we went from "scratch" to landing a man on the moon. It's like designing and building a airplane and flying it across the Atlantic back in 1869.

  22. we are not meant to travel in space…if you in any way have association with christianity the Bible tells us to live as simply as possible…just like the first christians…in this modern age the Amish are a good example of christian communal living…simply and close to nature…Jesus once told a rich young man to go home, sell all he has, give the proceeds to the poor, and then come to follow Him…but the rich young men went away sad because he had many belongings which he could not part with. But the final word goes to Eisenhower, who once vetoed Apollo. He reminded Americans that "every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed"…the 'space race' is idle lunacy…Houston, who is going to clean up the tons of spacejunk you (and Russia, China, and India) left behind on our Sister Moon…and is also circling our Mother Earth???

  23. A Presumptuous Opinion:

    Apollo 11 – The Poop & Pee Theory Proves

    No Outer Space and No Moon Landing

    The astronauts supposedly spent three days to reach the moon and two days to come back.

    It is told that a clear plastic bag was used to urinate in and obviously someone had put catheters into the astronaut’s urinary tract into their bladder.

    On a documentary just two days ago the urine bag was shown and it was a small thin clear plastic bag with pee in it. Looked like they could only urinate maximum 2 times and it's full.

    What a minute? How did you astronauts hold your pee for 5 days.

    Also, the inside of the capsule barely had room for 3 people, so there certainly was no toilet available.

    Wait a second? Where is all the poop for 3 men for 5 days. That is a lot of poop. We’re talking pounds of poop. Were you astronauts wearing outer-space-diapers? How did you astronauts hold your poop for 5 days? Can't imagine the smell inside that capsule. When the astronauts came out of the capsule, they must have had such a lovely fragrance to smell that made people immediately vomit. This was A Presumptuous Opinion on the Poop & Pee Theory

  24. https://youtu.be/oivQqSUVUkA Boy to have not mention these women…. In all of the Documentaries about space this months is beyond belief😔https://youtu.be/oivQqSUVUkA

  25. Feminist title is intentionally deceptive. She was one of a number of programmers, and not the primary one. She was one of the first to call her job a computer engineer to be first.

  26. (…there to serve tea…? Uh, no, Harry — not at NASA. In any event nice feature, but NBC's obviously resting all the success on Hamilton when it's clear she was but one member of the team. Now, NBC, to be fair to the other members of the team, you should next feature another member, or how about the entire team outright; or does that not fit into your "broadcast agenda"?)

  27. Margaret Hamilton implemented something called Universal System Language ( UML ), which means you must have a plan for everything, even for an unthinkable plan, you've got to have a plan. Amazing …👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  28. The on board computer was programmed for launch all the way downto landing. The final location to land was not entered because we were not scheduled to land on the liner surface with 8. Without those coordinates. Apollo/LEM went into unpredictable and violent jerking and rolling motions …nothing stopped these irregular behavior. 3 atronauts crammed into the LEM to escape the violent behavior of the Apollo. When someone thought to enter 01 into the computer which cleared and reset the programming sequence and thus stopped the violent motions. That’s what happened. After which it was discovered that orbit was decaying very rapidly and a burst from the LEM s rocket engine propelled the astronauts in both ships to a safer distance.

  29. Highlighting a woman! But still interrupting another @ 6:12 …. sad reality isn't it? Still so many small steps to do for human to get equality into humanity

  30. Not sure why so many people in the comments are criticizing that she’s being acknowledged? Yes, there was certainly more than one person involved, but now many times has she NOT been mentioned? Growing up I NEVER heard about her in the books! Never. She definitely deserves being acknowledged, why not?!

  31. She didn't put men on the moon 400,000 people worked to put men on the moon and she was just one of them,so let's celebrate every one of them,,,

  32. N. Armstrong had B. Aldrin Bypass and shut off the computer after the 1202 and 1201 alarms were confirmed by NASA to be a go regardless. N. Armstrong – and for once it was actually portrayed accurately in a big hollywood movie – First Mam – he manually landed Apollo 11 because the navigation system was bypassed. It was never meant to be left on. And anyways it was only 64k memory and there was another young man they hired off the street who actually was a big part of the Team of programmers that wrote the code and math formula to descend to the moon. When it becomes about gender…we all lose. Thats the brain washing media for you. They do such a great job now-n-days. Morons on the today show. Yet we listen to them me too. Idiots getting fat pay checks while im grinding away on understanding derivatives etc…

  33. “Meet the woman who put men on the moon?”

    She must’ve baked the best cookies ever? Or did she give the flight crew bj’s to relax them b4 launch? A lady this special mustve done both!

    Post modern feminism is a plague. All leftist politics is a society killing pathogen that must be eliminated.

    Best man or woman, for the job, period. Going ballistic for a hire when said hire is one of their victocrats is illustrative of the low expectations the left have for their pet victims. A black astronaut! Yaaaay! So? Why does this deserve to be celebrated more so than any other group? Disgraceful. The fact that the left doesnt think these groups see through their pandering should be the first clue that they think nothing of their intellect.

    The soft bigotry of low expectations

  34. Left out of this story is the fact that the flight computer did not have the power and capacity to do all the computations needed. Some things were calculated on Earth and sent up.

  35. It’s quite an exaggeration to suggest that Hamilton wrote the Apollo-Guidance-Computer software. No doubt about it, her contributions were very valuable, and it’s great that even in the 1960s, a smart woman like she could make such contributions, but it was clearly a team effort. See https://youtu.be/xQ1O0XR_cA0

  36. Speaking on behalf of an 11 year old kid who was absolutely fascinated by all things Space Program, thank you Margaret Hamilton for these important contributions and for not letting yourself be run off the playground!

  37. She played a very small part, as did everyone who added up to the whole. Don’t blow it out of proportion. White Men did this.

  38. Not to denigrate Ms. Hamilton's contributions in any way, but Wikipedia (and others) credit Hal Laning with the design of the real-time executive which allowed Apollo 11 to land despite the program alarms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Halcombe_Laning

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