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TRACY: So, welcome. Hi. TRACY: The first thing I want
to do is congratulate you guys– Thank you.
TRACY: –on your engagement. – Thank you.
– Thank you. So far, I’m the
only person who knows. – Yeah.
– Yeah. [LAUGHTER] TRACY: As you know, when
a couple gets engaged, it’s not just the two
of you getting married. It’s like two families
joining together. And that’s why we’re here,
because you guys have a sense that maybe
not everybody’s gonna be on board with this. – Yeah, true.
– That’s a possibility. Mm-hmm. TRACY: What are
the complications in this relationship? DAYNA: Time. That’s gonna be everybody’s
biggest argument. You guys are moving too fast. OK. DAYNA: And the age difference. TRACY: What’s your ages? – I’m 26.
– OK. And I’m 31. OK, so that’s pretty
significant at that age, ’cause you’re in one life stage,
and he could just be too young. DAYNA: That definitely
crossed my mind. I was once divorced, so I feel
like I’m seasoned a little bit. And I’m a mother already. He never dated a woman
that have children. TRACY: Tell me about your kids. I have a nine-year-old
boy and a five-year-old boy. So how’s it been for you to
take on the role of stepdad? That’s still coming together,
like, organically, you know? I don’t really play, like,
a father-like role yet. You have a baby
as well, right? Yes. TRACY: Tell me how that’s
been in your relationship. That’s been, like, the
biggest issue with us– TRACY: OK. –because my
daughter was conceived four months before I met Dayna. And me and her mother were
not in a relationship. We actually hooked up one time. Mm-hmm. And then she got pregnant. I can see that’s hard for you. It’s OK. Sorry. It’s all right. TABIAS: It’s OK. TRACY: What is it? It just slipped in. No, it’s something. Take your time. I feel like we have so
many things against us. TRACY: Mm. DAYNA: It’s all these
firsts happening. TRACY: Emotionally. DAYNA: Being a new dad. TRACY: Yeah. And having this
stepfather role. It’s hard. TRACY: If you’re concerned about
that, why be in a hurry to get married? We do have a lot
of things against us and, like, a lot
of people would say that it’s a rush and all this. But they are issues
that you have to tackle. And that makes your
relationship stronger. Like, you have to go
through that part. Right. TABIAS: So I’m not
scared of that aspect. OK. So I want each of you to tell me
who is coming from your family. Dayna, you go first. My mom is coming. And I have my two older
brothers, Jammell and TJ. Tabias, who’s coming
from your family? TABIAS: I have my mom coming,
my best friend, Javaughn, coming, and my cousin Davante. So your families
are on the way. Then we’re gonna have
a family meeting. Normally this would be where
they say what their issues are. But in this case,
you’re going to tell them that you’re engaged.

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  1. Whoever is reading this may this be the year that you get married. No more divorce and loneliness. I speak life into every thing you touch more favor

  2. My first time being in love with someone else after having my children and a couple of days ago my son asked my man a question for the first time that he obviously knew I couldn't answer. I was blown away it made me happy though 😍 so big upps to men who have the ability to help a women who has children from previous situations 💯 not everyone is mature enough 😉 it takes time.

  3. 26, 31…give me a break ‘bout age difference. The baggage from both of their past relationship should be a focal point.

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