Are E-Bikes Fun? Road Bike Vs Road E-Bike

– Like it or not, e-bikes
are becoming a thing, a big thing. – That’s right, mountain
bikers are all over them. People that just use bikes for
transport are all over them. I mean they help to carry the shopping, they help to carry the kids, or they just help carry people up hills easier and faster. – Yeah, but what about
e-bikes for sport on the road? Now I can completely understand why a mountain biker
might want some assistance hauling a heavy four suspension bike up a hill into uncharted territory. But what about us road riders? – Well yeah, it is a very good question. So to try to get a little bit of insight, we have devised a test. We’re going to tackle the
route of the medium Maratona, which is an absolutely classic
ride here in the Dolomites. It actually makes up the medium option at the famous Maratona
dles Dolomites Granfondo. – It certainly does and it
might not sound much, but, it’s 106 kilometers in length with an elevation gain of 3,130 meters. – Very punchy. – And you Simon, well you’re going to be doing
it on a top-end road bike. And I, well I’m going to
be doing it on an e-bike. Eat my dust Richardson. – Now before we get going,
let’s take a closer look at what we’re going to
be riding, shall we? This is Matt’s bike. It’s the Giant Road-E+ 1, and actually it’s Giant’s
top of the range road e-bike. You’d be familiar though, I’m sure, with most of the components on here ’cause it is very much
a road bike after all. So its got a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, the frame is Giant’s ALUXX SL aluminium, and all the next level stuff though, is right there in the oversized downtubes. So the battery is there, with enough juice for a 500 watt hour. And then that comes courtesy
of 40 lithium ion cells. The motor, down here, is from Yamaha, which I’m sure is going to
make any e-bikes skeptic even more uncomfortable
at the mention of a name so closely associated with motorbikes. But that is no motorbike. It is a pedal assist bike, meaning that it’s not going to go anywhere unless there’s a rider on there
actually turning the cranks. And then, what’s it up against? Well me, unfortunately, with nowhere enough juice
for a 500 watt hour. But, all is not lost because this is my bike. The ever lovely Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0, weighing in, comfortably, at about 11 kilograms
less than Matt’s e-bike. And yes, my batteries can also run down. But I’m going to do my best
to recharge them on route. You ready, Matt? – Yup. – Is this, is this technically a race? – You bet it is, mate. (excited yelling) – [Simon] Wait up, mate. Matt! (energetic electronic music) – Now first up, there is
a limitation to e-bikes, in some countries anyway, and that is that they actually restrict it to 25 kilometers an hour, meaning that if you want to go faster than 25 kilometers an hour,
there’s going to be no motor to help propel you forward. – No, so that means that
on a brisk ride like today, there’s going to be some
sections on this rolling road, for I suspect, Matt’s going to have to work pretty hard in order to get that heavier
bike to keep the pace. But before we start to
let ourselves think, well hang on a minute,
that’s not too much, we should probably try and answer a pretty fundamental question, and that is just who is
an e-bike designed for? – Yeah that is a good question, and there a few clues on the bike itself. Now first up, it’s got
a very relaxed geometry. And secondly, it’s got
a very long wheel base, which is great for riders new to the sport ’cause it inspires them
with the added sense of confidence and
control at higher speeds. Now it’s also a very
versatile bike indeed. I’m riding 32 millimeter tires, and that offers fantastic grip
and also wonderful comfort. And in addition to that,
the frame has bosses for a rack and also a mudguard. Now this bike doesn’t pretend by any stretch of the imagination to be a top end road bike. But could it be? We could just about find out. – All right, c’mon then mate. (energetic electronic music) – [Matt] Easy! – I can’t get rid of him! He’s like the terminator! – Matt, seriously mate. Have you given any thought
at all to your battery? – No, I’ve got a full charge. So I’m just going to go
flat out, flat stick. – What I’m wondering, mate, I was thinking about this. There’s 43.5 kilometers of climbing. So that’s going to take
you, not far off two hours. So if you’re relying on more
than 250 watts from that bike then I think on that last climb you might be running pretty low on juice. – Look, to be honest with you mate, most of this speed is just raw talent. (upbeat music) Okay, I’m not that naive. I have actually given this
a little bit of thought. Now, I’ve got three
options at my fingertips. Eco, normal, and power, and for most of the time
we’re going to be using eco. Now my plan is to drop
Simon on the climbs. And let’s face it, I could drop Nairo
Quintana at 25 k’s an hour, so I’m imagining I’m going
to have a pretty big gap by the top of this climb. And I must admit, I’m also
looking forward to the descent because the stability
that this bike gives you will mean that it’s going to feel like I’m descending on rails, bring it on. (upbeat music) (whimsical music) (rock music) (tranquil jazz music) (rock music) – [Matt] That’s right!
(tranquil jazz music) (Matt sighs) (calm contemporary music) Hey. – [Simon] Hey mate. – [Matt] How’re you feeling? I thought I’d have a
nice coffee back there. – [Simon] You had a break? – Yeah.
– No wonder why you’re behind. – [Matt] I got a nice
cappuccino and a croissant. (Simon grunts) It was really nice, but uh, I must have lost a bit of time back there after that cappuccino,
then I’m just going to, just press on, Si.
– All right, well– See you a bit later.
– Bye mate. (calm contemporary music) – 25.5 kilometers an hour now, on maximum power. I’d estimate I’m probably
putting out maybe 200 watts. I can speak easily. This is probably giving me
another 250, 300 roughly. Already put a big gap into Si. And I can’t actually go
any faster than this now, 26, 25 k an hour, it’s looking good. (calm contemporary music) – That really is, a bonkers bit of kick. Just fantastic. However, I do feel like I should perhaps defend the honor of the humble road bike at this point, though, because this bike, on this road, in this incredible scenery, feels every bit as amazing
as you would expect. And in no way does the
presence of an e-bike take away from that sensation. I don’t think any dyed in the wool roadie should ever feel threatened by the presence of e-bikes. As much as I am indeed
floundering in Matt’s wake, and yes, I am eating his dust. But the fact is, although
I might not actually want to set aside the time to ride an e-road bike myself at the moment, I do think they have
a place in this sport. (calm contemporary music) (whimsical music) (knocking on glass) – You are going to be wired, man. – How are you, Si? I’m fine, just having some strudel. You just want to get a bit
quicker, you do, I tell ya. You want to speed up a bit. We’ll get through. (triumphant music) – [Simon] Ah, nearly there, near the top. (Simon panting and laughing) – Now while Matt and I might have had a slightly twisted and unfortunately very one sided race here, that is masking an important point, and that is that that bike isn’t designed for Matt or riders as strong as Matt. It’s perfect for people that are less fit, allowing them to go
further, to climb faster, and indeed ride with other
people that may well be more fit. – Yeah, well even for a dyed in the wool rider like me with a
lot of miles on my belt, that was a lot of fun. Climbing was a quite amazing experience. I never climbed that fast before. It was really unusual
sensation, but a positive one, and then descending, I thought
it was going to be good, but I felt like I was descending on rails. It gave me so much confidence. It was just utterly fantastic. I mean, these bikes really
are a great level up. And think about the benefits of riding a really tough commute to work as well. – Yeah that’s a good point. Now with one descent still to go, put me out of my misery, Matt. How much battery you got left? – Do you want to know?
– Yeah. – 15 percent. – 15, are you serious? That’s actually quite
a good going, isn’t it. – Well, to be honest with
you like I said before, I didn’t really use the motor that much, the old legs still feeling pretty good. – Remarkable. – Anyway, we’d like to know what you think about the rise of the e-bike. You know what to do, leave
your comments down below. – Yeah that should be
a good comment section. Now do also make sure that you subscribe to GCN if you haven’t already, just click on the globe. And if you want more content, then why not get a bit more
info on this bike here? Find out why it’s such
an icon, just down here. Or for a little more e-bike action on GCN, we’ve got the GCN e-bike challenge that is just over there. – You’re the icon today,
Si, I tell you mate. Great riding mate.
– Oh mate, no you’re too kind. – Great riding.
– Oh coffee! – Oh yeah, swerve in.

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  1. I had this old Mongoose mountain bike I bought when I was beans & rice poor. Last year I converted that into an e-bike with a mid-level Bafang mid-drive and top-of the line battery setup. It handled a ride from Reno, NV to the SF Bay Area on 1 charge, over the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Not really 'biking,' but incredible how efficient the thing was.

  2. I like ebikes. I have not bought yet but its sure tempting . Having one around for recoup day would be awesome!

  3. My wife has an e-bike and not gonna lie it was a great fucking alternative than using car or motorcycle.

    We lived in New York and she's a lawyer.Yep a lawyer who loves her bike 😂.She will ride her e-bike everyday to the office except if its raining.

    Great alternative for eco living and also great for the environment.If you wonder what bike did i use I just use a Santa Cruz Road Bike.I don't have an e-bike but I would love to have it perhaps next year.

  4. Great video! I think the comments by everyone really sum up the benefits of E-bikes. Whether it's age, disability, injury, or the like, e-Bikes offer an opportunity back into cycling that otherwise wouldn't exist. While I'm still a few years away from one it's encouraging to know that technology will likely allow me to continue the sport I love well into my aged years!

  5. Just finished your e vs reg road bike, your flat vs curved handlebar and your road vs. gravel bike vids. Excellent work. Having been away from bikes for a long time, it’s evolved a lot of terms and options I’m trying to catch up on. This has been a huge help.

  6. Once while commuting, there was this old man who blew past me on an uphill climb. Met him again on a gas station, inflating his tires. We had a chat. Turns out that this 73-year old man was a former roadie whose legs started to develop some serious issues. He had to sell his road bike, because he was struggling on some sections. His son gave him an E-bike so he could ride once more. He was genuinely happy, when I saw his face light up when mentioning the E-bike. Nowadays, he just used the bike for commuting and whatnot, but he said at least it's much better than sitting all day at home, staring at his road bike and not being able to ride it anymore, gathering dust at his garage.

    It's been a while since we met. Hopefully he's doing fine.

  7. Have an M1 Spitzing Plus 500W S-Pedalec since the beginning of March; commute about 13 miles a day in each direction, regardless of the weather (unless 2 foot of snow is on the ground, which did happen this year :)!) That, instead of driving a VW bus, with the associated burning of carbon fuels. I know Lithium cells are not without environmental impacts; the electronics in total too, and everything else; but it's got to be better than driving even a small car… and it's CERTAINLY way healthier for me personally, as well as WAY more fun (hit a 20% incline at 15mph as a non-profi – you're still breathing deeply, still sweating to a degree, but you can do it everyday on the way to work!) It has become my chosen method of transport for everything within about a 20 mile radius, unless there's a storm.

  8. E-bikes are a lot of fun to ride.

    For my work I have driven 20 different E-bikes.

    From a 'standard' to a fast 40 km / hour E-bike. The 45km/h E-bike going too fast for me!
    My top-speed is 25km/h.

  9. The best thing about e-bikes is seeing people who would not normally ride a bike actually start riding! It means more voices for better biking infrastructure in our cities – I love my old school pedal bike but I am all for the rise of e-bikes!!

  10. Great idea, keeps people in the sport longer, and also let's those who would never ride a Passo a chance to do it with the rest of us.

  11. I am 73 Years old and have a heart condition. I get out of breath very easy and quickly. I can no longer even take long walks. I haven't ridden a bicycle in 30 years. I very recently tested a pedal assist e-Bike Fat Bike, loved it an purchased it on the spot. Thus far I have found I can ride for miles and feel like I am getting good exercise and still not be breathing very hard. I can climb hills easily. I am slowly building up my stamina . I plan to very soon try some off easy road trails . I hope to be able to keep up with my son in law who rides very often.

  12. I rode an e bike few days ago for the first time in my life and it put a smile on my face like the first time I learned how to ride a bike or the first time I rode a road bike. It's a beautiful experience.

  13. Built my own ebike a few weeks ago. It has a 1000 watt hub motor and can get up to 35 mph without pedaling. If you want speed don't buy a prebuilt bike, the parts for my conversion were around $175, then add in the battery ($200) and a frame bag ($50) and you can go fast at a fraction of the cost of the name brand e-bikes!

  14. I am affraid the eRacebike has a future, and at some point the ones without the motor will get rare in the next 25 years.

  15. I'm waiting for my new ebike to be delivered. I'm 70, and was finding hills difficult on my push bike. Can't wait to get out again!

  16. Imagine racing with either i) generators, regenerative braking and the like, starting with a flat battery, or ii) starting with equally charged batteries. It would be very, very tactical. Flat batteries and generation of power would be really interesting. If you were prepared to work in the group you store energy for a break away or a hill.

  17. I been road biking for 35 years, here on San Francisco hills. None of my friends go with me on a second ride, the run is too grueling. So I just bought two RadRovers, and a RadMini for my GF. If these ebikes get everyone on the road with me, that's a no-brainer in my book. I rode a RadRunner yesterday. I can now opine that an added benefit of owning an ebike, the thing is damn fun.

  18. Oh my god love the vid but can't stop cringing at the cars wanting to pass you slow (comparatively) motherfuckers and they just can't because you're taking up half the lane

  19. I think that bike is a bike. Bike from a definition is a way of transport that is only moving, because of riders muscles. It has no engine that supports a driver! That is not a bike, e-bike ot whatever. This is motorbike…

  20. I will subscribe this channel when you stop auto translate your titles and stuff. Those just are terrible. Now I don't see it in english and don't know what you want to tell me in translate Finnish.

  21. In Canada an entry level ebike is as much as a car while the car is in every way a lot more useful. I still bike 10k to work each way every day, but damn, I'm not dropping 2500+ for an ebike

  22. I like motorcycles but I have had a rethink on these electric bikes I like the look of the Raleigh sit up & beg type hybrid bikes with 27 & half inch wheels fitted with mudguards .The racer type bikes look bloody uncomfortable & only really appeal to Tour de France type enthusiasts .I would think most people interested in electric bikes would be the kind who ride normal or mountain type bicycles & people with medical problems that limit their ability to ride a normal push bike .I suppose the advantage of the bicycle besides economy ,is the fact you can go on routes that cars & motorcycles can’t travel & legally get to & see places only walkers ,cyclists can access ! 15 mph is well fast enough for a gentle ride & 40 to 60 miles is not bad range .The price needs to be around a grand to 2 grand max for known traditional cycle makers like Raleigh .

  23. I don’t really get the point of ebikes because bikes are already eco friendly and all that so uhh?? And also e bikes pollute the environment because where tf does electricity come from? Coal mines

  24. I ride 100 miles plus a week with my wife and I’ve recently been diagnosed with a heart problem. Still able to ride but starting to feel some frustration creeping into the wife….. I can see an e bike looming…..

  25. Big and heavy rider here. I used to ride everyday and everywhere. Got lazy and gained a lot of kilos. Last time I tried to ride to work got there breathles, Uber tired and all sweaty. Same when I tried to ride with other people. They would have to wait always for me in the hills. Got a 500w bike and can ride everyday to work, nobody has to wait for me and I event lost almost 20kg so far. There are days that just to push my self I won't use the motor at all.

  26. I feel like e-bikes are somehow more appropriate for mountain biking, as road biking is much more centered on the physical effort than mountain biking.

  27. That bike is so thin at the rear wheel, it made me more concerned whether or not it was going to snap during the race… With the bumps I have in my area, that bike won't even make it out the neighborhood in one piece

  28. Regular bike will never die, no worries. I want to buy an E-bike, because I am a delivery man and I need to do it comfortable and with regular bike It' s tougher. I was thinking to buy one, but I am a bike dude too so still continuing to love my bike.

  29. I am awaiting a knee replacement and have been a keen road rider for 55 years getting my first derailleur geared bike in 1965. Up until only 2 months ago I was still happy with my Scott CR1 climbing the hills around the places I have been working, Mt. Dandenong and Mt. Lofty. I ordered and waited 10 weeks for an Orbea Gain All Road e-bike and as my ability to climb stairs has recently deteriorated, I am happy to say that I am climbing those same hills faster, 20 to 25 kph, with 40mm wide gravel tires, than I could on the Scott. Not giving up on normal road bikes as I am looking forward to a hopefully normal new knee soon. The e-bike will be used for rail trails and annoying my mates long into the future. So, I hope, maybe another 20 to 30 years of cycling.

  30. For the old, infirm or untrained. They serve a great purpose, but part of the joy of cycling for me is the process of getting to a certain level. Anyone disagreeing is kidding themselves, if you're fit or young just level up

  31. The problem is that most of us can’t afford a top of the range e-bike. While a cheap road bike such as a 30 year old Raleigh ten speed can almost compete with a fairly average road bike these days and costs about a tenth of the price, the majority of e-bikes are built like Sherman tanks and are about as agile as a legless overfed hamster.
    My old road bike easily outdistanced, and out speeds my 3 year old e-bike. Ok the e-bike is the stupid over engineered mountain/urban style and weighs in at just 47lb (21.3kg) , but the 40 year old steel pipe framed road bike 21lb (9.5kg) has drop bars, and narrow alloy wheels, and has served me well on those 300 km rides, even fully loaded with paneers. The e-bike becomes a horrific dead weight at about 80km, and takes longer to reach the 80km mark on NZ’s rolling Waikato hills.
    It’s kind of nice to be pushed up the first few hills, but on the flats and more so downhill the big fat tyres, wind drag, and weight slow one down from the average 35kph on the flat, and 70kph down hill that I have been known to maintain. The bike by comparison feels like I have regressed to the fitness I had when I first bought the pipe frame road bike, when the best I could average was just 21kph.
    E-road bikes will become standard commuters when they finally make them inexpensive, with light old style steels frames and lightweight kit, without speed restriction. An inexpensive mass produced modern framed e-bike should weigh no more than 27lb (13kg) should easily outperform my old pipe frame.
    All the nonsense bike shops say about how e-bikes need to be built tougher is bullshit, because that old pipe frame was definitely not the strongest or lightest frame of its day, but it quite happily has done over 40,000km, and has frequently carried touring loads of over 40 kg at speed, and these days even my 80kg body. Aside from occasional flats, a broken spoke ( on the original chrome rims) the only breakages of significance was when the original open bearing crank died ( at 7 years), and the Shimano 300? rear cluster exploded (after 30 years service). Heck that bike even went mountain biking, back in the early days of mountain biking. And easily completed the Wellington round the bays on old rail tracks, and stream crossings and rocky hill climbs, despite being near impossible to pedal in the deep beach sand section where it was buried to the hub. I suspect modern mass produced bikes have been reduced to junk with a retail sticker, because that old cheapest available road bike still holds its own. If I wasn’t failing physically myself I wouldn’t look twice at a modern bike of the same “quality ( in part because the affordable bikes have doubled in weight) , let alone a basic commuter e-bike” again.

  32. I think the e-bikes are a fantastic idea and I am glad to see the prices going down. I would personally be gung-ho about doing all the work myself, and I don't own or have ever ridden an e-bike, but the e-bikes give real, practical motivation to people who have disabilities or health disadvantages that may prevent them from riding a regular bike. Anything to get a healthier public is a good thing!

  33. I am 77 years old. I have had the above Bike for 18 months. There are 5 power settings, Ecco-Basic-Active-Sport and Power. Using only the lowest power setting 'Ecco', it is easy to get 1+ mile for every 1% of battery used. Using maximum 'Power' setting one can only get 0.3 miles per 1% of battery while cursing at 15 to 16mph. Our Wednesday rides are around 60 to 75 miles riding between 12-18 mph with 1,000+ feet of climbing using only the lowest setting Ecco, I am around 15 minuets faster than the bunch should I wish to drop them. Its all about cadence, findding the sweet spot on the drive. You can hear the motor tone changing as you put more leg power and ask the motor to give you more assistance. Its along the flat one finds the limitations being limited to 15.5mph in the uk. Its a heavy bike on the flat over 20mph. Also if i did not have this Ebike I would be home based. The above is not a realistic test for general not so fit road cyclists.

  34. Such a great and funny video. you two are amazing at what you do and please keep posting more. this video really made me realise that i had lost my passion for cycling after year of professional racing and retirement and struggling with injury and health. I ran to the shop and purchase the exact same giant bike and i m having a second life of cycling..riding with my super fit buddies daily and enjoying this sport of cycling. And my fitness is improving day after day and i never been this happy. All because of a silly Ebike! I think the market for those will growth in the coming year…they have a place in the sport!

  35. I have had a Bianchi e-bike and it is a game changer for me. I am still a strong biker at 76, but have Dystonia of my right leg, so the muscles do not fire properly. I cannot get the right to spin much past 80rpm, so when climbing I do not have the ability to drive off the right leg as well as the left leg. The e-bike equalizes the drive somewhat so I can climb better and do more miles. It is the best tool for the job. I use my pulse to compare to my Colnago and it is not hard to get about the same bang for the buck. I would not be using the e-bike unless I was getting a similar workout. Over 20mph you do not get help with the e-bike. There is a 30%, 50% or 100% help. At about 7 grand it is not cheap.

  36. But it IS CHEATING! I only ride steel road and cross bikes must have a drop bar imo and only ever enjoy touring. I now can haul 40kg around the UK at 100 miles a day. One of my bikes has a rohloff. No wish for a motor or battery.

    I'm building a surly big dummy/fat dummy to become self employed as a bicycle courier swapping the rohloff into it and buying a surly bill trailer. Eventually I'll use one of my surlys be it the disc trucker or big dummy to cycle around the world

    Surly have made the big easy but at an extra £2000 for the Bosch e system who pays £5000 for a long tail steel frame of budget weighty 4130 surly chromoly like the rest of their frames. The fat dummy at 3000 could be built custom alot lighter stronger reliable and cheaper

  37. I go to college that's about 12 kms away from my home. I've been considering biking to school everyday(!!) but that leaves me very tired at the end of the day and I end up just taking my car instead. E-bikes can potentially change that — I'll try some options in my country soon!

  38. Bought one for the wife – used to be a strong cyclist but arthritis has taken its toll – she loves it, says its like turning the clock back 30yrs. I love it too, I can now push hard (for me) and she is right behind me. Plus she can now carry the tools!

  39. i think theirs a place for any bike im not the fit by a long chalk but would not use one of these as i enjoy the physical effort it takes when out riding

  40. Well I just bet the e bike rider's butt hurt a lot more at the end because, maybe you noticed, he was sitting it the the whole ride LOL

  41. Have you guys seen Walmart's $400ish dollar ebikes? I hope this helps get the lower income community into one of these and out of their vehicles.

  42. I have ebike for 2 months.. i have been on knee operation last year due to accidwnt while skiing… and i must say its fun every minute…
    1st the climbs with full support gives me motorbike/tank kind of feeling and motivates me to give all my power into it, outcome is that im up on the top faster but still exhausted and smiling..
    2nd i have friend who is biking like crazy and if i wont have ebike i wont be able to go with him biking…he would be just waiting for me everywhere

  43. Although I am bit late to this video – I used to own a Honda 600 F4i and GSXR600 motorcycles, along with two mountain bikes, and a road bike. Never rode any of my bikes except out of the bluemoon go to the trails and casually ride it once in a year. It was horrible to ride it due to all the damn hills. Recently, converted one of my mountain bikes to e-bike and since I have taken it around to places I would never go, far to explore, Go to stores, see new areas, explore different paths, things I never did before. I probably did 50 miles in less than 3 days already. Over that, I rode to REI and bikers outside ask me about my conversion, then a guy saw me while he was driving, stopped to ask me about it and he wants to convert as he has been interested, took a ride even. My neighbors rode it and loves it. Also if people think its a bad thing to use e-bikes, then go run 3 miles in 18:22 and we will then talk.

  44. My dad has a bum knee and when he got his Ebike he was finally able to come out a ride with me again (even pushing my pace quite a bit) and was able to join a group of riders that used to leave him in the dust every time they started a climb. They may be cheating, but it was a wonderful thing for my dad to find and if it gets more people on bikes, out under the sun, and out of cars then bring it on!!!

  45. Can YouTube please Stop autotranslating the videodescription? Its horrible, I can't read it like this. The words are in the wrong Order, the right Case isnt used etc.

  46. I live in the Netherlands and here the law says you are restricted to 25kmh so most a lot of the time you pedal with out assistance. But more than that most of the people here ride bikes all of there lives and if that keeps people boing that great. Another thing is a lot of people go shopping take the kids to school on the bike then off to work. Is that not better for the environment than taking kids to school in a car than driving to work. A lot of the conversation here is to do with the competition or recreational side of riding not the day to day life style part of it or as being the only way you get around and that is common here also. So if you take a child to school do your shopping and go to work that assistance can be a great help.

  47. I would like to have an E bike. I am thinking of buying a conversion kit. Then I can convert my current bicycle (gazelle medeo) to an E-bike. However, with a battery of 500 watt hours (or more).
    Occasionally I make long journeys but I am exhausted when I get home.

    An E-bike can solve this 'problem'. And climbing the dunes / hills becomes easier.

    I can also start faster – at the traffic light / intersection ETC. – and ride more comfortably on my bike.

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