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We want to thank
everyone for coming. We really appreciate you guys
opinion on our relationship. So we’re going to
go around the room, and see who’s going to give
us their blessing, starting with Finis. So when I first arrived,
I already had in my head that you guys were
two broken people trying to come together and
try to make each other whole. You’re a good woman, and
you deserve a good man, and he is a good man. When it comes to you
having my blessing, I’m going to say no. You do not have my blessing. You guys need to grow
together, and it’s possible. We’ve seen that
you guys can do it. With time, marriage comes. Sparkle. Y’all have a
lot of work to do. But I see growth in
both of you guys, and I agree for you
guys would be a couple. And later on, to get married. But at this time, y’all
don’t have my blessing. Kim? I love y’all, and I’m going
to always be there for y’all. But just being here, and getting
to really know everybody, and see everybody side and point
of view of y’all relationship, I feel like y’all
have a lot to work on. So at this moment y’all
don’t have my blessings. I feel like y’all
jumped in head first. I just felt like y’all was
just two broken and people that just needed somebody. You guys do not
have my blessing. You guys have a
lot of trust issues. And that’s the most important
thing before you get married. I love you, Cindy,
and I just want you to make the best decision. And I want you guys
to be together. But I don’t think that
you guys are ready. You don’t have my blessings. I know I’m happy for y’all. I want you all to be together. But I want you all
to get married, and then don’t get
divorced in a week. Y’all love each other. That means y’all can wait. You guys don’t
have my blessings. [MUSIC PLAYING] I really thought that your
dad would give us his blessing. No one is agreeing
with us being married. And our wedding is next week. I think we make our
decision on our own. I agree.

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  1. I'm sorry but I value what my family says and I definitely value the opinion and wishes of my significant other if I choose to be committed to him.

    When you marry, you marry the families as well. Holidays and get-together will be rough otherwise. I ain't funne to do that in my life.

    Ya'll need to check your values and principles before you jump that damn broom

  2. That was hard to watch, you feel sorry for them because its Real love to them, but then the reality is the truth coming from the family. I like both sides of their families. Hopefully they iron out the kinks and get it together, he needs to be more vocal and assertive in his posture and make firm decisions. She needs to stop being clingy, work on being more independent and patient.

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